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Regressor, Possessor, Reincarnator



Regressor, Possessor, Reincarnator

[Translator – Kimmy]

[Proofreader – yukitokata]


Chapter 5


Allen heard a shrill scream while walking towards the office and decided to head to its source. As soon as he turned the corridor, he saw a terrified maid and Julius facing each other. 


Allen realized what this was about and hid behind the pillar to observe. 

“P-Please d-don’t come closer, my lord.”

“Hold on, I’m just trying to apologize for making you react that way—”

“I-It’s alright, sir. So please—”

A pleading maid and a young lord.

It looked as if a snobby young lord was forcing himself on a poor maid. 

‘On top of that…’

“I-I have already forgotten about it. You don’t have to apologize. You were drunk and made a mistake, that’s all…”

‘Apologize. Drunk. Mistake.’

She spoke as if Julius had done something to her in the past. And considering her pale face as well as the way her body shivered, what happened was quite assumable. 

Allen scoffed as he looked at the two. 

‘A mistake… A mistake, huh.’

The person behind this cheap play was pretty obvious.

‘Father and an anonymous group.’

It was quite obvious, noting that no one bothered to come by when such a ruckus was happening. The bastard inside Julius probably believed the maid considering Julius’s usual behavior. 

Father must have approved of this for very obvious reasons.

‘Is it to remind him that he had made big mistakes before?’

Or it could be to give him a sense of responsibility for the things he owed to this family. 

The list of reasons went on and on. However, it was clear that the main goal was to manipulate him into serving the Reinhart family. 

‘Did Father plan this all by himself? Or that anonymous group? Hah… How revolting.’

Julius’s body still belonged to Julius. Even if Gaielle wanted to manipulate the bastard, this wasn’t the way. They were noblemen. As such, they had to remain noble. 

Yet this plan ruined Julius’s already-bad-enough reputation. 

Allen had no plans of letting this slide. He knew the future, so he knew how this cheap act would come out and viewed it as an opportunity.

“What’s going on here?”

The two flinched after hearing a voice other than theirs. 

Julius smiled when he realized it was Allen. On the contrary, the maid seemed frightened. 

“Allen… I’ve…”


Allen silenced Julius, assuring him that he didn’t need any explanation and continued. 



“I heard you were apologizing to the maids and servants for your past bad behavior. Is that right?”

“Yes, it is. After that… I was going to visit Father’s office.”

Allen then turned to the maid. 

“You. What is your name?”

“I-It’s Amelia.”

She cowered, seemingly to be intimidated by his coercive tone. 

Julius signed beside him to be gentle, but Allen had no intention to. 

‘This maid won’t meet a good end.’

As he remembered, after agreeing to take part in tricking Julius, she lived in constant fear of him finding out the truth and harming her for it. She eventually ran away from the manor, and in the process of doing so, ‘unfortunately’ gets attacked by a group of thieves.

She managed to survive and escape, but… that was it. As if the whole world wanted her to be punished, she was captured by goblins afterwards. 

And she couldn’t…

‘...Be rescued.’

“Alright, Amelia. Let me ask you something.”

“Y-Yes, milord?”

She was pretty for a maid, and her shivering made her look pitiable. 

This could have worked on other men, but it didn’t work on Allen.

He asked coldly. 

“As far as I know, the only ‘mistake’ Julius has done to you while drunk was vomit on you…”


Julius’s jaw dropped and released a scoff. 

Amelia grew even paler, and her eyes trembled. 

“I recall you were compensated with a three-day holiday and new clothes. Along with a plentiful amount of money. I thought that compensation was more than enough.”

“Uh, erm, y-yes. You’re right, m-milord.”

Allen’s grin widened after seeing her reaction. He approached her and asked in a low voice. 

“If that’s the case, then how did that incident become so traumatic for you to even scream at the sight of him?”

“N-No, it’s—”

“Was his vomit so vile that it made you afraid of him? To the point of making you tremble just thinking of it?”

“M-Milord, I-I can explain—”

She genuinely trembled in fear, eyes glistening with tears. 



“I’m only going to say this once. Leave. Go to Mother and confess to her that you lied to get compensated. That you made it all up because you also wanted the compensation the other maids received.”


“Still here?”

“I-I’ll leave immediately, milord…”

Amelia sobbed as she swiftly left the scene. 

Would she know? That she could live now thanks to him? Avoid all the terrible things that would have happened to her? 

She wouldn’t be fired, since Father ordered her to cause a commotion, but she wouldn’t have an easy life either. Regardless, at least she would live. 

“Aren’t you going?”

Julius looked at Allen with a blank expression. Allen pushed his shoulder softly and turned away. 

“Allen, just now…”

“It’s nothing. She probably wanted the compensation people were given for your past wrongdoings.”

That wasn’t the truth, but he didn’t have to tell Julius the truth.

Since Allen would be able to win his favor with this small lie.

“I see…”

“So, be careful from now on. It’s good that you’re repenting, but there could be other people who will try to take advantage of it just like she did.”

“I understand. Thank you.”

Allen patted Julius’s shoulders and headed to the office again. 

There wasn’t much time left until the afternoon. When the two arrived at the office, it was just before the agreed time. 


“Father, it’s Allen.”


Gaielle looked busy signing off a pile of documents. He glanced at the clock and rose from his seat. 

“It’s already time, I see. Let’s have a talk somewhere else.”

They moved to the meeting room that was connected to the office. 

Julius remained silent the whole time, probably still thinking about what happened earlier. 

Gaielle, too, didn’t speak until the servants prepared tea. He just stared at his two sons silently. 

Allen didn’t avoid his father’s eyes. 

‘Father would be aware of every little event that occurs in this manor.’ 

The incident where Julius combated a knight. The fact that Julius was compensating the servants for his wrongdoings. And that Julius had mastered the codex that no one could. 

It was right to assume their father knew everything happening in the manor. 

As only the sound of boiling tea filled the room, Gaielle broke the silence.

“I heard you two had a bit of an incident on the way.”

Was he not reported with what had happened? Or was he just trying to get something out of them?

Allen smiled softly.

“It’s not worth your concern. A maid just caused a little trouble, that’s all.”

“...Is that so?”




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Translator - Kimmy

Proofreader - yukitokata


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