Regressor, Possessor, Reincarnator



Regressor, Possessor, Reincarnator

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<<Trigger Warning: This chapter has depictions of Suicide. Readers, please be advised.>>


Chapter 24 


Rachael wept bitterly at Allen’s words.

About a year later, she came back to visit. She talked about her daily life in a lively tone, as if it were something pleasant, and talked much more than usual before going back.

And when she left, she said one thing.

“I’m getting married next week. I’ve been having fun, and I’ve been doing well.”

He wanted to say something like ‘Don’t go, let me hold you,’ or ‘I give you my blessing,’ but he couldn’t give her a reply.

Then, a few days later, he heard the shocking news.

That she had committed suicide.

Only a few days after coming back to the manor to visit, she had hung herself. 



Allen received a letter.

The letter that began with ‘Mister,’ was smeared with blurry ink, as if it had been rained on.

(It’s a shame that I can’t be there to see you as you receive this letter now.)

Her confident tone. He could hear her lively voice in his ears.

“You’re lying.”

(Well… considering my personality, you may think this to be a lie. Unfortunately, if this letter has reached your hands, then I will not be alive. Shouldn’t you have done better while I was still there?)

“I… I should’ve.”

He should have done better when she was there. 

Her words pierced straight through his heart. His sleeves were wet, as if someone had thrown water at him. 

(I don’t mean to blame you, Mister. The curse… No, sorry, I won’t speak of that anymore.)

“What do you mean, ‘no’?”

(Truthfully, I’ve spent a little time thinking about it. How come you never opened the door for me even though I came so many times? Did I ask for too much? To ask for a cup of tea? To ask that you come out?)

“You’re right, I was awful.”

He regretted it.

She could’ve forced her way through the door.

(It’s not like I didn’t think of breaking the door in… Wouldn’t that make it feel like I just lost?)

“You were that kind of woman. A confident woman who kept her word.”

He talked in that dark room as if someone else were there with him.

A smile formed on his face while thinking of more pleasant memories. His heart began to ache as he jokingly blamed himself.

He thought of her new fiancé. His expression hardened without realizing it.

(Ah, you just got a little upset, didn’t you?)

He flinched.

(Don’t look around. You won’t find me anywhere there anymore. 

I know it; I really do. I know what expressions you’ll make, how you’re going to act…)

After those words—after her response that proved she knew him better than he did himself—her note said:

(So you should feel a little bit bad. Feel the way that I felt. If it hurts a little bit, then won’t you be good to me the next time we meet?)

He couldn’t hold back his emotions any longer. 

(Honestly, I don’t think that you’ll make it to heaven, Mister… So I’ll wait for you in hell for a little while. You can take your time.)


(So you can get married, have kids, start a family… I'm telling you this as your fiancé: since you can’t succeed as the Duke, just go buy a plot of land and be independent.)

“I… I’ll think about it.”
(I’ll be jealous of your new partner, but… whatever. I’m the girl who pulled you out of that little room, and I’m sure you’ll acknowledge that.)

“Of course. I promise.”

(There’s more that I wanted to say, but I’ll end it here. It would be pathetic of me to write everything here.)

Before he knew it, the letter was nearing its end.

(Have a story ready to tell me for the next time we meet. Make sure I don’t get bored, okay? Well… I’ll see you later. I love you. Always.)

The arm holding the letter trembled. 

(Your Fiancé, Rachael Graniff.)

That day, he took his first break since beginning his research.

He buried his face in his desk.


* * *


After recalling the past, he passed through a small trail to the garden behind the manor. There stood a small tower of stones.

One built in memory of his younger brother.

The pile of stones was even constructed to resemble a tomb, though it really didn’t matter to him, since he was the only one who knew what it was for.

Sitting quietly in the garden, he wondered to himself what he was doing. It was already over. There wouldn’t be another chance. He couldn’t even show his memorial to others. It was funny to them.

“You’re being too sentimental.”

He stood up. He laughed to himself and began to make his way home…

“Mister, what are you doing here?”

Then, he heard a voice.

A domineering, irritating voice.


One of his few regrets. The woman he missed.

Turning around, he spotted her.

With her ivory hair and sky blue eyes, she frowned at him as if somewhat annoyed.

“What are you doing here—Ack!”

Allen ran towards her after confirming who she was, and…


“Hey! That hurts! What’s the rush… Are you crying?”

…He hugged her as tightly as he could.

It was improper, but it couldn’t be helped. It was his last one, his final one. And she had suddenly appeared before him.

How could he be expected to control his emotions?

“...No, there’s something in my eye.”

He needed to apologize, but he just couldn’t get it out. It was rude of him to share his feelings for the woman he had known from before his regression. She was the same as the person he had remembered from before, but she was a different person now. And that made him… sad.

“If you’re gonna be like that, Mister… Well, it’s alright.”

She patted him and smiled.

“But… it would probably look like real crying to others, so let’s stop now. What would they say if they saw that?”


Regardless, he stayed there, hugging her for a long time.


* * *

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* * * 


“Yeah, let’s do it. Let’s call it off.”

He saw her expression change with his words.

“You… You want to call off the engagement? Are you serious? Get a hold of yourself!”

“You said you wanted to, though?”

Julius recalled his opponent’s family—the Noblie family.

He knew that their status and prospects were quite useful. And they had built a name for themselves in the Western kingdom. However…

‘They’re fine and all, but they’re not even extras in the novel.’

Most families couldn’t even be compared to the Noblie family.

But was there any reason to not break up their engagement?

‘Her face is nice enough...’

However, he did not intend to change his decision.

She wasn’t talented enough.

When using [Iridescent Eye (S)], his eyes would instantly light up in a variety of colors, letting him judge his opponent.

‘Third from the bottom… Blue.’

A stellar talent.

But not stellar enough. 

“You… Are you serious? You want to call off our engagement?”

Her face reddened, and her body began to shake with shame. Her eyes were pried wide open in shock. 

In response to her reaction, Julius replied with a nonchalant expression, “Yeah, but you only came because you wanted to break up, yeah? Right?”

“You—What on earth are you saying…?!”

Julius snorted. Who did she think she was, trying to get close to such a talent like him.

‘I’d be wasted on you.’

He wasn’t sure if he would become as talented as his older brother yet.

He remembered that inky black color he had seen a few days ago. He thought something like this could happen, so he didn’t want to ignore it only because it wasn’t in the original book. 

It was just a waste.

His one and only political strategy—the marriage card. Even if he could have more concubines whenever he wished, he didn’t want the position as his wife to be carelessly filled like this. 

As if he couldn't find any more reason to talk, Julius yawned and got up from his seat.

“Ah, well. I’m gonna go ahead and break off the engagement, so I’m gonna leave.”

“Wh-What? How rude…!”

Regardless of her talent, he wouldn't have acted as such if she’d had an extremely important background or a more major role in the original story—even if she were useless. 


‘Do I really need to care?’

He was to be married with a fiancé who seemed to already hate herself and came from a family that was never even mentioned by name in the novel. Even worse, whose opponent made the first move to call off their engagement.

There was no reason to accept it, nor was there any need to cling on to it.

“What’s your name again? Catalina? Catriella? Anyway, I’m leaving now.”

Julius waved his hand, uncaring for his opponent’s reaction, and left the room.

“You… You…!”

Cathleen looked dazed, as if her soul had left her body.

‘I need to find the Hidden Boss quickly...’

It seemed necessary to carry out an actual thorough investigation after touring the ruins. He had to build his strength and attract a team of talented characters to support him before meeting the novel’s original protagonist. 

‘There should be someone near a supporting character in a bad situation right around now. Who was it? I think there should be one around here, too… Southwest?’

Behind him, Cathleen screamed, belatedly coming to her senses. A passing maid shrank down on herself, surprised by the sudden outburst from the living room. 

However, Julius—the cause of that sound—didn’t give it much thought.

‘I’ll get going now.’




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