The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman



The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman

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Chapter 384

The white spear, which looked like it was thrown by a war god, clashed against the flame dragon’s breath.

White and Red. The two astral energies with distinct colors were rushing toward their opponent’s souls.


Because a tremendous amount of energy was focused at the center of the battlefield, the land started to collapse.

Even though the urban training ground was being destroyed, Raon and Trevin didn’t withdraw from the battle.


Raon clenched Heavenly Drive as he witnessed the waves of astral energy crushing each other.

‘This won’t be enough.’

Because Trevin had poured his heart and soul into that attack, it wasn’t easily defeated. He needed to take one more step in order to achieve victory.


Raon lowered his center of gravity in preparation for the next technique, and the Steel Penetration Sword’s special technique and the Flame Dragon Art exploded at the same time to create a huge shockwave.

The astral storm was starting to subside but surged even higher.

‘This is my chance!’

Raon kicked the crumbling land. He increased the Ring of Fire and the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s outputs to the maximum as he charged into the storming astral energy.


His shoulder and waist were scratched by the astral energy and blood gushed from them, but Raon kept running without paying any attention.

‘I’ll finish this off… Huh?’

A white flash was unleashed from the opposite side. It was Trevin’s doing. He was also running towards them through the astral storm.

“I predicted your dash!”

Trevin smiled coldly and thrust his sword. It was one of the Steel Penetration Sword’s techniques that he’d already seen, but it was even faster and sharper than before.

‘Did he also become stronger?’

It looked like Trevin had also achieved growth throughout the battle.

“This is rather frightening.”

Raon laughed and unleashed the Fangs of Insanity’s principles that he’d prepared. The savage beast that had been hiding behind the darkness to look for an opportunity finally revealed its sharp fangs.


Heavenly Drive and Trevin’s sword entangled with each other like a snake and a vine before getting pushed to the sides.


Raon shook his wrist to reduce the impact. He kicked the crumbling ground with his right foot to dash towards Trevin.


Trevin kept thrusting his sword while being pushed back. It was difficult to tell whether his willpower stemmed from his obsession with victory or because he didn’t want to end the fight.


Raon dodged Trevin’s sword, which was targeting his right arm with a paper-thin difference, before using Heavenly Drive to slash downwards from where he’d pulled it to the right.


Trevin recovered his sword and managed to block it despite being late, but he couldn’t stop the laceration on his shoulder and chest.


He gained distance by rolling on the ground before he raised his head. His eyes were still undefeated even though he had various injuries, and his aura was almost exhausted.

“Not yet.”

Trevin stood back up, faltering as he raised his sword. His legs and waist were trembling, but it was interesting that his sword wasn’t wavering at all.

“My sword wasn’t defeated yet.”

He pointed his sword. Even though his aura and stamina were clearly exhausted, a chill ran down Raon’s spine. He had the feeling that it was the most dangerous moment so far.

That man.

Wrath jumped onto the bracelet and licked his lips.

He has shabby skills, but he’s rather decent for a human.


Raon gave a big nod.

‘Might, willpower, and mindset. He isn’t lacking in any aspect.’

Trevin did his best in the given situation, without insulting his opponent or resorting to any underhanded tactics.

Raon couldn’t believe that a warrior like him was a member of the direct line like Karoon.

Ask him what kind of food he can cook. The King of Essence shall make him his subordinate depending on his answer. Of course, he will need to show him how he cooks…

‘Go away please.’

Raon smacked Wrath away as he kept murmuring that he’d like him to bake some pies and raised Heavenly Drive.

“This shall be the last.”


Trevin nodded and looked at the tip of his sword.

“The technique I’m about to use is the basic of the Steel Penetration Sword, Single Pierce of Sharpness.”

“I’ll be using a technique called Twilight of Insanity from the Fangs of Insanity.”

Raon nodded and faced Trevin. As they pointed their swords at each other, a pebble fell from the storming astral energy.


As soon as the pebble hit the ground, Raon and Trevin thrust their swords at each other.


They were coincidentally both using stabs. The blades advanced like a ray of light towards the opponent’s shoulders.


The extremely thin extremities of the blades clashed against each other.


The contest of power was equal at first but gradually turned to Raon’s advantage. It wasn’t because of his aura or strength, it was a result of the difference in proficiency with a sword.


In the end, Heavenly Drive destroyed Trevin’s sword and pierced his shoulder.


Trevin groaned and fell to his knees. He raised his head. He was smiling even though his body was trembling from exhaustion, seemingly satisfied with the battle.

“Your sword was faster and sharper than mine.”

He honestly admitted his defeat without any regret. Despite his cold appearance, he was an honorable and truthful warrior.


Raon bit his lip while lowering Heavenly Drive.

‘I can’t do it.’

He was originally planning to forfeit right before the victory to ruin Rimmer’s gamble while still earning a high score for the trial.

However, he would be trampling on Trevin’s heart after their clash of swords and hearts, and he couldn’t bring himself to raise his hand.

‘Yeah, I shouldn’t make fun of a person like him.’

Since it was a rare encounter with a nice warrior, he didn’t want to turn him into a laughingstock.

Moreover, it would’ve been foolish to act like Rimmer just to screw him up.

Raon turned. The Light Wind swordsmen who were staying far away from the fight were nodding at him with consent.

That’s the correct thing to do.

Wrath snorted and nodded.

Even the demons don’t make fun of serious opponents like him.

He often made it sound like demons were nicer than humans.

That’s why you need to make sure to mess Shitty Ears up.

‘Indeed. I’ll take his money and pluck his ears off.’

Raon nodded while chuckling.


Trevin raised his hand with a refreshing smile on his face.

“I lost.”

As soon as he admitted his defeat, Harrison cleared his throat.

“The Warring Steel division leader, Trevin Zieghart has been incapacitated!”

“The Light Wind squad emerges victorious in the urban battle!”

Harrison’s declaration echoed throughout the area, and the Light Wind squad raised their hands.


“We won!”

“We defeated the Warring Steel division!”

“Light Wind squad! Light Wind squad! Light Wind squad!”

“Mad Dog! Mad Dog! Mad Dog!”

The Light Wind squad and the spectators surrounding the battlefield were shouting together.

“Let’s stand up.”


Raon extended his hand to Trevin, who was sitting on the ground. He took his hand and stood up.

“I thought I was thoroughly prepared, but I never knew that you would grow even beyond my expectations. I’ll add an extra level to my prediction next time we fight each other.”

Trevin chuckled at Raon.

“Next time? Are we fighting again?”

“I can’t stand losing. I learned my lesson thanks to you, so I’d like to have a rematch.”

“Your personality feels different from before.”

“It’s all thanks to you.”

He smiled, saying that he was going to try and fix his careful personality.

“I’m aware it won’t be easy to fix this personality I have, but I’d like to have a spar with you from time to time.”

Trevin extended his hand to Raon this time.

“Of course.”

Raon took his hand with a smile. The spectators’ cheers resounded over their handshake.


* * *


Reaper Scans

[Translator – Kyangi]

[Proofreader – Harley]

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* * *


Glenn exclaimed while watching Raon and Trevin’s handshake.

He even started clapping his hands and nodded in satisfaction.

“President, you said that before, didn’t you?”

“What? Which one…?”

Adis was smiling while watching Dorian’s bruised face and briskly turned his head upon hearing the question.

“About how Raon has a talent for changing people.”

“Ah! Indeed!”

“I think I’ve just witnessed that aspect of him.”

Glenn was watching Raon with a gentle smile on his face, one that looked like it would melt at just a touch.

“Trevin was originally a careful child who quickly gave up in difficult situations. However, he seems to have changed from the battle against Raon.”

“So, I wasn’t mistaken after all.”

Adis smiled, saying that he was confident in discerning people’s qualities at least.


Glenn turned around and called for Roenn.

“Did you write down everything Raon said just now?”

“Of course. I wrote it down on the second page of Raon’s gospel.”

Roenn took a booklet from his clothes and shook it towards him. The white color gave off an almost holy impression.

“Nice. Since the match is over, let’s… hmm?”

Glenn narrowed his eyes while watching a tall man getting his money from the gambler.

“No, I still have some business left here.”

Crimson lightning burst from his grasp.

“That man needs to be killed.”



* * *



Martha gasped while looking at Raon.

“You really became strong enough to defeat a highest-level Master.”

Raon had returned even stronger than during the matches in the Owen Kingdom.

It was an absurd amount of growth in the short time he was gone. He almost looked like a monster instead of a human being.

“I can only describe it as crazy.”

Burren blankly shook his head.

‘I already resolved that I wouldn’t be disturbed by his rate of growth, but this is still shocking. I can’t tell how far he is going to reach.’

Defeating a highest-level Master at twenty years of age must’ve been an extremely rare occurrence even in the long history of the continent.

He couldn’t tell if it was a blessing or a curse that a monster like him was living in the same era as him—right next to him, at that.

“Can I sleep now?”

Runaan was nodding off while rubbing her eyes. She looked like she thought that sleep was more important than the joy of victory.

“Did you hear them?”

While the three of them were talking, the first vice division leader of the Warring Steel division, Caman, walked up to them.

“Your vice squad leader and our division leader want to spar against each other in the future frequently.”

He narrowed his eyes and shoved his face onto Burren, Martha, and Runaan.

“I won’t lose to you next time.”

“We are going to win again!”

“I’ll defeat you on my own next time.”

Burren nodded while clenching his fist, and Martha smiled confidently.


Runaan tilted her head. She looked like she couldn’t recognize Caman because his face was swollen.


“Hey guys!”

Caman ground his teeth because it hurt his feelings, and Rimmer appeared among the spectators.

“Good job, everyone! I believed in you all along!”


Rimmer danced cheerfully but the Light Wind squad didn’t react.

“I realized once again that it was the correct move to retire from the battlefield and leave the rest to you. Everyone looks like they’ve grown even further.”


“Why is no one responding? I did it for your sake…”

“We have nothing to say to a squad leader who abandoned his squad.”

Raon walked up towards Rimmer with a cold expression on his face.

“I-I didn’t abandon the squad. I forfeited on purpose to make you stronger! Look! We’ve got great results!”

Rimmer smiled awkwardly and rolled his eyes like a goldfish.

“You must’ve done it for your money. I bet you got a nice amount because the ratio was increased to seven times.”

“What do you mean?! I didn’t even go close to the gambling area today!”

He frantically shook his hand in denial.

“There’s no way a dung fly would ignore dung.”

Raon snorted at Rimmer.


Rimmer swallowed nervously and stepped back.

“You have no proof! I really—”

“I have the proof.”

A majestic voice could be heard from the sky. Raon raised his head and saw Glenn stepping on the air like it was a set of stairs, descending towards them.

“M-my lord?”

Rimmer’s chin was trembling in fear. He must’ve known that Glenn was around, but his participation must’ve been unexpected to him.


Glenn snapped his fingers, and Roenn suddenly appeared to put a woolen hat on Rimmer’s head and attached a mustache. Everything was done in a blink of an eye.

“H-he’s the guy who bet money on the Light Wind squad! Moreover, he bet the highest amount!”

An old man who was missing a few teeth shouted. He was the one who was managing the gamble from the hill.

“Wa-wait, which means…”

“That bastard did it again!”

“Did he play another trick?!”

“I’m going to cut his wrist!”

Rimmer hurriedly took off the hat and removed the mustache, but it was already too late. The people who were gambling were staring at him with deadly glares.

“I overlooked the gambling because it can be a good stress reliever, but I can’t overlook it when you rig the match right in front of my eyes.”


Rimmer shrunk like a mouse facing a cat upon hearing Glenn’s emotionless voice.

“I don’t want to sully the Light Wind squad and the Warring Steel division’s best efforts with rigged gambling. The gambling today will be nullified, and…”

Roenn came to Glenn and gave him a subspace pocket. It was the pocket that Rimmer was keeping in his clothes.

“Since the Light Wind squad leader tried to rig the match, his money will be confiscated and placed in the house’s treasury, and the Light Wind squad leader will have reduced wages for six months.”

“Ah, please wait! That’s an excessive punishment…”

“I’m not done talking yet.”

Glenn lowered his hand. Crimson lightning sparked from the cloudless sky.


The lightning fell without any sign and struck Rimmer’s head.

It didn’t only happen once. The lightning struck three times total, crushing Rimmer’s body.


Rimmer twisted his body like a roasted squid and screamed, engulfed by the crimson lightning.


Gray steam was coming out of his open mouth. He looked like he had lost consciousness.

“Are you dead?”

Everyone was surprised by Glenn’s dignity and was unable to move, but Runaan brought a branch from somewhere and started poking Rimmer’s cheek.

Rimmer twitched like a fish outside the water, and the white branch was smeared with black ash.

Tap tap.

Glenn casually shook the dust off his hands and stepped on Rimmer’s back to walk toward Raon and Trevin.

“Warring Steel division leader.”

“Ah, yes!”

Trevin straightened his back and raised his chin.

“Being careful is a huge advantage, but it can become a drawback and make you miss an important opportunity. A bold decision can sometimes bring a better result.”


“You shall look for the right compromise.”

“Thank you!”

Trevin nodded, his face turning red upon hearing Glenn’s advice. He seemed even more impressed because he had realized it himself.

“Light Wind vice squad leader.”


Raon bowed at Glenn.

“Did you know about the Warring Steel division leader’s personality?”

“Since we didn’t have enough time to prepare, I started by investigating the opponents.”

“You didn’t have enough time to prepare? What do you mean by that?”

“Ra-Raon! Don’t say i—Kuaah!”

Glenn dropped a small lightning bolt to shut Rimmer’s mouth.

“Actually, we heard about this battle yesterday.”

Raon told him about how they learned about the trial too late because of Rimmer. As soon as Raon finished talking, two lightning bolts slammed Rimmer’s head into the ground.


He couldn’t even scream anymore. His weak groan and the grilled scent of his flesh were the only things spreading from him.

“Are you really dead?”

Runaan was staying away from the scene, but quickly ran up to him and poked him with her branch.


Glenn sighed and looked at Raon.

“You’ve created the best results with the limited information you had in an unexpected situation. It was an excellent decision.”

His eyes turned to look at the Light Wind squad.

“I could see your courage and willpower in the battle. Light Wind squad, congratulations on passing the first trial to become a division.”

He met Raon’s eyes for the last time before he turned around. He looked like he had taken a step away, vanishing from the training ground.


“We passed the first trial!”

“We are going to be the Light Wind division soon!”

“We are finally becoming a division!”

The Light Wind squad held each other’s hands and shouted in joy.


Raon raised his hand to stop the Light Wind squad.

“It’s not over yet.”

He declared, pointing at Rimmer, who was lying on the ground.

“Oh, right. We still have that damn squad leader to deal with.”

Martha clenched her fist and bared her teeth. The madness burning from her eyes was even more intense than before.

“I won’t be stopping you today.”

Burren walked up to him with a dangerous gleam from his eyes. Warm steam was flowing from his mouth.

“I can’t stand it either! I really had a hard time!”

Dorian took off the piece of cloth that was stopping his nosebleed and snorted.

“I know, right? We are going to thoroughly trample him…”

“Krein, you stay out of this.”


Since Krein was eliminated in the early stage of the battle, he voluntarily slammed his head on the ground upon hearing Raon’s cold voice.

“He-hey guys…”


Raon pointed his finger at Rimmer, who was trying to stand up with difficulty.

“Step on him.”


“‘Die’ is a bit excessive, Martha.”


“I like that one.”

Every member of the Light Wind squad joined forces to step on Rimmer.


Rimmer was hardly trying to stand, but he was slammed back onto the fissured ground as his students trampled upon him.

“Let’s do it together.”

Raon pointed at him and Trevin nodded.

“Let’s join them!”


“That damn elf ruined everything!”

“How dare you underestimate us!”

Since the Warring Steel division was saddened by the fact that they couldn’t use the plans that they’d prepared, they gladly joined and started stepping on Rimmer.

However, there were still a lot more people who were holding grudges against Rimmer.

“You damn bastard!”

“Give my money back!”

“I worked so hard to win it!”

“It was seven times!!!”

“You are so dead to me!”

They were the gamblers who’d bet on the Light Wind squad but only ended up with their initial funds. They came running at Rimmer and started stepping on him.

In the end, Rimmer left a new record in Zieghart by getting stepped on by over two hundred people in total. Even Wrath was starting to worry about him because of how bad it was.

Isn’t he really going to get his ears pulled out at this rate?

‘He deserved it.’

Can it be reassembled?


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