The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman



The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman

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Chapter 370

Raon’s lips curved downwards slightly as he met Adis’s dry and serious gaze.

‘Was this his purpose?’

The situation was the complete opposite of Wrath’s expectation. Adis wasn’t angry at him, he was trying to support him even further.

However, it didn’t look like he was trying to help him unconditionally.

“What do you mean by investing in me?”

“It means what it is. I’m ready to spend money on whatever Raon Zieghart desires.”

Adis responded without any hesitation. He seemed to have prepared the response.

But why?! You should invest in something else! This guy drinks money like a hippo!

‘Shut up.’

Raon smacked Wrath away like a fly and looked at Adis.

“Can I ask the reason?”

“It’s only natural for a merchant to voluntarily invest in the upcoming strongest in the continent.”

“That doesn’t seem to be the only reason.”

If Adis only cared about his might, he should’ve welcomed Raon from the beginning—but he hadn’t exactly tried to be friendly with him.

There must’ve been another reason behind his decision.

“You are really different for your age. Indeed, I do have another reason.”

“What is—?”

“Because you are capable of changing people.”

“Did you say change?”

“Yes. There are many powerful people on the continent, not to mention geniuses. The wealthy are even more abundant. There are so many people who are great in their fields that anyone would know their names, but few are capable of naturally changing the others.”

Adis tapped on the table as he continued, a habit of his.

“Dorian became a man capable of succeeding the company just from following you, and even the Sword of the Fallen Flower, with such a sarcastic name, managed to rise once again. That’s not something that just anyone can achieve.”

“I did help Dorian’s growth on purpose, but the case with the Saber of Fallen Flower was nothing but a coincidence.”

“And no one else managed to achieve that coincidence in dozens of years.”

Mark Goetten became a Master at a young age and was considered as a rising star that would shine upon the Warner Kingdom. However, he was devoured by himself and ended up as a mercenary under the shameful name of Saber of the Fallen Flower.

Many people still wanted to get him on their side because he was still a Master even though he couldn’t improve himself, but no one managed to open his heart.

‘However… The man in front of me is different.’

All Raon had done was to honestly swing his sword without any intention of enlightening or obtaining the heart of the Saber of the Fallen Flower, yet he managed to touch the heart and soul of a loser who hadn’t even been able to face his wall in a long time.

It was an impossible feat to achieve, even if someone knew how to do it. It was only possible for those with a whole different quality than might and talent.

“An appropriate action is required to move someone’s heart. And you are capable of such a feat for someone else, on top of yourself. That’s why I’d like to invest in you.”

“I see…”

Raon heavily nodded.

‘What a frightening person. He wasn’t planning to invest in me because of my might or because I raised Dorian.’

Sephia’s president, Adis, was trying to invest in Raon because he managed to understand what kind of person he was.

“I have a question.”

Adis suddenly stopped tapping on the table.

“I’m listening.”

“Do you have any intention to become Zieghart’s head of house?”

Raon was at a loss for words even though it was a simple question.

‘Head of house…’

He’d been thinking about it for a while and was asked about it multiple times, but his answer had always been that he had no intention of becoming one.

‘Because it wasn’t my objective.’

He’d decided that the most important objective for his second life was to reveal Derus Robert’s identity and completely destroy him.

Even if he had to die one more time, it was the one thing he had to achieve beforehand.

‘Becoming the head of house will make it easier.’

Antagonizing Derus as the head of house could be an easier way to achieve his objective.

‘However… A tremendous number of people are bound to perish.’

If it turned into a war between two houses instead of two individuals, countless innocent people were bound to die.

He didn’t want to become as cruel as Derus in his quest for revenge against him. He’d rather have a difficult and lonely fight if it would cause unnecessary sacrifices.

‘And it’s meaningless for my second objective as well.’

He could restore Sylvia’s status as a member of the direct line after becoming the head of house, but if he managed to gain enough achievements to become the head of house, he would’ve managed to restore her status long before then.

In conclusion, it was unnecessary for his second objective as well.

‘Becoming the head of house isn’t my goal. However…’

He must’ve grown attached to the house called Zieghart, because he wanted to be with the people from the house and had the desire to make it bigger and increase its prestige.

‘I don’t even know what I want.’

He wanted to become the head of house but not at the same time. That was why he couldn’t give Adis a definitive answer.

‘He will probably cancel his proposal to help me.’

Adis was a merchant. He was bound to expect a return from his helping hand.

However, the return was only going to happen after Raon became the head of house, so he could be expected to cancel his proposal once he heard the answer.

‘But I’ll feel better by telling him the truth.’

Adis was the father of his companion and the president of a large company who couldn’t be easily read. It was meaningless to half-heartedly lie to him.


Wrath furrowed his brow at Raon.

Your personality is incomprehensible. You were literally a thug yesterday, and you sound like a sage today. In the end, you are just a madman.

‘I don’t even know myself.’

Raon sighed deeply and raised his gaze to look at Adis.

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

“Indeed. It’s not about whether I can become the head of house or not. It’s because I don’t know yet what I can achieve by becoming the head of house. That’s why I can’t answer that question about becoming the head.”


Adis grumbled and furrowed his brow.

“I don’t understand. You should be well aware that an indecisive answer isn’t a good choice, so why did you decide to say that? Isn’t it better to tell me you will become the head of house, even if it is a lie?”

“Indeed, that would’ve been the better choice.”

Raon nodded with a faint smile on his face.

“However, I remembered what you told me, president, when I was about to lie.”

“What is it…?”

“It’s better to bring a stolen good to the client rather than presenting a faulty product.”

Raon told him what he’d said to Jeser in the training ground, and Adis’s lips parted.

“I’m not a merchant, but I’m pretty much a product in this situation. I didn’t want to trade with you using a product covered in lies.”


Adis stopped tapping on the table. His shoulders trembled, and a wide smile appeared on his face.


Adis let himself loose from his usual cold and adamant attitude and laughed loudly.

“I can finally understand it. I see, that was why.”

He stared at Raon with an entertained gaze. His caring eyes looked similar to Dorian’s, unlike before.

“I must’ve told you in the beginning that I’m confident in my discernment.”


“And my discernment must’ve gotten old.”


“I didn’t expect the man called Raon Zieghart to have this much caliber.”

Adis smiled gently. It somehow looked like it was his true expression.

“You told me before to speak more casually to you since I’m the father of your companion. Is that still valid?”

“Yes, it is.”

“I accept.”

His smile deepened and he leaned his back in his chair.

“I’m even more certain now after hearing your answer. The Sephia company will invest in Raon Zieghart.”

Adis extended his hand. He looked like a load was taken off his mind.

“We will follow you no matter which path you decide to take. Tell me anything you want.”


Wrath suddenly jolted, even though he’d been quietly watching.

That was the one thing you shouldn’t have said! You idiot!

‘Stay out of my view.’

Raon smacked the trembling cotton candy away with the back of his hand and leaned forward.

“What I want right now is the expansion of Zieghart.”


“Yes. Zieghart is the most closed faction among the Six Kings because we are located at the northern corner.”

Adis nodded in agreement.

“And it’s all because of our location. That’s why I’d like to increase the infrastructure and road network from there.”

Raon had been thinking about it for a while. Manpower, roads, and money were all necessary to develop Zieghart, and a huge company’s help was required to achieve it.

“I understand what you mean.”

As expected of a president, Adis seemed to have already understood his meaning.

“It will require a large amount of money, time, and manpower.”

“However, the return will be even bigger than that. Our head of house never fails to reward a merit, nor let a fault go unpunished. Many people are currently trying to ally themselves with Zieghart, but none of them has been decided yet.”

“In that case, we shall make the first move.”

He nodded, saying that he would quickly devise a plan.

“And the next up is for the Light Wind squad…”


Adis’s eyes expanded twice the size upon hearing that there was a next.

“But you said I could say anything I wanted.”

“I-I did, but I didn’t think you would have more requests….”

Adis finally realized the bad turn of events, and his lips started to tremble.

“I have a lot more left.”

Raon raised his chin slightly and smiled cheerfully.

“I’m only getting started, so please listen to me carefully.”

It didn’t take a long time before Adis regretted his decision.


* * *


Reaper Scans

[Translator – Kyangi]

[Proofreader – Harley]

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* * *


Zieghart’s Audience Chamber

The place felt as detached as the North Grave Mountain’s peak with a cold atmosphere storming all around, and a bunch of small and cute children entered at once. They were fidgeting their fingers while looking around the audience chamber with bewildered looks in their eyes.


Glenn Zieghart fiercely glared at the Ragged Saint, Federick, who was standing in front of the awkward children.

“Who are these children?”

“I already told Rimmer about them. Did you not hear about it?”

“I did, but he never mentioned that there were this many of them.”

“I also told him the number.”

Federick pointed at Rimmer, who was grinning at the children.



Rimmer’s shoulders flinched upon hearing Glenn’s sharp voice.

“I-I forgot.”

Rimmer laughed awkwardly and scratched the back of his head.


Glenn shot a deadly glare at Rimmer, and a bone-chilling atmosphere filled the audience chamber.



“Wh-why is it so cold all of a sudden?”

The children started to tremble even though they were wearing thick fur coats.

“Glenn, we have children with us.”


Glenn frowned and removed all of his pressure. The warmth appeared inside the audience chamber instead, implying that he must’ve unleashed the heat to create a warm wind.

“Wow, that was so mean! He just spread his pressure with kids around!”

Rimmer quickly went next to Roenn and started to talk shit about Glenn.


Roenn was smiling gently at the cuteness of the children with his hands clasped behind his back.

“Misleading him about the number isn’t even a big deal. His personality is so weird, trying to kill people for a small mistake like that.”


Rimmer kept talking shit about Glenn even though Roenn wasn’t responding.


Glenn grumbled and looked at the children instead.

“So these children were brainwashed.”


Federick nodded while looking back at the children, whose eyes were trembling in fear.

Glenn examined them one by one. Even though they were at an age where they should still be protected by adults, the area under their eyes had turned black. They looked like adults who were tired of life rather than cheerful children.

“Why did you bring them here?”

“Because it’s possible to remove the remaining brainwashing and the bad memories they have by using the cold atmosphere in this area.”


Glenn unleashed his aura perception to further examine the children. The limping energy inside them and the severe damage to their mana circuits seemed to have been caused by the brainwashing.

“Can you heal them?”

“I can heal these children.”

Federick smiled awkwardly along with an ambiguous answer.


“Don’t tell me you are planning to reject those children who came all the way to this cold land.”

When Glenn was about to nod at Federick, Rimmer’s voice could be heard.

“It’s not like we have no bread to feed them. After all, Raon is earning a lot of money for us with his great work.”


“He can’t possibly make that decision as a human being, don’t you agree?”


“Stop saying ‘huhuhu’ and agree with me! I'm the only one getting screwed now!”

Rimmer barked, but Roenn didn’t change from his gentle laughter.

“I’ll accept them.”

Glenn nodded at Federick.

“Send them to the mansion near the annex building.”

The warmest place inside Zieghart was the annex building where Sylvia was dwelling. He figured having them stay close to the annex building was the best decision for their recovery.

“Thank you. I knew I could count on my friend.”

Federick bowed at him with a smile and opened the audience chamber’s door.

“Let’s go.”

The children left the audience chamber one after the other.


Glenn called Federick to stop him when he was about to leave with the children.

“Did you tell Raon to smile in front of me?”

“Ah, yes, I did. How was it? Did you like it?”

Federick turned around with a grin on his face.


Glenn bit his lip tightly without any response. The corners of his lips were vibrating like a leaf in the wind.

“Kuhahaha! I knew it.”

Federick laughed in delight and left the audience chamber after telling him that he’d come back in the evening for a drink.

“Roenn, prepare enough side dishes. Pick that beggar’s favorite ones.”


Roenn smiled gently and nodded.



Glenn moved his finger, and Rimmer’s body suddenly floated in the air when he was trying to leave after Federick.


Roenn didn’t miss the opportunity and closed the audience chamber’s door.

“S-Sir Roenn?”


“S-Stop laughing, why did you close the door just now?!”

“I told him to do it.”

Rimmer turned around upon hearing the frightening voice. Glenn had stood up from his throne and snapped his fingers.


Crimson lightning spread throughout the space like a spiderweb and filled the entire ceiling in no time.


Rimmer’s chin trembled as he witnessed the crimson lightning pouring down upon him.

“A-again? Aaaaaaack!”

Roenn’s laughter wavered throughout the space alongside the falling lightning.



* * *


Even though Raon managed to obtain everything he wanted, he didn’t leave the Sephia company for two weeks.

He was standing at the peak of the rocky mountain. He stared at the countless stars in the night sky for a while before he lowered his gaze.


Mark Goetten screamed while climbing on the rocks. His slow speed made it difficult to believe that he was a Master, but he was steadily advancing step by step towards the peak.


Dorian was floundering next to Mark Geotten with his tongue stuck out from his mouth like a dog. His eyes had already lost focus, but his speed wasn’t too bad because his strength had always been his strong point.

‘They are both pretty decent now.’

They were forced to rock climb with their physical strength alone because Raon had completely blocked their mana circuits, and they were climbing faster and more easily than before after two weeks of training. It was thanks to their physical improvement.

It was already the seventh time that they were climbing that day, and they were a lot faster than the very first time they climbed.

They are sloppy guys with no talent, but they are definitely taking a step forward.

Wrath’s lips curved into a slight smile as he said that they weren’t doing too badly.

This isn’t too bad.

‘Indeed, they are getting better and better.’

Dorian was also growing, but Mark Goetten had the most drastic change. He was recovering his ruined body by rock climbing all day long instead of doing a fixed number of round trips.

“I should help them.”

Raon smiled faintly and gently rubbed a boulder at the peak.

Don’t tell me…

‘You guessed right.’

Raon grinned and smacked the boulder with his fist.


The boulder shattered in pieces even more violently than expected because of the title King of Destruction, and the rubble started falling towards Dorian and Mark Goetten.



Mark Goetten and Dorian ducked while screaming. They were both busily moving around in order to dodge the falling stones after seeing them. Their eyes were brimming with their determination to survive.

“They are dodging pretty well.”

Raon dropped the rocks where Mark Goetten and Dorian were trying to escape to force them to keep thinking about the next move.

‘This is fun. I should play it with the Light Wind squad once I return.’

Dropping the stones while they were rock climbing allowed them to raise their sight, predictive ability, and even agility on top. It was truly the best training method.

Best training method? Bullshit! Just send them to hell already!


* * *


Because of Raon’s continued sabotage, Dorian and Mark Goetten only managed to reach the peak when the moon reached the center of the sky.

“Hiee, hieeeh!”


Dorian was drooling from his mouth while lying flat on the ground, and Mark Goetten sank to his knees and gasped for breath.

“Good job.”

Raon smiled at Mark Goetten, who still hadn’t collapsed despite his exhaustion.

‘He’s really changed.’

According to the rumors about Mark Goetten as the Saber of the Fallen Flower, he should’ve already given up on the training within a single day. He had never been a patient person, and his personality must’ve gotten even worse while he worked as a mercenary.

However, Mark Goetten hadn’t skipped his training a single time for the two weeks he’d been doing it, climbing the rocky mountain from morning to night.

Because he’d been devoting all of his energy to it, his body had completely changed—to the point that he looked like a different person.

The extra fat he’d gained from liquor and side dishes was gone, and the solid muscles replacing it made him look like a proper warrior.

His change is the expression of his determination.

‘It feels like he is holding onto his last rope.’

Mark Goetten was committing his body and soul to grasp the new opportunity presented in front of him.

Raon could tell because he’d been watching him for the past two weeks, just like the president Adis had said. Mark Goetten was serious about wanting to be his follower.


He was hesitant for one reason.

Raon walked up to Mark Goetten, who was standing on his knees.

“Mark Goetten.”


It felt like the entire mountain trembled from Mark Goetten’s loud and clear response, even though he was still gasping for breath.

“You said you would become my follower, right? Do you still think the same?”

“I do!”

“Even if I can’t raise your realm?”

The reason why Mark Goetten couldn’t increase his realm wasn’t simply because of the martial arts and aura he’d learned.

It was probably a psychological issue. He could potentially climb if he trained like the Light Wind squad, but it wasn’t certain that he would. That was why Raon wanted to make sure to get his response before he continued.


Mark Goetten closed his trembling eyes instead of giving the immediate response that he’d been giving.

He opened his eyes again a moment later, and his eyes became as calm as when he was training.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m satisfied with getting to dream once again. It’s true that I’m looking forward to it, but I don’t think I will despair like before even if I hit the wall once again.”

The wall of the realm.

That wall looked easy the first time he saw it, was irritating five years later, and made him despair ten years later. He hadn’t faced that wall since because of his fear.

He’d been hardening his resolution while waiting for Raon for a month and trained his body for two weeks by climbing the mountain. He had the feeling he wouldn’t be afraid of seeing the wall once again, not anymore.

Raon nodded while looking into Mark Goetten’s clear eyes.

‘He’s definitely changed.’

The mercenary Mark Goetten who despaired from his ability had turned into the knight Mark Goetten after finding a small glimmer of hope.


“Huh? Yes!”

Dorian stood up while panting.

“What did you think about him?”

Since Dorian was the one who’d been watching Mark Goetten from nearby for the past two weeks, it was important to ask for his opinion.


Dorian smiled cheerfully while looking at Mark Goetten.

“He’s a good mister. He even taught me a trick, and more importantly, he’s a hard worker. I think it will be a good idea to bring him with us.”

He added that he could see that he was really doing his best as he watched from below.

“I see.”

Raon nodded. Raon had been watching him from above instead, and he agreed that Mark Goetten had always been going all out.

‘I’ll bring him with me.’

But what if he quickly ends up giving up?

When Raon finally made up his mind, Wrath suddenly interrupted.

‘I can just shove his resolution back into him if that happens.’


‘I’ll bring him back to his senses whenever he gives up.’


‘With my fist, or my sword will also work. A beating can always solve that issue—at least, according to the saying.’

Who the hell even said that stupid shit?!

‘I did.’


Wrath’s jaw dropped, and Raon ignored him while extending his hand towards Mark Goetten.

“Come with us.”


Mark Goetten stared blankly at Raon’s hand for a while before he tried to rub the dirt off his hand on his pants.

“It’s worth holding your hand because it is dirty.”

“Th-thank you.”

Raon held his dirty hand and Mark Goetten lowered his head while biting his lip.

“Congratulations! You are also part of the Light Wi—”


Dorian started walking up to Mark Goetten, and Raon stopped him.

“You had room to look at how he was doing from below. I can understand it as it was too easy for you, right?”

“What? N-not at all! Definitely not! It was because you asked me to observe him, vice squad leader…”

“I got it. I’ll remember it when I make the next training schedule.”

“Y-you devil! He’s a real devil!”

Raon chuckled, while watching Dorian fall on his knees and slam the ground.

‘It’s time for us to return.’

Since he managed to obtain everything he could possibly get, it was time to return to the house.

He was worried that Rimmer might have caused issues in the meantime, and whether the other members were training as they should.

“Let’s retu—”

Raon was waving at Mark Goetten and Dorian when messages appeared in front of his eyes.


[The Blade of Requiem has finished absorbing the mana of darkness.]


[A new trait has been created.]


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