The Legendary Hero is an Academy Honors Student



[The Legendary Hero is an Academy Honor Student]


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Chapter 32

The entire first-year cohort assembled in the auditorium.

The buzz of teenagers filled the room, blending into the air.

Assistant professors and aides emerged, readying for the lesson.

Once the setup was complete, one assistant professor spoke up.

"Everyone, please settle down. Class will commence shortly!"

"Yes, ma’am!"

The students responded to the assistant's instructions.

Though the chatter subsided slightly, it lingered in the background.

Teenagers, engrossed in their social circles, were not easily subdued by adults.

The assistant professors acknowledged this but chose not to intervene further.

After all, today's instructor was none other than Professor Artianne Niere.

"Apologies for the delay, everyone!"

Professor Artianne made her way to the podium, apologizing. 



She stumbled and fell, eliciting gasps.

The students quickly straightened up, falling silent.

Rubbing her knees, the embarrassed professor adjusted her posture at the podium.

Artianne Niere.

The professor most feared by the first-years.

Her reputation for swift discipline preceded her.

Though it wasn't entirely her intention, her contracted spirits enforced strict rules.

Thus, students tensed up whenever she entered.

Artianne, perceiving the silence, applauded warmly.

"What a well-behaved bunch! Admirable composure in the presence of a professor."

Her optimism softened the atmosphere.

"Recall our discussion on hero lineages from the last class. Shall we revisit before diving into today's lesson?"

Artianne initiated the class.

"Why were the hero lineages established during the emergence of Hero Records?"

Hands shot up in response to her query.

She was an effective instructor, despite her intimidating aura.

Compared to other professors, her lessons flowed smoothly, and participation was encouraged.

Even Carr eagerly contributed.

"Carr from Class 5?"


Carr beamed as he stood.

"It's because to unlock a Hero's World from a Hero Record, you need items closely tied to that person or to objects significant to their anecdotes. Descendants of heroes have easier access to their ancestors' worlds due to inherited belongings!"

"Correct. Five points to Carr."

Grinning, Carr returned to his seat.

"It's also a bit of a political tale, but the hero lineages also maintain a deep connection with Lumene Academy, the keepers of the Hero Records."

Even if the families possessed the key to unlock the Hero's World, the Hero's Record was kept at Lumene.

"For heroes who had no relics left before the advent of the Hero's Worlds, relics related to them can be obtained through historical research and excavation."

Hero Records had existed since the age of disaster before the Hero's Worlds were discovered,  so there were countless pages of the Record that could not open their Hero's World.

“Even if it is the same hero, not all pages can be opened with one person’s relics, so exploration is the second most important activity in the current era after conquering Hero Dungeons. In addition, Hero Dungeons created by runaway pages often provide rewards, but the succession of power is unstable. Now, here’s a question for you.”

Artianne glanced at the students once more.

"Would anyone like to talk about the importance of the study of heroes other than what I have explained?"

Again, the students eagerly raised their hands.

"Student Duran from Class 1."

"Because it can give clues for how to go about resolving their Hero’s Worlds.” 

"That's right. Five points for Duran."

Duran settled back in his seat.

"A Hero's World is a replication of the hero’s greatest ordeal. It's such a huge ordeal that it's nearly impossible to resolve, even if you know a hero's story. Many people lose their lives there. That's why every little clue or anecdote may be key to survival."

Hence, the students' focus on the study of heroes.

"When you're in your fifth year, you will choose a hero to inherit strength from and tap into their page. Until then, you'll have to figure out which hero best fits your personality."

Eliana clapped softly.

"Shall we get to sharing our homework now?"

Last week, Artianne assigned homework to all the first-year students.

Of course, it was not a very difficult task.

They simply had to think about their aspirations as heroes and share them in the next class.

While seemingly trivial, for those aspiring to become heroes, establishing their hero image was crucial.

And with everyone entering Lumene with a determined mindset, the first-years earnestly pondered this homework over the weekend.

"Well, then I'll start with Class 1."

The Class 1 students exchanged hesitant glances.

It was daunting to articulate their aspirations in front of such a large audience.

"Class 1! There's no need to feel ashamed! Your goal is your guiding light! Say it with pride… in front of everyone... Argh!"

While Professor Sedgen fervently cheered on the hesitant first-class students, others reined him in.

"This is Artianne's class. It's not your cue to shine."

"Professor Sedgen! Please! Professor Artianne is already nervous!"

Then Celia stood up.

With poise, she brushed her hair back and declared boldly, "I aspire to become a knight that may surpass even my family's ancestors."

A knight surpassing the Zerdinger lineage.

There was no loftier ambition for one hailing from a hero lineage.

"Wow! What an admirable goal!"

Next was Chloe.

"I aim to establish and lead a new order of knights."

"I aspire to be a sorcerer."

Starting with Celia, students voiced their aspirations one by one.

Initially hesitant, once they began speaking, their dreams flowed smoothly.

The homeroom professors listened carefully to their students' presentations.

They understood that this brief presentation was indicative of the path the students wished to pursue.

Before long, they were halfway through the auditorium.

"I aim to act as a support for heroes."

Artianne looked surprised as Carr revealed his ambition.

But soon, she grasped Carr's intent and smiled.

"Carr, aiming to be the hero's steadfast supporter is a wonderful goal."

"Yes, ma’am."

While most students couldn't comprehend Carr's choice early on, professors often commended his decision.

Then, as Carr sat back down, it was Leo's turn.

Standing up, Leo spoke calmly.

"My goal is the complete eradication of Erebos."

In that moment, silence enveloped the auditorium.

Artianne was taken aback, and the students also glanced at Leo with surprise.

The utter eradication of Erebos.

It wasn't just a personal aspiration.

A clandestine desire passed down since the ancient Age of Despair.

A goal that even the mightiest of heroes had failed to accomplish. 

It seemed foolish to utter aloud.

Leo's bold statement left them momentarily speechless.

"Well...! What an audacious goal!"

Artianne managed to regain her composure and chuckled.

"It sounds like something out of a dream."

"Well, I once knew someone who dared to dream such a thing."

Leo smirked, chin held high.

"At some point, I too was influenced by that foolish notion, so I’ve resolved to carry on the dream instead."

As Leo spoke, Carr looked on, puzzled, then giggled.

"A grand endeavor like that requires a steadfast ally, doesn't it?"

"I'll be counting on you, Carr."


"The freshman representative’s ambition is quite extraordinary."

One of the homeroom professors, observing the first-year presentations, muttered to himself, "I believe he responded too flippantly."

"Professor Harrid is overseeing that class. Do you think he'd entertain jests in a setting like this?"

"Isn't that ambition rather ludicrous?"

Opinions among the professors were divided.

Turning to Harrid beside him, Sedgen inquired, "Do you think he was joking?"

"No. Leo isn't one to spout nonsense."

Harrid furrowed his brow.

"That's precisely why I'm a bit unnerved."

Thousands of years had passed since Erebos was subdued by great heroes, fragmented, and sealed.

However, there had been several resurgences in the past.

And each instance of revival had wrought catastrophic havoc upon the world.

For a student to dream of Erebos's complete annihilation...

‘Is he a fool? Or does he really believe he can handle that?’

A month had passed, yet even Harrid had yet to fully gauge Leo.

“Excuse me, professors.”

As Harrid scrutinized Leo's demeanor, the principal's secretary, Elena, approached the professors with a box.

"This contains a page from the Hero Records to be used as the reference materials for class today.”

"Excellent work, Elena. Thank you."

Professor Sedgen rose from his seat and took the box.

Other homeroom professors followed suit.

They would be participating in this joint class as well.

More precisely, they were there as a precaution.

There had been instances in the past where pages had activated Hero Dungeons during class and caused havoc.

Though rare, it was not unheard of, so professors always accompanied Hero Records when used as reference materials to safeguard the students.

By the time the professors made their way to the podium, the rest of the class' presentations had concluded.

"Everyone, we will now commence a special hero studies class utilizing the Hero Records retrieved by dungeon raiders."

Professor Artianne addressed Sedgen, accepting the box sealing the fragment of the Hero Record.


"I've never seen a Hero Record before!"

"I'm feeling jittery!"

Excitement rippled through the students.

"Today's lesson will involve reading the Hero Record page, inferring which hero the page belongs to, and discussing strategy for this Hero's World."

Although they didn't have to write anything down for this class, the activity simulated a real-life scenario they might face one day.

In addition, using a newly-retrieved page of the Hero Record added significance to the lesson.

"Let the class representatives step forward."

"Leo, you're so lucky you get to handle the Hero Records yourself!"

Nella chuckled at Eliana's remark.

"I'll get my turn after class. No big deal."

"But it's still a special privilege!"

Eliana envied Leo's role as class president.

Thus, the ten class representatives ascended to the podium.

"You're the class president of Class 5, Leo?"

Chen Xia, from Class 10, greeted Leo warmly.

"We're set to soar today."


Chen Xia looked puzzled.

An air of curiosity enveloped the first-year students as the prominent figures among them gathered.

Artianne unsealed the box.

"We've recovered two fragments of the Hero Records this time. One will be used for class material, while the other is just a page... I brought it to demonstrate its existence."

Artianne held up a fragment of the page and passed it to Leo, the student closest to her.

Leo reached for it without thinking.

For a brief moment, the page emitted a faint glow.

And the instant it touched Leo's hand—

[Open Hero Record. ■■’s World. Chapter: ■■ - ■■]

A message flashed before Leo's eyes.

Not only Artianne, but the class representatives and the professors were all astonished.


A beam of light illuminated the podium.

A divine language unknown to the world's inhabitants echoed throughout the auditorium.

"It’s going rogue?"

Professor Sedgen's embarrassed voice cut through the bright platform.

When the light dissipated, Leo and the other class representatives found themselves in a new space.

A battlefield.

Strewn with the corpses of bizarre demons.

"Everyone, stay vigilant! This is a Hero Dungeon!"

The class representatives paled at Harrid's warning.

"Harrid! Look at those walls over there!"

Sedgen pointed to the wall that had caught Leo's attention.

Leo stared blankly at the wall.

It was a familiar sight.

A place lost in the annals of time.

The last line of defense for the last city standing in the Age of Despair.

The walls of Godthron.

The air was thick with the acrid scent of burning monsters and demons, assaulting their senses.

This was a sight etched into Leo's memory.

If it all wasn't a mistake, Leo knew.

'That's right, Kyle. My wish is a foolish one, I know.'

“That's right, ■■. My wish is a foolish one, I know.”

The professors and class leaders turned in surprise at the voice echoing in the background.

They held their breath.

The figure there was too well-known.

Leo turned towards the source of the voice, his expression blank.

He spoke with the same unwavering confidence as before.

"But ■■, we'll be the ones to save this world."

Lysinas, the black dragon known as the Wise King in the present era.

A heroic figure who had once sparked a glimmer of hope in a time of impending doom.

A close friend who had once been dismissed as a fool.

Leo's voice caught in his throat as he uttered the name.


In response, Lysinas offered a reassuring smile.


Suddenly, a sharp whistle pierced the air, and the world seemed to collapse around them.

In the blink of an eye, they were back in the auditorium.

"What in the world...!"

"What's going on, professors?"

The students voiced their confusion and fear.

Harrid's voice cut through the chaos with icy determination.

"Class is over. Everyone, please remain calm and exit the auditorium."

The students were ushered out by the assistant professors.

Leo stood motionless, staring down at the fragment of the Hero Records page in his hand.

He knew whose page it belonged to.

‘Kyle's page. This is my Record.’



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