The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman



The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman

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Chapter 379

“Squad leader…”

Raon scowled at Rimmer.

“What did you just say?”

“The first trial is happening tomorrow.”

Rimmer proudly raised his chin with an expression on his face that was asking for praise.


Raon pressed on his temple from the sudden headache crashing through his brain. The elf’s weirdness hadn’t changed at all from the past.

‘He’s going to live for a very long time.’

There was a saying that people would die if they suddenly changed. That was why he thought Rimmer was going to live for a very long time.

Shitty Ears is the same as before!

Wrath giggled while looking at Rimmer.

He’s not as crazy as you, but he’s a proper madman.

‘He’s worse than me.’

Bullshit! The King of Essence has never seen anyone crazier than you in his life!

He couldn’t stop laughing at the messy situation.

“Haa, squad leader…”

“What the hell?! We have no time to prepare if it’s happening tomorrow!”

“Do we have to stay up all night long?”

Burren closed his eyes while letting out a sigh, Martha’s trembling fists looked like she was about to punch him at any moment, and Runaan’s eyes became teary upon realizing that she wouldn’t be able to sleep once again.

“I knew he was going to make another mess when I saw how crazy he was for gambling.”

“Maybe he’s purposely doing that so he can bet some money against us.”

“It’s totally possible since it’s our squad leader we are talking about.”

“Uhh, I can’t believe I’m being notified about the trial the day before once again…”

The Light Wind members glared at Rimmer while raising their swords as if they were about to stab him.

“Hey, calm down.”

A hateful smile appeared on Rimmer’s face as he shook his hand like he was calming down a cow.

“Like I’ve been telling you, it’s important for Zieghart’s swordsmen to be able to respond to all situations without panicking. I didn’t forget about telling you, I was making the preparations for your growth.”


Raon exhaled his anger. Considering the fact that he specifically mentioned that he didn’t forget about it, he forgot about it.

Raon couldn’t understand how the hell that stupid elf even forgot.

“Preparation isn’t that important for a warrior. The important thing is how you’ve been training so far and how skilled you are.”

Raon controlled the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation while Rimmer was spouting some nonsense. Four in his left hand and four in his right hand. He incorporated the principles of Flawless Throw into eight throwing daggers total and fired them at Rimmer.

“That’s why you should keep training if you have time to blame m— Gasp!”

Rimmer was surprised at the soundless approach of the dagger, but immediately drew his sword and unleashed the wind.

He instantly created a glowing green sword barrier.

“That level of barrier…”

Raon smiled coldly at Rimmer’s sword barrier.

‘Will be pointless. Since this dagger throw is completely different from what you saw at the cliff.’

The eight throwing daggers gathered at the center to break through the wind barrier that Rimmer had created before scattering like dandelion seeds to rush towards his vitals all over his body. It was the Flawless Throw’s special technique, Eight Daggers of the Wind.


Rimmer hurriedly stepped back and swung his sword, but he only managed to deflect three of them because of the tremendous power of the daggers.

Smack! Smack!

The five other throwing daggers smashed against Rimmer’s body like blunt hammers.


Rimmer unleashed his aura in the end to reduce the impact, but he still didn’t manage to overcome the power of the daggers and slammed his head on the ground.


He screamed and frantically rubbed the parts where the throwing daggers hit him.

“Wh-why does this hurt so much? It feels like I was hit by a hammer instead of a throwing dagger!”

Rimmer was squirming like a turtle on the ground, and Raon raised his finger.

“Step on him.”

“I’m going first!”

“You are so dead!”

“He needs a beating!”

“This is our only opportunity to beat him up!”

“That dagger throw is equal to everyone. I get beaten up, he gets beaten up.”

Burren and Martha were the first ones to run at him, and the other Light Wind members also rushed at him to start stepping on Rimmer.

They weren’t using any aura, but they were stepping on him to the best of their abilities to vent the anger that’d been accumulated so far.


Raon waited until they finished venting their anger before walking up to Rimmer.

“Are you okay?”

“You ungrateful bastard! How could you suddenly attack your teacher in the middle of his speech? You went too far!”

Rimmer frowned while pressing on his bruised eyes.

“I only did that according to the squad leader’s teachings.”

“What? When did I teach you such a thing…?”

“You just said that ‘it’s important for Zieghart’s swordsmen to be able to respond to all situations without panicking.’ That’s why I wanted to see how the squad leader responds to my attack… but that was rather sloppy.”

Raon smiled coldly while repeating the exact same line that Rimmer had previously told them.


Rimmer was unable to respond and lowered his head because he had actually said that.

‘Ah, this feels so good.’

Once Rimmer couldn't continue his hateful speech and fell silent, it felt like a load was taken off his heart. The other Light Wind members were also stroking their chests with refreshed expressions on their faces.

“Since we don’t have much time, please tell us. What is our first trial?”


Rimmer murmured the word fight while pouting.

“You are going to fight against the Warring Steel division tomorrow.”

“Th-the Warring Steel Division?”

“But their squad leader and vice squad leader are both direct lines!”

“Why didn’t you tell us about it earlier when we have to fight such a powerful division?! What’s wrong with you?!”

The Light Wind members swallowed nervously upon hearing the name ‘Warring Steel Division’.

“And how is it done?”

“It will be a group battle in an urban area.”

“So we are going to fight the Warring Steel division in an urban area…”

Raon remembered the information about squads and divisions that Judiel had given him.

‘The Warring Steel division… Many members of the direct lines belong to that armed organization, and it recently became a division.’

The squad leader was at the highest level of Master, the two vice squad leaders were both novice Masters. Since it was old information, they could’ve gotten stronger in the meantime, but they were still a reasonable match for the Light Wind squad compared to the other divisions.

‘However…The current Light Wind squad is still not enough.’

Since the Warring Steel division managed to get promoted after claiming countless achievements over a long period of time, they were superior to the Light Wind squad in terms of might and experience.

Since the Four Clouds Elixirs weren’t completely absorbed yet, it was going to be difficult to win against them.

“C-can we win against them?”

“I-it will be difficult…”

“We didn’t even have any time to prepare.”


Starting with Dorian’s cowering voice, the Light Wind members started to tremble.

“Why are you already looking gloomy when the fight hasn't even started yet?! Straighten your backs!”

Martha frowned upon seeing the dispirited members.

“We never know who wins until we actually fight!”

“Same for ice cream, we never know how it tastes until we actually eat it!”

It was a rare occasion where Runaan even said a long sentence. She must’ve wanted to give courage to the anxious members of the squad.

“They are right.”

Raon smiled and stood next to Martha and Runaan.

“However, it’s also true that we are lacking in terms of might and experience, and didn’t even have time to prepare because of a certain person.”

He glared at Rimmer while saying that. Rimmer started whistling, pretending he wasn’t related to the matter.

Raon wanted to smash a throwing dagger into that whistling mouth of his but he barely managed to suppress his urge.

“Hey! Are you really saying that…?”


Raon cut Martha off and stared at the Light Wind squad.

“It won’t be impossible to win if we get some help.”


“What help?”

Runaan and Dorian raised their gazes.

“I’ll pull out the children who are sleeping deep inside your heart.”

Raon unsheathed Heavenly Drive as he spoke. The frightening sound of the sword draw echoed inside the swordsmen’s ears.

“Wh-why are you suddenly drawing your sword?!”

“What are you planning now?!”

“Why are you wielding a sword instead of a throwing dagger now?!”

The Light Wind members’ lips trembled as they watched the coldness emanating from Heavenly Drive.

“I just told you.”

Raon focused his energy on his sword with a cold smile on his face.

“That I’m going to pull out the children who are sleeping deep inside your heart.”

It was the last time for the Mad Dog squad to shine before becoming a division.


* * *


Reaper Scans

[Translator – Kyangi]

[Proofreader – Harley]

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* * *


While the Light Wind squad continued training on the training ground and the cliff, the Sephia company’s president, Adis Sephia, had arrived in Zieghart.

Adis Sephia knelt in front of Glenn and bowed.

“Greetings, heaven of Zieghart! I’m a small peddler of Sephia.”

“You are being too humble. Please stand up.”

He raised his head upon hearing a heavy voice that almost felt like it was crushing his bones.

With blond hair and red eyes, the northern giant looking down on him looked similar to Raon but had a whole different pressure than him. His dry eyes, which seemed to have lost all passion, were giving him goosebumps.

‘So this man is the Destructive King of the North, Glenn Zieghart.’

It was his first encounter with him, but the pressure was even more intense than the rumors. He was outstanding even among the leaders of the Six Kings that he’d seen before.

“I apologize for the delay.”

Adis placed his hands on his stomach and lowered his head.

“I know how busy you are, president. Don’t worry about it.”

Glenn shook his hand, saying that he didn’t need to apologize.

“I don’t like annoying idle chatter. Can we go straight into the topic?”

“I also prefer it that way.”

Adis gave a small nod.

“I heard you were going to install infrastructures around Zieghart and expand the road network.”

Glenn supported his chin on his fist and lowered his eyes full of vanity.

“Even though Sephia company has all kinds of merchandise as a general store, it should cost a significant amount of funds and manpower. Why did you decide to do such a thing?”

The gaze of the Destructive King of the North was piercing him from above. It felt like his body would shatter into pieces if he lied.

‘I can’t lie.’

There were two types of people in the world: those who were deceived by a lie and those who don’t. The giant in front of him was the typical example of the latter. Adis figured he needed to answer honestly.

“It’s because of the vice squad leader, Raon.”


“Indeed. I could ascertain that my investment in Zieghart would be returned multiple times in the future after personally seeing him.”


As soon as Glenn heard Raon’s name, he opened the fist that was supporting his chin to cover his mouth and loudly cleared his throat.

“…Is that so?”

“Ah, yes.”

Adis noticed that the pressure weighing on his shoulders had grown lighter and secretly straightened his back.

“What part about him made you decide to invest in Zieghart? Because of his might or talent?”

“No, it was because he knows how to move people.”

“He can move people?”

“Everyone knows that Vice Squad Leader Raon is a powerful and talented warrior. He might become the strongest in the continent one day if he keeps growing at this rate. However, I wouldn’t have invested in him if he was a self-righteous person—no matter how powerful he was.”

The purity of light sparkling from Adis’s eyes made it difficult to believe he was a merchant.

“I decided to invest in him for a deeper reason than his might alone.”

“And is it because of his personality?”

Glenn lowered his head slightly in curiosity.

“Yes. Vice Squad Leader Raon is capable of changing other people on top of himself. His casual actions create a positive influence on countless other people around him.”

Adis smiled gently, as he thought about Mark Goetten and his third daughter, Palen, who had changed thanks to Raon.

“Since I’ve personally witnessed and felt what kind of person the vice squad leader is, I’ve decided to invest in Zieghart.”

He lowered his head while honestly revealing the reason he came to Zieghart.


Glenn cleared his throat even louder than the last time, his face slightly red. It looked like his hand covering his mouth was shaking.

“So that was why. I see.”

His gentle voice was incomparable to the beginning, and a warm wind was blowing into the icy cold atmosphere of the audience chamber as if a heater was turned on.

“Sephia’s president.”

“What? Ah, yes!”

“Do you like to drink?”

“A-a little.”

“Then let’s have a drink together.”

Glenn pointed at the room on the right side of the audience chamber, asking him to follow.

“Very well!”

Adis nodded while following Glenn.

“Tell me about what happened in the company in detail while we drink.”

“Then I’ll start from when I gave them the trial…”


Glenn raised his hand to stop Adis.

“Please start from when Raon arrived in the company until he left instead.”

“B-but it will be an extremely long story…”

“It’s fine. Tell me everything without missing a single detail. Something interesting is going to happen tomorrow, so you should also watch before you leave.”

Glenn’s clenched fist looked like he was about to hit him if he refused.


Adis’s lips turned pale and started to tremble upon seeing Glenn’s red fist and cheeks.

‘Wh-what’s happening now? Is he testing me?’


* * *


It was a dark night, one where even the moon was hiding behind the black rain clouds.

Raon was standing at the center of the fifth training ground, and the Light Wind squad surrounding him had their eyes glowing red as they raised their swords.


The Light Wind swordsmen's breaths were as rough as a beast’s. They unleashed their violent bloodlust as if they had been turned into beasts and kicked the ground at the same time.

The three team leaders were the first ones to step forward.


A sharp wind emerged from Burren’s Sword, the heaviness of a mountain weighed down from Martha’s sword, and a bone-chilling coldness stormed around Runaan’s sword.

The Light Wind swordsmen ran after the team leaders, and the various trajectories from their aura blades engulfed Raon’s surroundings like a cyclone.

Raon stabbed his sword towards the dark sky. A brilliant flower capable of erasing the darkness bloomed from the tip of his blade to cover the space.


It was the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s Flame Spirit. Hundreds of flower petals of fire clashed against the Light Wind squad’s incoming attacks.


Powerful shockwaves appeared one after the other, and the Light Wind swordsmen were bounced back and slammed onto the ground.


However, the team leaders were different. Burren, Martha, and Runaan severed the Flame Spirit and kept running at Raon.


“Die already!”


Raon looked at the three team leaders, whose techniques were full of personality, and dragged Heavenly Drive from the ground to slash upwards.


The blade soared after scratching the land and unleashed crimson flame towards the team leaders’ attacks.


The rotating sphere of fire destroyed Burren, Martha, and Runaan’s strikes and created a powerful explosion.




The three team leaders were bounced back even further than the other swordsmen and slammed onto the wall.

Raon lowered the red blade of Heavenly Drive and looked around the training ground, which had turned into a complete mess.


“Damn it!”

“I won’t lose this time!”

“I’m punching his handsome face at least once even if I can’t kill him!”

The Light Wind members stood back up with their eyes glowing yellow from madness. They looked like they had completely forgotten about their previous defeat as they clenched their swords once again. They ground their teeth like mad dogs and unleashed their murderous intent.

“Damn it! How is he so strong when he’s not even using astral energy?”

Burren bit his lip and gathered all of his remaining aura.

“You bastard, cutting people is the only thing you are good at…”

“He’s also handsome because he’s damn handsome.”

“Whose side are you on?!”

“On my side.”


Burren and Runaan glared and argued with each other but still unleashed their madness and murderous intent towards Raon.


The Light Wind squad managed to completely absorb the residual of the Four Clouds Elixir from getting beaten up all day long, and their auras soaring towards the sky, creating a dreadful pressure.

It was giving a frightening sensation, as if a crazy beast were growling while baring its fangs.

…Don’t they look like they are getting crazier and crazier?

Wrath gasped while witnessing that scene.

‘It would be annoying if they didn’t. After all, that is what I was trying to achieve.’

Raon smiled in excitement while facing the Light Wind squad’s madness, which was trying to crush his body.

“The Mad Dog squad has returned.”

Are you a dogman or something…?


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