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Solo Swordmaster



Solo Swordmaster

[Translator –  woni]

[Proofreader – sharlottle]


Chapter 27: Fair and Balanced

Since even Lee Chung-gi wouldn't be able to use a thousand skills at once, a thousand players at once ought to be stronger.


'Tch. Fighting a thousand high-levels would be better than this.'

For Limon, the ten skills Lee Chun-gi was actually using were more irritating to handle than a thousand-man mosh pit.

Something like, the final boss being harder to beat than a thousand extras.

Lee Chun-gi was a tricky opponent — he strengthened himself with various skills, while using multiple others together as combo attacks.

'「Foresight」 and 「Spatial Metastasis」 together? That ought to be cheating!

What was especially troublesome were his defensive abilities.

He saw into a future of being fatally wounded and immediately skipped through time to dodge it.

Just using those two skills in tandem, Lee Chun-gi had skirted through Limon's attacks several times.

Furthermore, it was indeterminate if those were all of the activated defense skills- Limon could only shake his head.

Furthermore, Limon wouldn't know if he had any other active defense skills.

Limon could only shake his head in frustration.

"The more I see, the less I understand."

"The fuck are you talking about?"

"How you are this strong, I mean. You're not a player."

Lee Chun-gi was also shaking his head — in even more exasperation.

The attacks he'd thrown at Limon were more than enough to kill a Grand Duke several times over.

Yet here was Limon, fending off all of those brutal attacks without skills. Not only that, he had nearly landed critical counterattacks multiple times.

Taking into account the principles of the Iron Age, Limon was a massive irregularity. 

"Up yours. The way I see it,  you guys are the abnormal ones, acquiring all these abilities because of some stars in the sky or some shit."

"That would make most of the human populace abnormal."

"That just means the whole world's—"

Cutting off his sentence, Limon stepped forward.

One step to cut through the golem Lee Chun-gi had summoned.

Another step to slither past a lightning storm.

One last step to target his opponent's blind spot.

Due to his peculiar footwork, it was a strike that was bound to hit its mark if they had their guard down — no matter how far away they were.

“「Spatial Metastasis」.”

Alas, Lee Chun-gi was unbounded.

Not only had he not let his guard down to begin with, he'd also seen himself getting cut with 「Foresight」 as well.

It was at that moment, when Limon flipped around with a cold grin on his face.


He saw Lee Chun-gi's skill usage before he was even done with his three steps.

Twisting his body, he lifted his feet off the ground before he landed.

Slamming his sword into the ground, he used the force generated to boost him in the opposite direction — straight at Lee Chun-gi.

It was a strike bound to hit its mark, no matter how far away they were.



But the strike would not hurt its target.

Instead, it was blocked mid-swing.

"You seemed shocked, Swordmaster."

His sword hasn't been guarded against in a while.

His white suit, his glasses, his ring.

They were replaced with shining, golden armor, a crown of jewels, and a long, extravagant sword.

Lee Chun-gi had instantaneously changed his equipment to meet Limon's sword.

"Did you really not consider that out of the thousands of skills I wield, that I wouldn't have a single one for swordsmanship?"



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Translator - woni

Proofreader - sharlottle

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In all honesty, it was a fact that Lee Chun-gi was skilled with the sword.

Although there were Monarchs who didn't quite excel in close combat, they all had countermeasures for it.

After all, such a weakness wouldn't have allowed them to reach above the mountains, into the heavens that was level 100.

This was especially true for Lee Chun-gi, the most versatile among the Monarchs.



Cling, ka-clicliclicli Cling—!

"You're this good with swords, what have you been doing up till now, you little weasel?"

The sword was pulled back and thrusted forward.

As sharp as a needle, and as quick as lightning — Limon went for the heart.

"It is rudimentary for a player to adapt their tactics accordingly. I don't need to play by your rules, do I?"


Limon's sword was met by another.

A gauntlet over his hands, Lee Chun-gi slightly turned to tilt his sword to deflect the attack.

It was a perfect guard.

"Then why are you sword-fighting now?"

"The first reason is because you're not giving me an opportunity to increase the distance between us."

“Hm, agreed.”

The distance between them narrowed and the sword swung rapidly.

He wasn’t expecting a critical hit.

It was merely a light flurry of attacks to not allow Lee Chun-gi a breath to escape with 「Spatial Metastasis」.

As insubstantial as they were, they were blocked easily.

"So? What's your second?"

"I don't believe I will lose, even if I handicap myself like this."

Upon hearing that, the flurry of attacks stopped. Limon was completely flabbergasted as the Monarch's response.

"…Did you just jab that you're gonna beat me in swordsmanship?"

Please tell me this is a joke…

It was Limon's way of being considerate — he'd let it go if the man admitted it as a senseless joke.

But Lee Chun-gi did not.

"Did you just jab that you think I can't beat you in swordsmanship?"


With the tip of his sword fixed mid-air, the rest of it rippled like water as he waved the handle.

Limon's sword flew back with his clever technique.

Seizing the chance, he jabbed his sword up into an uppercut.

Only to be blocked by Limon with only a wrist-flip of his sword, followed by a counterattack.

"Your swordsmanship is undoubtedly amazing. Most Grand Dukes would be unable to endure it."

Having mastered more skills than anyone else, Lee Chun-gi could be certain.

Limon's hypothetical level was at least that of a Grand Duke.

Barring a few exceptions, even level 90+ players wouldn't be his match.

"But in the end, that's all it is."

There was no emotion in his voice. No astonishment, no fear.

Rather, a thorough analysis summed up in eight words.

It was like he'd just decided on a battle strategy after learning the attack patterns of a new boss monster.

He spoke with the certainty of a player.

"Meaning: If I can use swordsmanship of equal or higher level than you, there shouldn't be a problem at all."

“Pfft… What?"

The Monarch's stoicism was even more flabbergasting.

Letting out a baffled laugh, Limon gripped his sword tighter and faced Lee Chun-gi with his chilling golden eyes.

"Your move, brat!"


At once, Limon's technique changed. He started to violently charge, as if his technique from moments before was just him testing the waters.

He followed through with a jab to the neck after slicing Lee Chun-gi's chest. Quickly changing the direction of his sword, he continued the unrelenting blade storm.

It was fantastical sword play, the zenith of swordsmanship.

And Lee Chun-gi stepped up to meet the challenge.

Keeping a distance would have been the smart and obvious thing to do.

Was it because of his pride as an Absolute Ruler?

Or was he certain of his victory?

Standing his ground, he guarded against Limon's storm.


「Noble Swordsmanship」 refined the attacks.

「Ying-Yang Swordsmanship」 increased the success rate of counterattacks.

「Universal Swordsmanship」 gave a set probability to deflect incoming attacks.

「Cosmic Sword」 gave damage that had unconditional defense penetration.

These were just a few of the swordsmanship skills Lee Chun-gi had in his arsenal.

The countless skills would complement each other at times and get switched back and forth to enhance their effects — creating a truly godlike technique.

It was another pinnacle of swordsmanship, one that only Lee Chun-gi could perform.

And as the two unstoppable forces met, the superior swordsmanship was decided.

A deep gash along the armor. A cut on the forearm. 

The blood dripping from a neck.

"Is there a problem, you fuck? Didn't you say you were going to crush me with my own skill set?"

Lee Chun-gi was instantly bathed in blood.

Seeing this, Limon let out a sharp laugh.

"Yes, and I still intend to."

"How the hell are you still talking?"

“The game isn’t over yet.”

"It already is."

Even an Absolute Ruler could not deny the reality of things.

While Lee Chun-gi was dripping with blood, Limon didn't have a single scratch.

But he wasn't going to give in.

As if everything was in the palm of his hands, he replied stoically as he kept swinging his sword to fend off Limon’s attacks.

“Who knows… You’ll see in time.”

"…See what?"

Whether it was his pride that made him stubborn, or because he'd gone mad from the shock of failure — Lee Chun-gi wouldn't give in at all.

Whether it was because his pride made him stubborn, or because he’d gone mad from the shock of failure - Lee Chun-gi wouldn’t give in at all. 

Baffled, Limon sneered at him.


But the next time their swords met, confusion swept over Limon's face.


Lee Chun-gi met Limon on equal footing.

He twisted his shoulder midway through dragging his sword down to turn the attack into an upwards strike, and with another flick of the wrist, he saved an attack that would have missed otherwise.

Limon's eyes widened at the swordsmanship technique that got faster and more refined as the battle raged on.

"No fucking way, this bastard…"

"For how quick you are, you catch on rather slow, old timer."

Uncertain whether it was rage, bewilderment or surprise on the Swordmaster's face, Lee Chun-gi mocked him.

"Because I didn't have the chance to back away? Because I didn't think I would lose? That isn't enough for me."

Lee Chun-gi had made it clear before.

It is rudimentary for a player to adapt their tactics accordingly.

Taking that into account, his actions had contradicted his words.

Fighting with a sword, against Limon? 

It should have been the foolish, last decision one would ever make.

"I have been curious ever since I heard you took down 150 high-levels. How was that possible, with just a measly sword?"

Even while talking, Lee Chun-gi did not rest his blade.

Not sparing a moment's loss, he incessantly swung his sword around and continued to speak while observing Limon's swordsmanship.

"And now that I have fought you myself, I am certain. Your swordsmanship goes beyond the capabilities of a unique skill."

Taking on 150 high-level players would be impossible, even for a Grand Duke.

However, Limon's swordsmanship surpassed that. With a bit of hyperbole, it was comparable to that of a Monarch's absolute skill.

Even though Lee Chun-gi hadn't shown his entire repertoire of skills, Limon coming this far was evidence of that.

"And, you see. I'm not one who can just let go of a fantastic technique."

His consistent stoic expression changed as his lips curved into a smile.

With an eerie twinkle in his eyes, he stared at Limon.

Satisfied with the system message he’d been waiting for the entire fight, Lee Chun-gi spoke.

“Thank you for the Swordmaster’s technique.”

[Your accumulated EXP has met the necessary conditions.]

[Unique Skill 「Technique Acquisition」 activating.]

[You have acquired Limon Asphelder's swordsmanship, 「Demon Slaying Sword」.]



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