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Solo Swordmaster

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Chapter 62: Will You Be a Fool For Me?


The baby bird was eventually named ‘Blue’.

It was a once-in-multiple-lifetimes event for Yoo Na-kyung to be naming her own reincarnation—not only that, to name herself by throwing a tantrum, screaming that she’d rather die.

Although, the decision to keep her true identity a secret remained.

“That is a first. I didn’t expect the Master of Swords to take a liking to this bird, enough to want to raise it himself.”

That was why Yoo Na-kyung was perched on Limon’s head, all the while acting like a typical bird would under Li Chingwei’s gaze.

“Oh, it was Na-kyung in its past life.”


And it was also the reason why Yoo Na-kyung reacted ghastly to Limon’s nonchalant comment.

How flustered she was! 

As she lost her balance and was about to fall, she clung unto Limon’s hair and let out a sigh of relief.

But neither Limon nor Li Chingwei paid any mind to it.

All Li Chingwei did was tilt her head to the side.

“Is Na-kyung the one the Master of Swords collected his blood debt for?”

“She’s also the one who left the children to me.”

“Seeing that you introduced her to me… This isn’t just any reincarnation. Does she have the memories of her previous life?”

“Yep. It also looks like she can still use 「Teleportation」 as well.”

“I see… No wonder it was so difficult to read her mind. She wasn’t just any animal, but a high-level player.”

Her reaction would be the very definition of ‘calm’. 

Meanwhile, Yoo Na-kyung looked absentmindedly at the two people talking about her like a house pet. 

Coming back to her senses, she jumped back onto Limon’s head and confronted him.

Squeak! Squeaksqueaksqueak!

“Huh? Why am I spilling everything after promising to keep it a secret?”


“Tsk, tsk. You can’t fool her. You really think the princess of the Black Dragon Clan would fall for your ridiculous bird act?”

Squeak, squeee…

“Perfect acting? My ass. You sure can run your mouth for someone who got caught using a phone by the janitor yesterday.”


There was a limit to deceiving Li Chingwei when she had the ability to read minds.

It’s better to just come out clean from the start when you’re going to get caught anyway.

The blue bird groaned. She knew that it really was better to do as he said when he was being as blunt as he was.

“Stop poking me, you brat. My head’s not your nest.”

Still, she wasn’t happy about it. She pecked the top of Limon’s head in protest.

Although, in truth, Limon wasn’t any bit fazed. He simply picked up his tea cup to continue drinking.

Watching the two across from her with a peculiar gaze, Li Chingwei asked.

“Master of Swords. When did you learn how to talk to animals?”


“Then what was that conversation?”

“Conversation? I just figured that’s what this buffoon would say and gave a rough answer to that.”

“But the communication is too natural to be just a ‘rough answer’.”

“She was my only team member. If I can’t even do that much, I don’t deserve to be a superior. Imagine all the operations we worked on together.”

“I envy that.”

“Envy what? It’s just annoying.”

The only reason they were able to communicate was thanks to how vocal Na-kyung was. Ultimately, it boiled down to Limon talking to a mute. It frustrated him.

“I have something to ask you about that, actually. Could you get me an item?”

“An item?”

“Yeah, a telepathy item she could use. Even better if it has a communication feature.”


Yoo Na-kyung widened her eyes, while Li Chingwei nodded.

“So that is why you revealed it to me? I would find out sooner or later with that request.”

“Well, even if that wasn’t the case, you would have discovered it either way,” Limon shrugged.

Having not realized his intentions, Yoo Na-kyung looked impressed.

“And I don’t have the money to buy items.”


In an instant, the bird’s eyes that were burning aflame with admiration died out like she was watching a little girl get robbed. Even the cheapest items costed millions. It was the equivalent to buying a house. 

The way Limon asked for such an item so brazenly, of course Yoo Na-kyung’s gaze would turn into dismay.

But Li Chingwei simply nodded. 

“Don’t worry about money. Simple telepathy items aren’t that rare. It won’t be hard to find one.”

She was a princess of the Seven Dragons Association. No matter how far the Black Dragon Clan had fallen, a few items were still just chump change. Not to mention, the Seven Dragons Association was the very gray eminence behind the manipulation of dungeon byproduct prices.

There was no way Limon would feel any sort of trouble asking for a single item when he knew all those secrets.

“I hate to call it a trade, but may I ask you for a small favor as well?”

“A favor?”

“Yes, it isn’t too difficult.”

“I don’t care as long as it's not hard… What is it?” Limon nodded without hesitation.

This was the first time Li Chingwei had asked of anything from Limon since their engagement.

Limon intended on doing anything she asked of him. But when he’d heard her ‘small favor’, he could only fall silent.

“Take charge of a company for me,” Li Chingwei beamed.



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“…What now?”

“The Black Dragon Clan has a lot of subsidiaries. Please go to one of them and work. And produce some results, while you’re at it.

Disorientated, he stared at her. Realizing he hadn’t heard her wrong, Limon reluctantly asked.

“Just where did that come from?”

“Do you not believe this to be my personal wish?”

“You wouldn’t have let me loaf around all this time if that was the case. Yo Ouin’s there in case you suddenly decide to change your mind, isn’t that right?”

“As expected. You’re keen.”

Agreeing with a bitter smile, Li Chingwei explained to Limon with a troubled expression on her face.

The elders are the ones behind this request.”

“Your elders?”

“Yes. Since I decided to pass over most of my clan’s assets as dowry when we get married, They said that they wanted to see the Master of Sword’s business management skills.”

“They wanna see if I’ll blow the rest of the clan’s money down the drain.”


“And if I fail this test?”

“That wouldn’t cancel the marriage, but I would have to renegotiate with them.”

…What a lofty way to say that the marriage will be pushed back indefinitely. Unless you’ve got some other piece of blackmail for them?”

Limon clicked his tongue in spirit.

‘No wonder those geezers accepted the marriage so easily.’

The Black Dragon Clan elders hadn’t actually accepted their marriage. Instead, they just placed an impossible condition for Limon so they would have reason to oppose it.

He had made a mistake mindlessly agreeing when Li Chingwei told him that it wouldn’t be too difficult.

“Why are you telling me this only now?”

“It was too minor of a matter to discuss.”

“You do know the consequences if I ruin that ‘minor matter’, right?”

“But you will rightfully get hold of your shares and the natural support of the clan if you do.”

Li Chingwei was telling him that there was no need to think about failure when he was going to succeed in the end anyway.

Despite that, Limon hesitated.

“I know nothing about management or business, princess. In fact, I’ve never even made money with something other than swinging a sword around.”

“Yes, I know.”

“Then, why are you entrusting an entire company to me?”

“Well, of course, I believe in the promise the Master of Swords made—that the Black Dragon Clan is just the beginning to devouring the entirety of the Seven Dragons Association.” 

Li Chingwei answered immediately without hesitation. She was beaming.

“One who is destined to have the Seven Dragons Association, the conglomerate with all of the world’s riches, would surely be able to handle this much with ease. Don’t you agree?”

“…Would I be a dick if I said no?”

“Of course not. I would just be a fool for believing in the Master of Swords.”

“That’s the same thing.”

Limon scratched his cheek. It was a bit out of left field, but he had expected something like this ever since deciding to take hold of money and power. In the end, it was something he had to do if he was going to dominate the Seven Dragons Association.

Limon furrowed his brows, deep in thought.

“Princess,” he sighed.


“I am really sorry, but will you be a fool for me?”

“…I’m sorry?”

Perhaps she had thought that he would say yes with no questions asked. Li Chingwei blinked widely as doubt swept over her face.

“Are you saying that you won’t take charge of a subsidiary?”

“That’s right.”

“…Uhm, did I ask for something too difficult? Or are you vexed that I kept their terms from you until now?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to. This was something I asked for, anyway,” Limon calmly pointed out. 

Being one of the rare times she was taken aback, she was in a flurry.

“But now isn’t the time. I have to put everything aside and train.”

“…Train? The Master of Swords?”

“Yes. It is necessary for our other objective.”

Li Chingwei’s expression turned into one of mystery as she heard Limon’s serious voice. Their objective was getting a hold of the Seven Dragons Association in its entirety, but that was just the means to an end—they had another ultimate goal.

The pretense behind Limon’s words was clear.

“This is to go against the constellations.”

“Pretty much.”

“Indeed… Then, I guess I have no choice. We cannot lose a dime over a penny.”=

Li Chingwei gave in without hesitation.

From the start, what she wanted from Limon was his power to challenge the constellations. To get in the way of his training by dragging him into politics or business was nothing more than mistaking the means for the end.

“I’m sorry I can’t help you when I said that you could come to me if you needed anything before.”

“It’s all right. ‘Those matters’ are what I wanted from the Master of Swords. I’ll take care of ‘these matters’.”

“Can you really?”

“Yes, although I’ll have to cut some corners. As long as the Master of Swords helps me without it getting in the way of his training, I am sure everything will work out fine.”

“What a dependable bride you are.”

“Right? There aren’t a lot of adept brides like me.”

Limon chuckled seeing Li Chingwei’s playful smile. She wouldn’t have asked him in the first place if it was something that was easy to take care of. And yet, he believed her words.

She was Li Chingwei, the Black Dragon Princess. The girl who used whatever was required to achieve her goals.

Just then—

Squeak? Squeaksqueak?

Yoo Na-kyung, who had been listening in to their conversation in disbelief, finally pecked at Limon’s head.

“Come to think of it, I haven’t told you yet, have I?”

He didn’t look at her strangely for too long. Guessing what Yoo Na-kyung would have said correctly as always, Limon answered with suave.

“I’m getting married to her.”


Yoo Na-kyung’s pupils contracted. As if to ask what kind of nonsense joke that was, she tilted her head. 

Only after looking back and forth between Limon and Li Chingwei calmly nodding did she realize they were being serious. Her beak dropped to the floor.

“Oh yeah, could you connect me to someone? It’s for my training.”

But Limon didn’t care whatever face Yoo Nakyung was making.

“Do you need a sparring partner?”

“Nope, a violinist.”

“Leave it to me. I shall bring an Apostle-rank master representing the Black Dragon— …What did you just say?”

Li Chingwei paused absentmindedly amidst her confident answer.

Limon awkwardly scratched his cheek.

“The training I need right now isn’t for the sword. It’s violin practice.”



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