The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman



The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman

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Chapter 200

“D-Damn it…”

Balder bit his lip, unable to respond immediately.

Raon casually watched the trembling Balder, his arms crossed.

‘I’m sure he’s thinking about how to reduce the duration and percentage rather than which choice to pick.’

It was obvious what Balder was thinking. He was going to pick the option that had them giving up their wages and rewards, while trying to reduce the duration, percentage, or both.

‘But I won’t allow that.’

He would’ve gone easy on him if he were from a different organization, but that was the second incident caused by the True Martial Palace. It was necessary to thoroughly punish him.

‘I guess I need to help him.’

Raon took another step towards Balder, smiling faintly.

“Since you look like you are having difficulties choosing, I think I’ll follow my squad leader’s opinion.”


“I’ll raise the duration of Golden Crest giving us their wages and rewards to four years and six months.”

Raon increased the duration that was initially four years to four years and six months.

“You crazy bastard!”

Balder freaked out and jumped down from the platform. He couldn’t attack him because Glenn was watching them, but he ground his teeth as if he wanted to kill him.

“Who in the world would increase the duration by half a year just because I didn’t respond immediately?”

“I would.”

“Nonsense! You’ve already pronounced your suggestion!”

“And you are the one who didn’t accept that suggestion, palace master.”

“Kuh! But…”

“Eighty-five percent on top of four years and six months.”

Raon increased the ratio from eighty percent to eighty-five percent while maintaining a smile on his face.


Balder’s jaw dropped at his ridiculous behavior.

“Good job, Raon! You are the best!”

Rimmer cheered, praising his student. He looked like a firefly that only cared about the money in front of him, regardless of the True Martial Palace becoming an enemy or not.

“F-Fine! I’ll accept it, so let’s go with the initial condition! We’ll give you eighty percent for four years.”

“Palace master, can you recover the river water that already flew past?”


“No one can catch the river water that’s already gone. That ratio and duration are already a matter of the past.”

“Seriously, you crazy bastard!”

A raging fire appeared in Balder’s eyes. The ground he was standing on started to crumple because of his patience reaching its limit.



Balder’s body froze upon hearing Glenn’s voice. Judging from the way he freaked out just from hearing his voice in the middle of his rage, Glenn must’ve beaten him up severely in the past.

“If you don’t like this condition either, then I have no choice but to raise it again. Then, how about five years…”

“Stop! I get it! I get it!”

Balder raised his hands in resignation, although his face was still ferocious and deadly.

“Eighty-five percent of the gold and rewards that the Golden Crest gets for the next four years and six months will be the Light Wind’s possession. Do you accept the condition?”

“Haa, I accept.”

He replied, voice sounding as pained as if Raon were chewing his bones, then nodded.


Raon nodded, then looked at the host.

“Th-This concludes the group duel between Golden Crest and Light Wind!”

The sound of the gong followed his declaration, announcing the end of the match.

“You’d better not think this is over.”

Balder gave him a killing glare, then left the training ground while carrying the unconscious Garon on his shoulder. His expression and attitude suggested that he was going to take revenge instead of giving up.

‘He still cares for his son, at least.’

Although he had a violent personality, he was way better than the cold-blooded man who threw his son away just because he didn’t meet his expectations.

‘It’s ove…’

“Oh, my lucky charm!”

Raon breathed out a sigh of relief and was about to leave when Rimmer ran up to him and started shaking him by his shoulders.

“My beloved vice-squad leader, you are making me feel alive! You are the light of my life!”

Rimmer prostrated in front of him as if he were worshiping him. He took a glance behind him to bob his hand at the Light Wind members.

“What are you doing right now? Your vice-squad leader brought us lots of money just now!”


“Wh-What about that?”

“You need to thank him!”

“But we just got beaten up for three months straight…”

“Whatever, come here already!”

Although Rimmer smiled towards Raon, he frowned towards the other Light Wind members.

I saw what you did just now.

Wrath slowly raised himself to float in front of Raon’s eyes.

The way you made a fool of your opponent until the end to take all of the profit, you should really be a demon instead.

“Worship our light and salt, the vice-squad leader…”

“Shut up, all of you!”


* * *


“I-Is he really seventeen years old?”

“He has the True Martial Palace master in the palm of his hand, even though they should have a huge difference in experience.”

“He looks even better in a battle of words than in a battle of swords.”

“He has the prowess and judgment to defeat a Master on top of his appearance. My life feels so sad. What’s the temperature of the Terin River?”

“It’s only a matter of time before he becomes a squad leader at this point.”

“How did they raise a monster like him?”

Because Raon managed to overwhelm Balder both with his speech and situation, he looked like a monster to the Zieghart swordsmen.

“One thing that’s certain is that Rimmer isn’t the one who did it.”

“That’s true. He didn’t do anything today, either.”

“I heard that’s what he usually does. He just lays down.”

“Isn’t he just a squad leader in name only then?”

“As expected of Sir Rimmer, I guess.”

They snickered, watching Rimmer tossing Raon into the air.

Although most of the spectators were either surprised or enjoying the event, Karoon Zieghart was frowning.


Karoon clicked his tongue while watching Balder leaving with Garon on his shoulder.

‘That idiot…’

He could understand Balder panicking because of Garon’s loss against Raon, but what he said and did after that was the worst. He was toyed with by the lowest rank collateral, who was no better than an insect, and a seventeen-year-old child on top of that! It was so stupid that he couldn’t even laugh at that point.

‘He’s still as thoughtless as ever.’

Since the Golden Crest leader fainted and he was the one who asked for the duel, he just needed to postpone the negotiation and pressure him with the power of the True Martial Palace.

There was no need for him to conclude the matter on the spot, but he was toyed with by Raon like an idiot and messed everything up.

‘He just ended up giving him various supporters.’

Raon won against a Master that day, and literally toyed with Balder, the True Martial Palace master. That incident would become a huge hope for the collaterals and people from outside who were defying the direct line.

‘It will be annoying for a while… No, this is even better.’

A cold light appeared in Karoon’s eyes for an instant.

‘They will never try defying us ever again if I completely destroy the hope that has appeared after such a long time.”

His face turned sour as he watched Burren throw Raon into the air.

‘Maybe I need to call that insect back.’


* * *


Knock Knock.

A clear knocking sound could be heard as Derus Robert was looking out of his office window, where sunlight was flooding in.


A butler whose silver-gray hair was hiding one of his eyes opened the door and entered before bowing at him.

“My lord, we have received the results of the investigation you ordered last time.”

Derus slowly turned his head. He slowly nodded, his expression not changing in the slightest.

“Is it the investigation on Raon Zieghart?”


The butler nodded, gathering his hands in front of him.

“The black market reported that the rumor about Raon Zieghart defeating the seventh apostle is ninety percent true.”

“If the black market said it was ninety percent, then it means it is pretty much certain.”

Auctioning rare items and gambling weren’t the main sources of income of the black market. It had the best intelligence capabilities, and that was their real source of money.

And if they said it was 90% true, then it was pretty much certain.

“Yes. It’s unbelievable, but it seems to be the truth. They said that the story about the young sword demon who jumped down from Habun Castle’s walls to stop the monster wave was also true.”

“What about his age?”

“He is indeed seventeen years old.”

“A seventeen-year-old Expert defeated a Master…”

Derus exclaimed at the unbelievable information. Becoming an Expert at seventeen years of age was common, but a seventeen-year-old expert defeating a Master was an unprecedented occurrence in the history of the continent.

Even his youngest son, who became one of the Twelve Stars of the Continent after being called an unprecedented genius, was nothing compared to him when he was seventeen years old. He wanted to meet Raon, to see what kind of person he was.

“Is there any other information?”

“It looked like the black market was also having difficulties because Zieghart usually doesn’t disclose their information. All of the remaining information was mostly trivial.”

The butler lowered his head to apologize.

“What about the shadows I sent to the north?”

“They are barely getting any information either, as they haven't managed to settle down yet. I think it would be better to recover those that were recently dispatched…”


Derus shook his head with a frown.

“Dispatch more of them.”


“Make sure to investigate the matter thoroughly. Everything, including whose son he is, who taught him, what kind of swordsmanship he learned, and who is close to him.”

“Hmm, his talent is certainly outrageous, but do we really need to go that far? He shouldn’t even be a Master yet…”

“It’s even more frightening because he’s not a Master.”

Derus’s face was frozen.

“A young boy who hasn’t even become a Master managed to defeat a Master. If he ended up becoming a Master, or even reached a higher level, what do you think will happen? He might end up rewriting the entire history of the continent, and even reach my position eventually.”

He pointed at the position of House Robert’s head of house, which he was currently occupying.

“That is how fearsome he is, because his talent is on a different level.”


“We are bound to clash against Zieghart one day. Follow the plan and renew all the information about Zieghart, including information on the boy named Raon.”


The butler answered firmly, as if he were trying to make up for his mistake.

“How did it go with House Yonaan?”

Derus nodded in satisfaction at the butler’s response before sitting at the window.

“We’ve injected it into the youngest daughter of the head of house. Since the doctors, healers, and even the priests couldn’t do anything for her, he shall start requesting aid everywhere now.”

“Make sure to not respond immediately. We need to slowly extend a helping hand while pretending that it is a coincidence. That way, we can earn as much as possible from his stubborn bloodline.”

“Of course.”

The butler bowed before leaving the office.

“Soon. It’s really happening soon.”

Derus narrowed his eyes, looking out the window.

“I shall remove every obstacle beforehand.”


* * *


Reaper Scans

[Translator – Kyangi]

[Proofreader – Harley]

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* * *


Raon went to the medical detachment to take care of his internal injury, then returned to the annex building. His insides were still hurt, but he was in a much better condition than when he fought against the seventh apostle.

“You shouldn’t move for the next two days, okay?”

Sylvia laid him in bed to make him rest and grabbed his shoulders.

“I’m going to tie you up if you move around again!”

Raon could see the determination in her eyes, probably because he coughed up a lot of blood.

“You shouldn’t even think about leaving the bed, since the maids are also going to take turns guarding the room twenty-four hours a day.”

Even Helen narrowed her eyes at him, although he thought she’d be on his side.

“Haa, I got it.”

Raon sighed heavily and nodded.

“I’ll rest quietly until I recover.

“I’ll be watching.”

“I believe in you.”

The two left only after Raon gave them his answer.

‘This isn’t too bad either.’

Because no one told him anything like that in his previous life, and he knew that they were worried about him, he didn’t really dislike their nagging.

That’s not how you should be.

Wrath popped up on the bracelet with a frown on his face.

Demons don’t need anything like a family’s love. Power. Having all your desires focused on getting stronger is how a demon should be.

“Isn’t that your desire, not a demon’s? I’m sure that not every demon lives like you do.”

Of course! The King of Essence is special. No one is as focused on getting stronger as the King of Essence. That’s why I’m revered as the monarch of Wrath, and as the strongest among the demon kings…

“It should be gluttony, not wrath.”

You are wrong! Stop taking me for that weak rabbit!

He screamed, shaking his head violently.

Anyway! You are still far too weak right now, but I took a liking to your personality, your insatiable hunger for power, and your fighting spirit.

Wrath lowered the corners of his lips slightly and nodded.

The King of Essence will take good care of you if you become a demon.

“Can a human being even become a demon?”

Of course. Many humans have become demons in the past.

“How do I do that?”

You first offer your body to the King of Essence…

“I refuse.”

Raon waved his hand, then closed his eyes. He wanted to see what he was going to tell him, but it was pointless.

I-It’s true! You will obtain an incomparable power if the King of Essence descends upon you and increases the level of your body and soul!

“Okay, I’m not buying it.”

He shook his hand, as if he were chasing away a door-to-door salesperson. He thought Wrath had given up because he hadn’t spoken about it for a while, but that was apparently not the case. He was still targeting his body.

Tsk, it didn’t work.

Wrath clicked his tongue in regret.

“Obviously. Do you think I’m an idiot?”

However, I wasn’t lying about taking a liking to you. If you want, I’ll tell you how a human being can become a demon. First of all…


As he was about to tell Raon how to become a demon, messages appeared in front of his eyes.


[You’ve achieved another impossible victory.]


[The Ring of Fire’s proficiency has increased.]


[The Perception of the Snow Flower’s rank has increased to four-stars.]


[All stats have increased by 6.]


They were the messages from receiving the achievement of defeating a Master while being an Expert himself. The rank of the Perception of the Snow Flower and all stats had increased at the same time.



While Raon was admiring and reading the message, a second set of messages appeared.


[You’ve realized the true meaning of the Supreme Harmony Steps.]


[You’ve achieved something impossible at your current level.]


[All stats have increased by 7.]


Looking at the points that had increased once again, Raon clenched his fist while inhaling deeply.


The change in his body created a burning pain before soaking his entire body in a refreshing vitality, as if he were bathing in cold water. The pain from his internal injury had also completely disappeared.

“Thirteen points in one go…”

Raon smiled, grasping his throbbing heart. He could feel his increased power because he had gained so many stats at once. It looked like he would need to focus on training for a while to get used to the stats.

“And I even got another rank in the Perception of the Snow Flower.”

Perception of the Snow Flower was a trait that increased the range and sensitivity of his aura perception. He liked it even more because it had a great synergy with him, as he was an assassin in his past life.

D-Damn it…

Wrath was crushed by the rising messages, his eyes trembling.

Do you really believe you deserve to gain so much from an inferior achievement like that? Spit it out, if you have a conscience!

“I don’t have one.”

Raon resolutely shook his head.

“You told me I was like a demon. Did you ever see a demon spitting out what they already ate?”

Kuh, Aren’t you even going to ask how to spit it out?

“That would be an unnecessary question.”

He had no intention of spitting out a reward like that, not even if his stomach burst.

You are really more demonic than a demon.

“Is that a compliment?”


Raon smiled at Wrath, who was trembling in anger.

“Ah, by the way, what did you say earlier? How do I become a demon?”

I’m never going to tell you!

Wrath violently shook his head.

The whole of Devildom will be sucked dry if you become a demon!


* * *


One week later, Raon had completely recovered from his internal injury, and went out to the annex building’s open area.

Naturally, he felt excited as he felt the wind for the first time in a long time.

After a light warm-up, he drew Heavenly Drive. Holding the sword’s grip made him feel alive. It looked like he’d become a real swordsman.


He used the Supreme Harmony’s sixth step along with the Star Connecting Sword. The aura appearing on the white silver blade flew away like an aloof river to engulf the entire open area.

The principle of softness that was already incorporated in the Star Connecting Sword was maximized by the Supreme Harmony’s sixth step. The way even the dappled sunlight was deflected by his sword was such a mysterious sight.


He then used the Supreme Harmony’s fifth step while striking with the Fangs of Insanity. The untamed beast’s fangs became even sharper, shredding the atmosphere.

“I knew it wasn’t just my imagination.”

Just like he felt during the fight against Garon, the Supreme Harmony Steps were capable of enhancing a swordsmanship’s characteristics and power.

Using the sixth step at the same time as a soft technique enabled a robust defense that could deflect astral energy, and using the fifth step along with a powerful technique created a ferocious blade that could even pierce through a layer of astral energy.

Attack, defense, evasion, and counterattack. It was an extraordinary footwork that could be used in many ways.

‘It’s giving me internal injuries, though.’

It could strengthen one’s swordsmanship, but the recoil was also significant. The internal injury he received during the last fight was partly because of the Supreme Harmony Steps.

‘I suppose nothing is perfect in the world.’

There were bound to be demerits if there were merits. Since the Supreme Harmony Steps were made by Glenn when he was at a higher level than him, it was overexerting his body in his current state. He would’ve still been lying in bed like a dead man if the stats weren’t strengthening his body.

“Let’s try it.”

Raon gathered all of his aura and poured it into Heavenly Drive.


With a majestic sword resonance, a red light appeared on the blade.

The aura blades that were as thin as thread tangled with each other to become aura thread, and the aura threads gathered like flower petals to form a gorgeous line.


An extensive light similar to a comet appeared on the blade of Heavenly Drive. The gathering of vivid aura was astral energy.


However, the astral energy didn’t last long and withered like candlelight in front of the wind.


Raon clicked his tongue and lowered Heavenly Drive.

“I knew it wouldn’t work.”

The Master wall that was right in front of his eyes certainly collapsed after he refined the martial arts he’d learned so far during the spar against Garon.

However, he didn’t manage to become a Master. He was in a strange situation where he couldn’t surpass the collapsed wall.

‘I don’t understand.’

He didn’t seem to be an Expert nor a Master.

He had killed Masters in his previous life, but since he had never become a Master himself, he couldn’t understand what state he was in.


What’s up?

‘What is my current level? I don’t think I’m an Expert nor a Master.’

Why are you asking the King of Essence?

‘I’ve recently been eating anything you want to eat. Can’t you answer that, at least?’

While he was resting in the annex building, he ate every food and snack that Wrath wanted to eat. And Wrath was praising every single dish to the point that he forgot his stats had been taken away.


Wrath licked his lips, feeling guilty.

You are at the border.


The thing you humans call the Master wall. You are currently standing on the collapsed wall.

‘I knew it.’

Just as he expected, he wasn’t currently a Master nor an Expert.

‘How can I advance one step forward from here?’

You need a trigger.


Yes, a trigger that will make you extend your foot.

‘And how can I find that trigger?’

I don’t know.


The King of Essence couldn’t even feel a trivial wall like that. I leapt over two or three levels at once at the beginning. Since I’ve never worried about anything like that, I obviously don’t know.

‘How condescending…’

The demon king was completely useless in that aspect.

‘I should try a bit more.’

He tried creating astral energy a few more times, but the aura kept melting down, unable to maintain its form—just like before.

‘I guess I can’t do it right now.’

Raon licked his lips in regret.

‘I shouldn’t try too hard, then.’

In fact, he was already growing at a rate that couldn’t be called human. If he just kept doing his best at training like he had so far, he should be able to advance before he knew it.

“I’ll continue just as I always have… Hmm?”

As he fixed his grip and was about to practice his swordsmanship, the Perception of the Snow Flower, which had leveled up recently, managed to detect someone’s presence. It was from above the tree behind him.

“Please come out.”

Since it was a familiar presence, he bobbed his hand towards the person at the top of the tree.

“I know you are there.”

“Damn it.”

A purple-haired woman jumped down, grumbling. The person, with narrow eyes and a small body, was the Heavenly Blade leader, Sheryl. She had a noticeable sword on her back.

“How did you notice me?”

“You lost your breath for an instant.”

“Of course, I would! I witnessed something ridiculous.”

Sheryl walked up to Raon with a frown, standing in front of him. Her eyes were trembling slightly in bewilderment.

“Do you have anything to tell me?”

He thought he wouldn’t need to see her ever again, but he ended up encountering her already.

“How’s your body?”

“I’ve almost recovered.”

“That should be fine, then.”

Sheryl examined Raon’s body from the top to bottom, as if she were trying to confirm his condition, before extending her hand.

“Take care of a matter with me.”


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