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Solo Swordmaster



Solo Swordmaster

[Translator –  woni]

[Proofreader – sharlottle]


Chapter 18: Ransom

"Alright, we're here."

"Do we get off here…?"

"That's right, we're getting off… And don't look so solemn, I'm not trying to sell you off."

Many hotels had a long history.

There were also many luxurious hotels.

But when it came to the best of the best, only one place would be mentioned:

Hotel Leviathan. 

It not only held the record for being the oldest hotel, it was also the best. Not once has it stepped down from being at the top.

 Many have tried to take its place.

But there wasn't a single hotel that could threaten Leviathan's position.

As such, Leviathan was renowned for being the absolute best of the best.

"Go slow guys. Don't hurt yourself runn—"



"I told you to go slow! Hey, are there any ointments around? Get this kid some iodine."

As renowned as they were, Leviathan was picky with its guests.

Even the nouveau riche could have the door slammed in their face.

Powerful people, top actors, prominent scholars. Those who had great influence in the political and business world would still have to wait years to get a reservation.

Simply being able to make a reservation was considered evidence of being the upper class. 

That was how difficult it was to get into Leviathan.

"Did everyone get off? Let's see, 20, 21… Huh? Where's the other two?"


"Why are you hiding behind the seats? I told you to get off."

"I d-don't want to! You're trying to sell us!"

"I said I'm not."

"Liar! Our caretaker said all human traffickers are liars!"

"Just what about me makes me come off as a human trafficker?"

"Uh, uhm… Everything?"



"Are all the Hanbit orphans like this? You little degenerates…"

He was referring to the scene unfolding in the VIP exclusive base parking lot. It wasn't an exaggeration to describe it as never before seen.

Throwing a hunger fit was minor compared to the others.

A child crying with a scraped knee, another one rolling on the ground after getting flicked on the forehead, and a girl with dead eyes looking like she was getting sold as a slave.

On top of that, there were babies with diapers exuding a putrid stench.

The 23 children clustered in front of the yellow school bus was in no way appropriate for Hotel Leviathan.

But the man waiting for them didn't care.

He only bowed down respectfully. 

"Welcome to Hotel Leviathan."


Limon, who was dragging the children out of the school bus, slightly turned his head.

He looked surprised to see the old man in a tidy suit.

"Your voice is familiar."

"If you are asking if I am the one you called earlier, then yes."


Limon's expression looked more peculiar.

He could guess who this old man was.

"I didn't expect the general manager to come escort me personally."

This was certainly exceptional.

Fitting with its reputation of being the best, the general manager of Hotel Leviathan was also highly regarded.

Even when the prime minister of a country stayed over, he would only give orders from behind the scenes, and rarely entertained guests in person.

And yet, the old man replied nonchalantly.

"It is only right that I escort the Master of Swords myself."

Knowing the hidden meaning behind his respectful answer and clean attitude, Limon smirked.

"How interesting. I remember how hard it was to see the general manager the last time I came here."

"I believe you didn't come as a guest last time."

" Do I look like a guest now?"

"Are you not?"

It was at that moment.

Contrasting his respectful attitude, the old man's eyes became frigid, and Limon reached for his sword with one hand.

As they exchanged looks, the air around them grew cold.

Like a cigarette dropping onto a powder keg, or a levee on the verge of collapsing.



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Translator - woni

Proofreader - sharlottle

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The peculiar, bone-chilling atmosphere melted away in an instant with Limon's laugh.

"You know the answer, why are you asking?"

He glanced back at the children behind him.

The old man understood what he meant and once again bowed down respectfully.

"...…I apologize for the rudeness."

"No need. You only did what you had to."

Limon smirked.

In truth, the fact they didn't draw their swords at him the instant he arrived was more cordial than Limon had imagined.

It must have been because of the children he brought with him.

If Limon was alone, the old man wouldn't have brought him all the way here, even if he was threatened with a knife to his throat. 

Of course, that was also considering the fact he received orders to escort Limon with the utmost respect.

Knowing this better than anybody else, Limon didn't blame the old man for his sharp reception.

He only confirmed why he was here.

"Where is she?"

"She is waiting for you on the top floor."

"Hm? I'm allowed to go right away? You're not going to inspect me or anything?"

"What good would an inspection do when it is the Master of Swords?"

"Yeah, I suppose that's true."

What could an inspection do when they just let in humanity's most horrific weapon?

"You can look after the kids while I'm talking, right?"

"This is Hotel Leviathan, sir."

The moment those words fell out of the old man's mouth, neatly dressed maids, doctors holding briefcases, and men in suits armed with swords came out from behind the 23 children.

Only after calming down, treating, and guarding the frightened children, was Limon satisfied and moved on.

"Look after them for me. They're probably hungry, so give them something good to eat. And you know that I'm not paying for all this, right?"

"You do not have to worry. We have already prepared a meal for your company, and all services are free of charge."

Limon didn't ask if he could trust them with the children.

Hotel Leviathan wasn't a place vile enough to use children as hostages.

And the old man did not ask if he could trust Limon enough to let him in.

He wasn't someone dishonorable enough to bring children to a place he'd draw his sword.

They were not friends. But despite never having met each other before, that was exactly why they could trust each other even more than friends could.

Together with the old man, Limon went onto the elevator leading up to the top floor.

And while the elevator was heading up, he asked something that came to mind.

"Oh yeah, I don't think I know your name."

"…Ah, yes. I was late to introduce myself."

The old man answered with an air of innocence, like he was delaying his response on purpose. And yet, he continued, respectful as ever.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Yo Ouin of the Black Heaven Soul style."

"Yo Ouin… I'll keep that in mind."


Thinking over the man's name, Limon took his time getting off the elevator. 

As he stepped out onto a brilliant, extravagant penthouse that took up the entire top floor, he greeted the person awaiting his arrival.

"Welcome, Master of Swords."

"Yeah. We meet again."

Back when the Seven Dragons Association hid in the shadows waiting for a chance to dominate the world, before they stepped out into the limelight. 

Yo Ouin was the successor of the greatest martial arts of the Seven Dragons Association, and one of the few who survived an encounter with Limon.

He smirked when he saw the girl in an oriental dress. 

The only one who could order The Yo Ouin to escort him as a guest.

One of the seven pillars of the Seven Dragon Group that held all the world's riches,

The owner of Hotel Leviathan,

"Black Dragon Princess."




"Uhm, before we get to the point, I have a question."

"What is it?"

"Where did you get a school bus? That stuff isn't in this country."

"It was airlifted from the States."

"…Didn't it take less than an hour for the bus to arrive?"

"It was teleported."

"So it wasn't airlifted from the sky, but through time and space…"

Limon marveled.

Teleportation was indeed more common than before thanks to the rise of players.

But that was only from a relative viewpoint.

Generally speaking, teleportation was still a rare skill. Players who were able to teleport long distances were especially rare.

And yet, they had teleported a school bus in its entirety across the Pacific Ocean.

The fare fees alone could have paid for more than hundreds of school buses.

But Limon still accepted it.

'I guess this is exactly something a Princess of the Seven Dragons would do.'

The Seven Dragons Association always had money to burn.

Their financial power was the reason they were able to stay afloat for centuries, even after the seven dragons died and the Bronze Age ended.

On top of that, their assets only multiplied after their title as the Seven Dragons Group was legalized.

To the Black Dragon Princess, such unhinged spending wouldn't even feel like a waste.

'And look at me now.'

Limon complained in his head as he found a new source of remorse in his life. He'd lived for centuries, yet his entire fortune was the 37 dollars in his pocket.

"May I also ask you something?"

"Yeah? What?"

"Did you mean what I think you meant when you said you got fired as a civil servant?"

The girl asked with happiness and anticipation as her eyes twinkled. It seemed like she'd been waiting for this moment.

Limon answered Li Chingwei stoically.



"I don't even know what conclusion you came to. Do you think I'm a Psionics user like you guys, with the ability to read minds?"

"Oh… yes."

Li Chingwei looked relieved. Straightening her posture, she once again asked, more composed than before.

"Then let me ask again. Did you come here to accept my proposal?"

Limon recollected Li Chingwei's offer from just a few days prior. It was beyond audacious, even nonsensical. 

"Well, for the moment," he shrugged.

"…For the moment means… You could reject it again at a later time."

"That's right."

"May I know the reason?"

Li Chingwei wasn't disappointed, just purely curious why Limon was giving such a vague answer when he'd come this far on his own.

"It's a rule of thumb in trading that when the product is altered, so does its price."

"The price… of the product?"

"Yep. I'm starting to think I lived too selflessly, so I've decided to be greedy."


Li Chingwei looked as confused as ever after hearing his reply.

Seeing this, Limon let out a chuckle and asked arrogantly, with both arms spread across the sofa.

"So in that sense, let me ask you… How much can you pay for my ransom?"

"So…… are you asking me how much I can give you as a dowry?"


"I see."

Li Chingwei nodded, and was lost in thought for a while.

Grinning, she spoke.

"Then, I shall give you 49% of Hotel Leviathan's shares."



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