Solo Swordmaster



Solo Swordmaster

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Chapter 77: Like the Black Dragon Clan


After watching Limon and Li Chingwei discuss their next move for a while, Wei-ling interrupts them.

“If by any chance, the Master of Swords made a wrong guess and any harm is done, the princess will also bear responsibility.”

“That is all right.”

“This is not something you should be taking lightly. The elders might turn their backs on this marriage.”

“Certainly. But if the Master of Swords guesses correctly, there would be much to gain from them,” Li Chingwei politely retorted, silencing Wei-ling.

“What are you so worried about? It’s not like anything will happen to you,” Limon chuckled.

“And what do you mean by that?”

“You want our engagement broken.”

There was silence for what felt like hours. 

“Now that I think about it, your predictions are correct. I’ll get to it right away.”

“…Don’t you think you’re switching sides way too fast?”

“I don’t like you, you see. And I definitely don’t believe that your engagement to the princess is doing her any good.”

It was clear what changed her mind—she stopped caring if he was wrong. ‘Just be wrong, then!’

Limon stared at Wei-ling, baffled at the open admittance of her resentment towards him, even when she was his attendant. He turned to face the princess.

“Princess. Why’d you put this kid with me at all?”

“She is competent and trustworthy.”

“Is that all?”

“If I had to add on, she is also cute.”

“You know, I’m being serious here…”

“Yes, so I am giving you a serious answer.”

Li Chingwei titled her head, wondering what the issue was.

Looking back at her, Limon laughed.

“Fair enough. I just need someone who can do their job, I suppose. Not a brown-nose.”

“Fret not. I will carry out my duties.”

Whether Limon’s predictions were right or wrong, she was going to do as he says—he’ll just have to handle the consequences, whatever that may be. 

Limon laughed at her half-hearted threat.

“And listen, dummy brain. I’m saying this just in case, but if you ever come face to face with whoever did all this…”

“I should contact you right away?”

“No. Just run.”

“…If you mean to humiliate me, you are succeeding.”

Telling a warrior—a prestigious one at that—to not defend her clan, to not fight but to run away was the ultimate form of dishonor. If the princess she so dearly loved and respected was not there in the room together with them, she would have taken his life—and more.

“Don’t be so insolent. Mocking you wasn’t my intention. I’m giving you advice from an objective standpoint.”


“Unless you have a force like the Secret Shadow Squad supporting you, you wouldn’t be able to handle even one of those guys at your skill level.”

Wei-ling’s brows furrowed at Limon’s cold assessment.

“No fighter only fights the battles they can win.”

“And picking an unnecessary fight you can’t win just makes you a damn dumbass.”

“Hm. Certainly, you’re right about that, Master of Swords.”


Perhaps she was furious that her princess had taken Limon’s side. She glared at him like he’d just stolen her lover.

“If you don’t want to run, you should at least try and learn some swordsmanship,” Limon teased.

“From you?”

“Yeah. You don’t have a lot of talent, but you do have good fundamentals. Undergoing some specialized lessons for three or four days ought to at least let you hang in there.”

He was telling Wei-ling that he could teach her the basics as if he were talking to a child holding a wooden stick for the first time.

She stared at his beaming face. Raising her two hands together, she respectfully opened up the one facing Li Chingwei to hide the other.

“Please, stick it up your ass.”

Bowing to Li Chingwie, Wei-ling left the room.

Limon fell onto the sofa in a fit of laughter in response, turning to Li Chingwei.

“She really is cute, that dummy brain.”

“Right? She’s a character that’s practically gone extinct in this clan.”

“Well, I don’t think it’s that far gone… But I will admit that it’s rare to see a clan member talk like that in front of you.”

She wasn’t even plotting anything behind his back. Instead, she blatantly displays her hatred while still doing her job flawlessly. Considering the clan she was in, she was a cute character—like a cheeky cat that growls in front of you but will then accept pets from you.

“So what do you think the chances are?”

“What do you mean?”

“The chances we can stop them if they come after us again.”

“Not even I would know that. But you predicted the next place that will be attacked.”

“It’s more like a half-guess than a prediction. Besides, we’re not even sure if these guys are actually after us to begin with.”

His predictions were closer to a gut feeling. All he did was estimate where they were going to go using his vast years of experience.

“But if a subsidiary gets attacked again, two things will be made clear.”

“Like what?”

“One, you have something they want.”

“You mean to say that this was a crime pursuing profit?”

“Their tactics and patterns are too odd to be simply revenge or twisted pleasure… Though, I’m not sure if they’re after money or a special something. And until they get a hold of whatever it is they want, the attacks will continue.”

“A special something… That’s troubling to hear.”

“Anything come to mind?”

“It’s troubling because too many things are coming to mind.”

With its long history, immense power, and riches, the Black Dragon Clan’s treasures were not few and far between. They possessed many unique weapons, artworks, and literature—all heirlooms of prestigious clans.

“…I guess having too much money comes with its share of problems.”

“Indeed. This wasn’t supposed to happen… Where did I go wrong?”

“Why would this be your fault? It’s the criminals’.”

Limon had picked up the inaudible murmur with his superhuman hearing. 

As if there had never been a frown on her face, Li Chingwei’s face turned merry at Limon’s consoling words.

“Come to think of it, what’s the other thing?”

“About what’s certain if they attack again?”


Was it genuine curiosity or something else? 

Looking into the princess’ obsidian eyes, Limon answered, “It’s that I’ll be busy from now on.”

And two days later, as Limon had predicted, one of the three subsidiaries he picked out had been raided.


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“What?! Another attack?”

“These bitches don’t know how to fear a dragon…!”

“Where is it this time? How much damage was done?”

When the criminals appeared once again, the Black Dragon Clan was furious. The fact that they attacked not once, but twice meant that they looked down upon the Black Dragon Clan. The Black Dragon Clan once conquered the world—it made them livid to be humiliated in such a way.

“There wasn’t much damage?”

“There were military forces deployed there, what a relief.”

“Hmph, then it was an obvious outcome. As long as we don’t let our guard down, those bastards can’t get to us!”

Upon receiving word that the criminals had been stopped, the Black Dragon Clan breathed a sigh of relief. They had maintained their pride from being shattered a second time, and their stock prices hadn’t dropped. But unfortunately, the criminals weren’t captured—a shame.

“I don’t know who it is, but we sure did something big.”

“Indeed. Even the King’s National Council fended off the Hanseatic League.”

“I must send a message to the Elder Council informing them of this achievement. We’d received a generous reward, don’t you think?”

Needless to say, those who fended off the attack garnered great favor and attention from the rest of the clan. However, after finding out more details, the Black Dragon Clan quickly did a 180.


“Wait. Who?”

“Guardian…? It can’t be that Guardian, right? It’s not! Say that it’s not!

Many noble clans cried out in unison—something’s not right, there’s absolutely no way!

But wherever they looked, the information they scurried to gather all said the same thing.

“Uhm, that Guardian—or whatever it’s called— said that our company could be the next target.”

“Naturally, it’s not like we believed that. But then they forced us out, and even brought in a letter from the princess herself…”

“The princess promised that she would deploy military forces to defend us if we adopted Guardian…”

“Hey, how dare you betray us!”

“All I did was protect the clan’s fortunes using the forces provided by the princess! How does that make me a traitor of the clan?!”

People were in shambles. Chaos and confusion ran amuck within the clan. A passing-through player helping them would have hurt less than the company Limon Asphelder was in charge of. But them being involved, and being a decisive player in stopping the attacks?

“Unbelievable! How could that mad dog have a hand in helping our clan?!”

“But isn’t it true that Guardian took a crucial role in stopping the attack?”

“Hmph! That’s bull! Is it not true that the Master of Swords passes off all his work and lazes around all day?!”

“This has to be part of a scheme! No doubt the Master of Swords took credit for someone else’s work!”

“Perhaps this was all part of the Master of Sword’s plan…”

“Isn’t that too much of a stretch?”

“Shush if you don’t know anything. The Master of Swords is capable of more than that! Don’t you know how many of our brethren have died by his hand?!”

“I do know, but…”

“Don’t you even dare think about relying on that damned Guardian! That’s treason!”

“Of course! Our company is enough to protect us!”

“Whew, all right. Guardian is definitely untrustworthy.”

In a conference with three clan subsidiary CEOs, they vowed to never trust Guardian. And on that same evening, three new subsidiaries implemented Guardian’s system—under the table, of course.

Only in the Black Dragon Clan.



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