Solo Swordmaster



Solo Swordmaster

[Translator –  woni]

[Proofreader – sharlottle]


Chapter 1: A Second Chance

"Ugh… fuck me."

The building that was fine a minute ago was reduced to rubble.

In the middle of the ruins, was Limon. He ran his bloody hand through his hair.

Glancing at the countless guns pointed at him, he calmly collected his thoughts.

'What did I do?'

If the opponents were some kind of criminal, he wouldn't have given it a second thought. 

Whether he was going against the mob boss of a vicious crime syndicate. A politician controlling national affairs, or those who corroded the country and were a danger to humanity. He had never once held his blade back.

But this time, things were different. 

The people pointing guns at him weren't criminals.

Many were his colleagues. Colleagues he shared the same dinner table with just the day before.

"Guys… I really can't understand…"

That was why Limon couldn't help but ask.

"Just… why?"

He'd fought for humanity his whole life. 

He wasn't trying to argue that he only did the right things, but he had never acted out for personal gain.

There was a time when he was acknowledged for his devotion and was hailed a hero. The monarch of ten thousand.

It only served to add to his confusion.

"I said… why'd you set up all this ridiculous crap just to kill me, you assholes?"

It wasn't lament, sarcasm, rage, or an outcry. 

It was entirely beyond his understanding, and he simply questioned why things were the way they are.

False accusations should have been enough. Why did they have to sacrifice his subordinates as well?

But there would be no verbal answer. 

Instead, a man revealed himself from behind his men.


Limon smirked, realizing who was behind all of this.

"A pawn is only kept for its usefulness."

And Limon had outlived his. 

Besides, it was human nature to desire control over others. If a mad dog could not be tamed, it was natural to put them down — even if that mad dog was the nation's greatest protector.

"You don't need some goner like me anymore, huh?"

He knew there were many people who were uncomfortable with him. 

But he didn't care.

Narrow-minded criticism from the feeble was something he had always dealt with.

He thought that at the very least, no matter what anyone said, his country would still never betray him.

But that was a lapse in judgment. 

Maybe even arrogance. 

The country Limon almost died multiple times for didn't need him anymore.

Instead, they flung false accusations at him— that he was in the way of national interest —in a bid to get rid of him.

Even though Limon still possessed enough power to go against the entire world. 

Well, that could very well have been the truth.

The time Limon was God had passed.

He wasn't what the country needed anymore. Now, they just called him a 'goner', a man out of time.

"Alright, I'm sorry."

Finally understanding everything, Limon realized why he was cornered into this predicament. 

His critical error.

"I was a fool for protecting a world like this."

He ignored money and power. 

He prioritized his obligations and responsibilities. 

He did favors and made concessions for the weak. 

And even though he sneered when called a patriot, he had put his life on the line to protect the world. 

That was his error.

If only he had amassed riches and consolidated power.

If only he had wielded his authority. 

If only he had ignored the people and lived selfishly. 

…And if only he had accepted her offer.

At the very least, he wouldn't have felt this dirty getting stabbed in the back.

'If only I could have another chance…'

If only Limon had the power to turn back time.

What would it be like to have lived differently?


Three beams of light fell from the sky.

[A small number of Constellations were watching you and were moved by your prayers.]

[The Fate Teasing Troublemaker offers you a contract. If you accept, you will gain the power to change your fate.]

[The Guardian of Merciful Resurrection offers you a contract. If you accept, you will gain the power to revert death.]

[The Crow Guardian of Glory offers you a contract. If you accept, you will gain the power to find glory.]

[Which Constellation would you like to form a contract with?]




Reaper Scans

Translator - woni

Proofreader - sharlottle

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Limon blinked at the three beams of light, along with the messages that followed. 

'What's this?'

His mind was frozen, unable to comprehend what was happening. 

On the other hand, everyone else was shocked.

"What? How could a Constellation?!"

"That light… C-could it be a Monarch-rank Constellation?"

"I don't believe it! Not one, not two, but three of them?!"

Their reactions filled the silence from just moments before. 

Watching them make a fuss, Limon began to grasp what had just happened.

He knew what he had to do.

"Before he forms a contract! Do it!"

Upon this unexpected development, the mastermind quickly ordered his men. 

But Limon was already on his feet before they could squeeze the trigger on their guns.

And their jaws dropped at what Limon did next.


The three radiant beams of light had been smashed, crumbling into fragments.

"Fuck off, you fake sons of bitches!" Limon furiously shouted amidst the specs of shattered light.

And glaring at the stars in the sky, he also raised his middle finger.

"My fate's mine! If I die, it's on my own terms! You think I'll hand that to you fucks this cheap?"

'Holy shit… he…!'

Everyone there was dumbfounded.

Most people didn't even have the chance to make a deal with a regular Constellation, and only the luckiest of the lucky could deal with a Monarch-rank Constellation.

It was every player's dream.

And yet, not only did Limon refuse such a fortune, he had cut down their blessings with a sword.

How was that even possible?!

They were at a loss for words. There was no way Limon had just acted on his impulses.

But underneath all their shock, they understood.

This was Limon Asphelder.

The Limon Asphelder.

Once at the top of the world as humanity's savior, he also could not be leashed.

"The fuck ya looking at, huh? You think I'll let any of you go after all this?"


Limon finally erupts. But as he charges towards the men, a storm of light ravages the night sky.


"Huh? Fuck is it now?"

The light fragments Limon had shattered started to jolt and swirl around him.

"What are you guys, door-to-door salesmen? I'm not making a deal, you clingy bastards!"

Limon swung his sword again, screaming at the light particles slowly approaching him. 

But no matter how much he cut, it only dispersed, condensing around him.

Limon and those around him couldn't hide their bewilderment at the unprecedented phenomenon.

The Constellations, on the other hand, were startled by Limon's actions.

[Having a hand stolen, The Fate Teasing Troublemaker is writhing.]

[Losing one of their wings, The Guardian of Merciful Resurrection is taken aback.]

[Robbed of a pair of eyes, The Crow Guardian of Glory is outraged.]

[Fragments of the damaged Constellations absorbing into the recipient.]


Enraged at Limon's transgressions, the three Constellations in the sky flashed brightly as strong winds blew and the earth shook.

"Huh? What are you doing to me, you assholes?! Fuck off!"

And as the others gazed on, the light was sucked into Limon's body like a whirlpool.

"I said, fuck off!"

And the moment the final spec of light entered Limon— 

The world crumbled.




The fatigue of having not slept for a century, yet the haziness of wandering in a century-old dream.

It was a strange sensation.

A boundary of thoughts, somewhere between the realm of dreams and reality that made it even harder to escape. 

And as Limon was losing himself wandering in the endless void, a voice pulled him back to reality. 

"Boss, boss?"

'Who's voice is that?'

It felt so strange, despite being one he was familiar with.

"See, this is why people call you a bogan…!"



"Says who, you bastard?"

Regardless of whether he was fully conscious or not, his body responded immediately upon being called a bogan. His finger rose, flicking the forehead of the person shaking him awake.

"It hurts! Why would you hit my face of all places? What if it leaves a mark?"

It seems like the flick was very painful. 

"Are you going to take responsibility if I can't get married?!"

As he looked at the woman holding onto her red forehead yelling at him with teary eyes, Limon finally remembered who she was. And a strange expression washes over his face.

"Yoo Na-kyung?"


"The Yoo Na-kyung, my team member?"

"Of course I'm your team member, is there another Na-kyung around?"

As if something got unclogged, the memories of the woman quickly flooded back into Limon's mind.

Name: Yoo Na-kyung.

Age: 26.

Occupation: Special government employee.

Status: My team member. 

Characteristics: Quite arrogant.

Height 158, weight—

But he pushed it all away and asked her the biggest question on his mind.

"How are you alive?"



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