Regressor, Possessor, Reincarnator



Regressor, Possessor, Reincarnator

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Chapter 21 

After the party had returned to the sorcerer’s workshop and sorted out all the bodies, they began exploring the area.

The chimera sorcerer had stashed his collected fortune in his workshop. Grimoires and some ancient relics, mostly chimera-related or a part of something larger.

There weren’t many things of practical use.

Linbelle, who’d been expecting gold and silver treasures, looked a bit dejected. However, she quickly came to her senses and began searching for other things with curiosity in her eyes.

Inellia looked at her with tender eyes and followed her.

‘Was he lying when he was going on about his treasure?’

Even if Deverre truly did have great wealth here, he would’ve set up traps and used it to help him harvest materials.

‘There’s a possibility that he could’ve hidden it somewhere else in the mountains, but…’

There was no reason to go looking for an unknown amount of wealth.

As a token of goodwill, Allen gave all of the magic books related to chimeras over to Francisca, who happily accepted.

Among the things they gathered, Allen took only one item from the workshop. 

‘Banshee Tears.’

A potion concocted by softening the entire body of a banshee.

The process of making it was difficult and time-consuming, yet the result was a precious item that could perform most curses.

After Allen found that sole item, he went to help the soldiers move the corpses.

The very same scene he had witnessed in that nightmare.

Unlike then, Allen didn’t try to run away.

Silently, replaying all of the scenes they’d seen as if engraved in their eyes, they returned to the city together. Upon arriving, they gifted the chimera sorcerer’s remaining wealth to the families of the victims.

After that, Allen went somewhere alone for a while before returning with a troubled face.

And like that, they left the city.


“It’s Sir Allen!!”

Before they could walk out the south gate, the residents cheered loudly for the party. Seeing this, Linbelle pouted.

“We were there too… It feels kinda unfair.”

“Well, Sir Allen did everything, not you.”

As Inellia corrected her, Linbelle's cheeks reddened, and she glared at her mother. Inellia could only awkwardly laugh.

“You didn’t do anything either, Mom…”


“At the end of the day, you didn’t do anything either, you know.”


“Hmph, I’m just teasin’ ya. You and I are just the same… Ah! H-Hold on a second, Mom!”

Allen watched the pair arguing in the carriage. Although, Linbelle did appear to be smiling. She looked as though she were smiling playfully, but the corners of her mouth stiffened.

‘She hasn’t gotten over it yet.’

It wasn’t as severe as her mother’s death in her previous life, but it was clear that witnessing her kidnapping had produced a profound effect on her mind and body.

The reason why she was acting that way now… Could it be an attempt to forget the bad memories?

‘She’ll get through it herself.’

Allen closed his eyes, brushing it off as nothing. He knew that she could overcome that much, since he’d remembered her to be so strong in his previous life.

Speaking of his previous life, he remembered the place he had checked before leaving the city.

‘Why was there nothing there?’

Allen had searched for the place where Julius had hidden Baron Bellourne’s secret books and money before his regression.

Julius had used it to take down Baron Bellourne, gaining accolades and earning the support of the residents.


‘I can’t believe there wasn’t even a trace of it.’

As if such a place had never even existed at all, there was no trace of it.

It was something he hadn’t noticed before the regression.

He’d thought it’d be lucky to find it. However, the more he pondered it, the more he felt a vague sense of danger.

He looked through the black book.


「Julius was entrusted with the quest of exposing the corruption of Baron Bellourne, who’d been hoarding the territory’s money. Suggested time: 6 hours. Quite a tight deadline.

Luckily—as he’d very nearly hit the time limit—he found the place where the baron had hidden his possessions and ledger with the help of the residents who’d been subjected to his tyranny.

As the baron’s pattern of incompetence would suggest, he indeed did put all of his eggs in one basket. All evidence was located in a forest clearing near Hibelle, with nobody guarding…

...It was a struggle, but he succeeded in incriminating both the tax-siphoning lord and the vassals who’d assisted him. They would now be transferred to his territory…」

Baron Bellourne was an aristocrat.

No matter how dumb he may have been, to put all of the evidence in one place?

Against many people’s understandings, incompetence and idiocy were different things.

To even mess up with that information—his life-threatening secret.

‘Is it possible that a resident just found out by chance that they were being exploited?’

Sure, maybe Baron Bellourne really did do it because he was more stupid and incompetent than I had thought. But to be so stupid that he carelessly risked his own life?

‘Even though he’s an aristocrat?’

Members of the aristocracy received specialized education that commoners did not, wherein they learned to have dignity and manners.

It may not seem like much to other races, but if they were considering only humans, his abilities would surely be towards the top. If he were truly terribly stupid from the beginning, he couldn’t have been able to run the estate at all. 

‘Did he not act normally in this life?’

It was as if it proved that everything done before the regression was just an act.

Until only a little while ago, it was only a suspicion, but now, Allen was almost certain.

‘What changed him?’

He could feel that something big was lurking around that he didn’t yet know about. He was glad that Baron Bellourne seemed to be the only one acting like this thus far. However…

‘What would happen if something similar had happened to Julius in Garvia?’

What constituted a real duke?

“W-Wait, Mom, that tickles—Ack…!”

“Respect your mother.”

Allen smiled as he watched the pair fight. There were lots to do as they returned to the Reinhart manor.


* * *

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* * * 


Shortly after returning home, Allen was able to face Gaielle, the head of the Reinhart family. Julius had returned to the manor before him, but they were called to the study together. 

“...Yes, I already read the report that you’ve sent. First of all, good job. You sorted things out quickly. Both of you.”

Gaielle watched Julius with thoughtful eyes. ‘They’ were right. About how their original plan had gone awry yet they still produced good results...

‘No, but now what?’

He shook his head. He had already chosen. It was inevitable. He knew that he could gain a lot from him. There was no use in regretting the past.

“First, Allen. Impeccable work. You coordinated with Baron Bellourne, came up with a strategy, and dealt with the mastermind behind it all in that time. Chimeras did manage to break into the city, but… I won’t say more, since she did a good job handling it.”

After ceremonially congratulating him for his achievements, Gaielle turned to Julius.

“You’ve done a lot. You dealt with the culprit of the accidents in Garvia and recovered the hidden ledgers and taxes stolen by Baron Fern, the lord of Garvia...”

Julius trembled in humility, barely able to stop his wriggling lips.

“No, sir. It was only possible due to the residents’ cooperation—”


Gaielle stopped him there, making eye contact with Julius.

“You went beyond the authority delegated to you. Not even with the title of Lord yourself, but with the title of the Second Young Lord, you brought down the Lord of the land?”

Gaielle laughed briefly before continuing in a reproachful tone.

“Tell me, Julius. Are you the head of the Reinhart family?”

“But Father, it was because of me that—”

Gaielle interrupted him and answered shortly, “Sure, because of you, the stolen taxes were recovered and Baron Fern and his accomplices were captured as well. However, that doesn’t mean that what you have done can be forgotten.”

Allen felt the situation to be contrived, as if his father were acting like he was intending to be listened to.

‘Is he trying to kill Julius’s drive? No, it’s probably more that he’s trying to reset their relationship.’

However, Julius didn’t seem to be able to feel the difference. Yet Gaielle continued as Julius’s expression contorted, a mixture of dissatisfaction and annoyance.

“Despite that, the contributions you’ve made aren’t forgotten either. It was beyond your authority, but you made larger contributions than was expected of you.”

Their father promptly took two small keys out of a drawer and threw them one by one at them.

“So, decide for yourselves.”

“This is…”
There were blue letters circling around the key, forming a small band around it.

“They’re keys to reports that disappear after one look. Pick one and go.”


“And it’s late to say this, but Julius, you’ve passed your test. Congratulations.”

As if he never had any complaints, Julius shouted out with a bright, red face, “Thank you.”

In contrast, Allen replied rather indifferently, as if watching a play.

“Thank you, Father.”

Gaielle, who was staring at Allen during his brief reply, nodded slowly and gave a congratulatory message.

“It’s been a long time since you’ve been home, so I’m sure you’re both tired. But if you ever desire to go out, you can go on your own and leave now.”


Julius clumsily bowed and walked out. Allen stayed, however, as if he had something left to say.

“What’s wrong?” Gaielle asked with a quizzical look.

“I have a quick request to make of you, Father.”

“What is it?”

“While we were there, I recruited two commoners to serve here as maids.”

“Ah, is that it? I read it in the report. Linbelle and Inellia, right? From a hunting village…”


“Allen. You remember that every time Eliza was asked to hire a maid, as far as I know, she’s refused... It doesn’t matter to me.”

Contrary to Allen’s expectations, Gaielle gave his consent. 

“I don’t care who you hire or what you do. As long as it’s the right choice for you.”

After adding in that unnecessary comment, he returned to his seat to continue his unfinished work.

“You can’t do it properly yet, so if you want to get them trained, ask Eliza directly.”


“Yes. If they’re to be her son’s maids, she’ll want to meet them. You said that you regret not seeing her much these days, too, so you’d better go see her.”

He didn’t feel as though he’d paid any less attention to his mother after his regression. He had nothing to worry about, except that she’d appeared to have fallen in love with luxury.

“Alright. But Baron Fern…”

How did he intend to deal with him?


His father interrupted him, not wanting to hear any more.

“Drop it. I don’t want to talk any more today. Go now.”


Allen bit his lip. He wanted to speak with Baron Fern directly. 

Unlike how he’d remembered Baron Bellourne’s incompetence, the baron could make good judgements, although somewhat lacking.

So then what about Baron Fern? 

Would he also be different from how Allen had remembered him?

He was currently imprisoned within the family home. There was no other time to meet with him. After all, he wouldn’t be able to avoid punishment for too long.

‘I need to find out why people are changing. A clue, at least.’

However, his father was stubborn.

“Father, Baron Fern is really—”


Allen could see that his word was final. 

‘It can’t be helped.’

Baron Bellourne and Baron Fern. Aside from them, the assumption that there was something controlling them was really just a guess, wasn’t it?

Since Allen had no substantial evidence, it wasn’t possible to create a justification for meeting with him.

“I won’t say it twice.”


There was no choice but to look for another opportunity.

‘I’ll have to find a way quickly.’

Allen bowed his head according to etiquette and left the study. After the two sons left, the study became silent. Then, a maid who had come into the manor only a few days ago carefully knocked on the door.

Knock, knock.

“Sir, I’ve brought what you’ve ordered.”

“I never asked anyone to run errands… No, wait, come to think of it, I think I did.”

Gaielle, who had almost refused her visit, quickly granted her admission after only a moment’s thought. The maid was one of the few who had just come to the manor a few days ago. As soon as the door closed, she knelt and began to speak.

“I’m here to deliver a message from Kasha, sir.”

As if very familiar with her, Gaielle asked with an annoyed look, “Do you change your face every time you come here? It’s of bad taste.”

“Your son seems to have good taste.”

‘Which son? Allen? Julius? Someone else?’

Gaielle stopped searching for an answer, blatantly avoiding the task.

He had never succeeded before. 

“It’s no use.”

“You are the same way, my lord.”

Gaielle’s eyebrows flinched. As he showed his discomfort, the maid continued, lowering her head even further, “I’ll get to the point.”

From the moment he’d heard the name ‘Kasha’, Gaielle had focused all his attention onto her. He wasn’t particularly talented, and he wasn't too strong for other reasons, but he was surely strong enough to subdue a maid if necessary. 

“What is their message?”

“They told me to tell you, ‘I was right.’”

At those words, Gaielle stiffened. He tried to act naturally, asking questions nonchalantly—just like normal.

“So? Is that all they wanted to say?”

“And, ‘Didn't I say that everything would work out no matter where you sent him?’ That’s what they wanted me to say.”


“After that, ‘Even if they were sent without any support, if the conditions were sufficiently met, the same result would have been produced.’”

“...How could I send him alone while having the prestige of a duke? Even a hundred elite soldiers aren’t good enough to support one with that title.”

“You still cling to the little things, sir.”

Gaielle continued with a convinced tone, blatantly ignoring her words, “...And? That can’t be the end of it.”

“When asked if that was the end, I was told to answer as follows, ‘Please turn a blind eye to the smaller disturbances going forward,’” the maid replied, nodding without sign of displeasure at his interruption.


“If you deny this, ‘In the future—’”

“Stop. I never told you that I was going to deny it.”


She intentionally laughed at him. Gaielle remained silent at her attitude. Her face wasn’t visible to him, since she had been bowing. 

“Yes, Kasha said that you would also do that. If you cooperate so that no big trouble arises, the previous promise will be upheld.” 


“Well then…”

Finishing her task, the kneeling maid fell sideways. She suddenly opened her eyes, as if her personality had changed. 

“What… What am I doing here…?”

She looked around, trying to find out where exactly she was, and she found Gaielle staring at her.


After watching her for a while, he sighed at the fact that he couldn't figure out anything anymore and spoke to her with a gentle expression.

“You must be tired. You brought me what I asked for and then collapsed. I’ll give you the day off to rest your mind and body and take care of yourself.”

“Y-Yes, sir. Thank you…?”

She had no idea what had happened, so she simply bowed to her master. She thought about what to do with her sudden break and left the study with a puzzled look.

Gaielle quietly closed his eyes and sunk into his chair.

“When? When will it be…?”

He covered his eyes with his rough hands. 

He needed a drink.

The kind of drink that would make you heavily inebriated after only one sip.




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