The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman



The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman

[Translator – Kyangi]

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Chapter 374

Wh-what’s going on?

Wrath floated into the air and glared at Glenn from top to bottom.

Two requests?! Why is even this icy cold geezer doing this now?! Why does everyone want to give everything away to this bastard?

He barked, saying that the entire world was in the wrong.

“My lord.”

Raon ignored Wrath and stood in front of Glenn once again.

“Are you serious about what you just said?”


Glenn nodded his chin with an arrogant posture. His long finger pointed at Sheryl, Roenn, and Rimmer, who were standing under the platform.

“Look at them. They are going to talk about it all night long if I don't give you anything, so I have no choice but to reward you.”

“But why did you say two?”

Since the golden tablet was already a huge reward, one more would’ve been enough. That’s why he couldn’t help wondering why he said two.

“Because what you’ve done is am—shut up and say what you want already!”

Glenn turned his head away and shook his hand. He seemed to be annoyed by the conversation.

“How long are you planning on keeping me awake?”

His pressure, which had become slightly warmer, returned to being ice cold and started to crush Raon’s shoulders.

You damn geezer!

Wrath ground his teeth at Glenn.

You shouldn’t give anything to begin with if you are going to be so annoyed!

He declared with teary eyes, saying that he couldn’t believe even Glenn became a doormat.

“I beg your pardon.”

“What the hell?”

Raon bowed at him, and Rimmer’s voice could be heard from behind.

“You are the one who called for him, and now you tell him that you can’t sleep? Raon, can you understand this situa—ack!”

“Shut up.”

Rimmer shrugged his shoulder, and Sheryl smacked his ribs.


Glenn had obviously heard him and furiously glared at Rimmer.


Raon’s fingers started to tremble a little because the atmosphere became even colder.

‘He wasn’t wrong, but he’s an idiot.’

What Rimmer had said was reasonable, but he shouldn’t have said that in front of the head of house. He really did so many interesting things all the time.

‘Something I want…’

He did expect to be rewarded with a golden tablet for getting the Sephia company’s assistance, but he never thought about an additional reward. He quickly racked his head to figure out what he needed the most.

“Firstly, I need a book of martial arts about dagger throws.”

“Dagger throw? Isn’t it too late to learn the dagger throw now?”

“I’m still inexperienced, but I’m currently learning it.”

“Then why do you want a book of martial arts?”

“I met the continent’s blacksmith Borgos at the Sephia company and asked him to forge some throwing daggers for me. I’d like to learn a martial art suitable for his work.”

The technique he knew about dagger throw was the one he’d been using ever since he was a shadow. Since he wouldn’t be able to use that in the future, he was planning to get a book of martial arts from Glenn and create a whole new technique from it.

“Borgos. Isn’t he the guild master of the Gray Hammer? I don’t believe you mentioned that in your report.”

Glenn bobbed his finger, urging him to tell him about it.

“In short…”

Raon told him about the trade he had with Borgos that he hadn’t previously explained.

“…I see.”

Glenn suddenly buried his back deep into his throne and nodded.

“In that case, is there a book of martial arts that you have in mind?”

“I’ll gladly accept anything that my lord recommends.”

Glenn had given him the Fangs of Insanity, which was worth even more than a golden tablet, for a silver tablet in the past. Raon decided to leave it to him, hoping that he would make the same request.

“Ahem! I’ll pick something appropriate for you.”

Glenn cleared his throat while covering his mouth and nodded.

“What is the second request?”

“I’d like to get a decent saber.”

Raon took a glance at the sword around his waist before he bowed.

“A saber? Why would you want a saber when you use a sword?”

“It’s not for me, but a weapon for my vassal.”


“I was going to mention this…”

“You are being so annoying. Tell me the story already.”

Glenn shook his hand with a dim glow from his eyes despite what he said.

“Yes. I got into trouble with Palen Sephia before the trial for succession happened, and…”

Raon briefly explained how Mark Goetten became his follower.

“…So, is this Mark Goetten your follower now?”


“You did so many things during that short time period.”

Glenn gasped in surprise.

“However, I don’t understand why you accepted him. He’s just a failure, after all.”

“I believe only success awaits him now since he’s experienced a long period of darkness from failure. The past can’t be changed, but the future can.”

Raon became certain when he saw Mark Goetten climb the mountain.

He couldn’t ascertain that his might would increase, but his mentality could definitely reach a higher stage.

“…Is that so?”

Glenn nodded. He looked bitter for some reason.

“I see.”

He snapped his fingers, and a golden dimension opened up from the thin air.


Dozens of sabers appeared from the majestic door of dimension to cover his vision. Every single one of them was good enough to be called a noted saber.

“You will pick the saber yourself.”


Raon chose a black saber that had a similar shape to Mark Goetten’s original weapon. The name ‘Black Hermit Sword’ was carved on the saber.

“I’ll take this one.”

“You just need the book on martial arts now.”

Glenn snapped his fingers for the second time, and the sabers filling the space disappeared into the dimension. Two books appeared instead.

“Take them.”

“Huh? But those are two books…”

“They make a set.”

“A set…?”

Raon examined the book he got from Glenn. The first book was named Hundred Lightning Throwing Dagger, and the second book was titled Explosive Giant Throw. They were definitely not a set since their names were far too different.

“The Hundred Lightning is focused on speed while the Explosive Giant Throw is focused on power. I’m calling them a set because you should be able to combine the two techniques to create a new one. Am I wrong?”

Glenn was suddenly speaking about 1.5 times faster. Raon hurriedly nodded because he felt like he was about to take them away from him if he said no.

“Th-they are a set indeed. Thank you.”

Since it was a good thing for him, he bowed to Glenn sincerely.


Wrath stretched his body to approach Glenn’s face.

This makes three total instead of two! This geezer is the worst of all doormats in the world!

He grabbed Glenn by his collar and violently shook him. It obviously didn’t have any influence on him, but Raon’s heart pounded from his worry.

Raon tried to maintain his composure as much as possible and walked up towards Glenn.

“My lord, there's dust around here.”

He threw Wrath away from Glenn’s collar while pretending to take off the dust.


Glenn’s glare was frightening even though Raon was well aware that he had no intention of harming him.

“You should leave now since you have received what you wanted.”

His voice was even colder as he shook his hand like he was chasing away a fly.


Raon bowed once again and descended from the platform.

“I’m also really thankful to the two of you.”

He expressed his gratitude towards Sheryl and Roenn, who’d been cheering for him and complimented him.

“We haven’t done anything special. It was all you.”

“Indeed. It is your achievement, vice squad leader.”

They smiled, telling him to go back to rest already.

“Hey! What about me?”

Rimmer pointed at himself with his finger, since he was the only person that Raon didn’t thank.

“Were you still around?”

“Wh-whaaat? You would’ve never gotten those rewards if it wasn’t for me! You can’t even repay this favor by giving me all of your money!”

Raon was just kidding, and Rimmer was right.

“Thank you for taking care of me, squad leader. See you again tomorrow.”

‘At the cliff.’

Raon smiled and bowed to Rimmer.

“Oh, yeah! Good night, Raon.”

Rimmer’s displeasure disappeared completely as he smiled cheerfully and waved his hand.

Raon left the audience chamber with one saber, two books of martial arts, and a golden tablet.

One minute after Raon left, Glenn finally leaned his back against the throne and exhaled deeply.


He smiled at Sheryl, Roenn, and Rimmer, who were standing below him.

“Did you see that?”

“Huhu, he actually managed to convince the Sephia company. A huge incident is happening every time he goes on a journey!”

“The scale is getting bigger and bigger.”

Roenn and Sheryl smiled brightly and nodded.

“That’s not what I’m saying! What I mean is that Raon managed to reach the advanced Master’s realm! I can’t even tell the limit of his abilities when he managed to reach the advanced realm so quickly!”

Glenn’s frozen eyes melted like snow in the spring.

“There must be no other child in the world who is as excellent, wise, and kind-hearted as him.”

His voice was so affectionate that he sounded like he would have embraced Raon if he had been in front of him.

“Now that I think about it, his pressure has changed.”

“I didn’t notice because the trade with the Sephia company was too outrageous.”

Roenn and Sheryl finally remembered Raon’s pressure and nodded in astonishment.

“What about that part?”

Glenn asked a similar question as the first one. The excitement in his eyes looked like it would never fade away.

“I was surprised that he actually pressured the continent’s blacksmith, Borgos, and got money out of him—and even throwing daggers.”

“Lots of people tried to hire the Saber of the Fallen Flower, but he’s the first one who actually earned his heart. He has a charisma that attracts people.”

“You are both mistaken, he’s talking about the trade with the Sephia company this time!”

Roenn, Sheryl, and Rimmer shouted about the praiseworthy parts that they assumed Glenn was talking about.

“I’m not talking about those! Did you see how Raon removed the dust from me earlier? He managed to find that dust in a split second and took it off for me! He’s so full of affection…”

Glenn smiled pleasantly. He was more satisfied by the fact that Raon had removed the dust from his clothes than anything else.



Sheryl and Roenn’s eyes widened as far as they could go because they didn’t think about that part at all.

“Haa, this is so childish, I don’t even wanna be here.”

Rimmer turned around, saying that it was exhausting.

“I’m leaving now. I need to sleep already so I can deal with that monstrous guy tomorro—huh?”

He was headed to the exit of the audience chamber when Sheryl and Roenn suddenly appeared to seize him by his arms.

“Wh-what?! What’s the problem now?”

“Our lord said earlier that he wanted to stay longer with you.”

“What are you even talking about? I haven’t done anything! Let me go!”


Roenn didn’t let him go and held his arm so tightly that Rimmer was losing circulation in them.

“Please stop laughing like that! It’s so freaking scary!”

Rimmer struggled and tried to escape, but their arms coiled around his like strong vines, and he couldn’t run away at all.


Upon hearing the noise from above, Rimmer raised his head with trembling lips.


As Glenn shook his hand, the crimson lightning turned as sharp as a blade and spread around the ceiling. Rimmer could only gasp as he heard thunder that sounded like the growl of a monster.

“Is this happening again…?”

The lightning struck him as his voice of resignation flew out of his mouth.



* * *


Reaper Scans

[Translator – Kyangi]

[Proofreader – Harley]

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* * *


At the peak of North Grave Mountain’s cliff, Dorian looked like he was in a pawn shop because he was surrounded by so many random items. He picked the relatively bigger ones among what he took out and kept throwing them down the cliff.



“Raon, you damn bastaaaard!”

A Light Wind member’s scream could be heard every single time.

“Th-this is so fun.”

It was bound to be fun because a member fell every time he threw a rock or a large object. He couldn’t suppress his smile at all.

“Next one is…”

Dorian took out a carriage’s wheel from his belly pocket with a grin on his face. It was the huge wheel from the carriage they’d used to carry the rescued villagers from the Jamari mountain range.

“Here I go!”

He threw the wheel in Krein’s direction. The wheel rolled down the cliff and smacked Krein’s head.


Krein lost his grip and fell to the ground alongside the wheel.

“Raon! You son of a bitch!”

He disappeared into the fog while insulting Raon.

“It doesn’t even feel bad because they aren’t insulting me.”

Since Raon was the only one that the Light Wind members were insulting every time they fell, Dorian wasn’t afraid to keep throwing the rocks and objects.

He even threw some old chairs and desks to make the Light Wind members fall.

He lost track of time as he relieved the stress, and the breathing sound of a person could be heard from right below him.


He hurriedly examined the cliff in surprise. Burren, Martha, and Runaan were right under his nose.

‘Wh-what?! Why are they here right now?’

He thought he’d previously made them fall, but they must’ve survived somehow and continued to climb.

‘No! They are going to kill me if they find out!’

Raon was the one who bullied the squad members, but he wasn’t there anymore. Dorian was definitely getting beaten up if he was found out.


Dorian quickly put his hand in his belly pocket and took out a huge boulder and a log that were bigger than anything else so far.

‘I’m going to die if I don’t kill them!’

He dropped the log and the boulder in the three’s direction.


The violent tremor made it feel like the entire cliff was going to collapse, and a powerful impact assaulted Burren, Runaan, and Martha—but they slammed their fists into the cliff and managed to endure.


Dorian hurriedly tried to take out the entire eight-horse carriage, when six hands emerged from the cliff. The next thing that appeared were the three pairs of frightening eyes.

The eyes rolled around like devils before they focused on Dorian.


“Was it you all along instead of Raon?”

“I’ll kill you!”

Runaan, Burren, and Martha jumped up the cliff at the same time and walked towards him. They looked like death gods holding a scythe.

“It wasn’t me! The vice squad leader and the squad leader were the ones throwing the rocks, and they ran away!”

Dorian shook his head while walking backwards in order to survive.


“They ran away?”

Runaan and Martha stopped walking and frowned.


Burren ground his teeth while looking at the equipment on top of the cliff instead of Dorian.

He picked up a funnel-shaped artifact and the flame of anger was ignited in his eyes.

“This is a voice-changing artifact! He’s been pretending Raon’s voice all along!”

“I-I just randomly took it out! It really wasn’t me…. Ack!”

“Shut up!”

Martha’s fist smacked him and Dorian was slammed to the ground.

“Step on him!”



Martha, Burren, and Runaan started to step on Dorian, and the Light Wind members who arrived later on volunteered to participate in the noble ritual.


A person’s scream resounded throughout the North Grave Mountain’s cliff, just like in the audience chamber.


* * *


Raon touched his ear while he left the main building.

“My ears are ticking. I wonder if someone is talking behind my back?”

Strangely, both of his ears were tickling ever since he left the lord’s manor.

The King of Essence is doing it!

Wrath suddenly appeared with a frown.

He’s been insulting you and those doormats who are feeding you!

‘I knew it.’

Raon chuckled and nodded.

‘You’ve been murmuring the whole time, and that was to insult me.’

He could feel a small sound and vibration from inside the ice flower bracelet, and it was because Wrath had been insulting him. He really never changed.

Are you returning to the cliff?

Wrath looked in the direction of the cliff, where the Light Wind squad and Dorian were located.


Raon licked his lips while following his gaze.

‘I should stop it for them since they need some rest.’

He was originally planning to return to the cliff and start throwing rocks again, but he became generous—probably because he received some nice rewards. He decided to go easy on them even though there was still some time left until sunrise.

‘Dorian will manage the rest.’

He expected Dorian to throw the rocks for some time before he stopped, so he guessed that everyone must’ve returned to their rooms already.

Hmm, that seems unlikely.

Wrath murmured that there was no way that would happen before he turned his head.

Are you returning to our home now?

‘Our home…’

The fact that the demon king was calling the annex building his home felt rather strange, but it wasn’t unpleasant.


Then ask Pineapple Girl to make some pizza! The King of Essence has been hungry all this time!

‘Watch the time, you glutton. Your pineapple girl is sleeping right now.’

G-glutton? How dare you, when you are just lucky!

‘And a certain demon king is the one giving me all the luck.’

Who the hell is that? Which fool did such a thing?!


Raon was walking towards the annex building while making fun of the foolish Wrath, and a dim light spread from a mansion around the annex building that had always been empty.

‘Did someone move in? Huh?’

He figured someone must’ve moved in and was about to pass by until he noticed an unmistakable presence from the mansion.

‘It looks like my mother and the maids are in there.’

Pineapple Girl is also inside!

Wrath pointed his hand and urged him to go to the mansion.

A faint smile appeared around Raon’s mouth as he examined the building.

“They must’ve arrived.”


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