The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman



The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman

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Chapter 380

Rimmer gasped as he watched the Light Wind squad charge toward Raon while baring their fangs.

“People can actually change in the matter of a day.”

He wasn’t just talking about the ferocity of a mad dog.

Raon was stimulating their mana circuits every time he beat them up to help them absorb the remaining Four Clouds Elixir in their systems.

Thanks to that, the Light Wind squad was experiencing a ridiculous phenomenon where their aura increased whenever they got beaten up, forcing them to swing their swords all day long.

“That’s not an easy task at all.”

Stimulating their mana circuits while fighting against them consumed a large amount of aura, stamina, and even willpower.

That was the reason Raon looked slightly tired, which didn’t usually happen.

“He’s too kind.”

Even though it was a difficult and annoying task, he kept doing it on his own until midnight. Such an occasion always made Rimmer realize how much Raon cared about his companions.


The Gambling Monster snorted while stepping up next to him.

“How about you help him then?”

“Can’t you see this?”

Rimmer frowned while pointing at the bruised area around his left eye. He took out an egg, rubbing it around his eye and sighing.

“I also want to help, but I’m severely injured right now.”

“I don’t see any serious injuries though. Weren’t you just watching them because you couldn’t be bothered?”

The Gambling Monster narrowed his eyes.

“Wh-what do you mean?! The physical pain is one thing, but my heart aches so much right now after getting stepped on by my subordinates! No kind of medicine can cure this!”

Rimmer briskly turned his head away and started sniffling.

“You are exaggerating.”

The Gambling Monster sighed and shook his head.

“Rather than that, aren’t you going to tell them?”

“Tell them what?”

“That they aren’t required to win the match.”

The first trial for promotion from a squad to a division was usually a match against another armed division. However, they weren’t required to win because a division was obviously stronger than a squad.

“The reason behind the match is to see how they fight against stronger forces, not because they are expected to win.”

“Indeed. They don’t need to win. But I have no intention of telling them that.”

Rimmer shook his head without hesitation.

“No way, were you planning to provoke their growth by making them try to win? I guess they should be able to win without much difficulty in their current state.”

“Huh? I wasn’t though.”

Rimmer smiled coldly while watching the Light Wind squad.

“I just wanted to make them suffer because they stepped on me.”

“…Your pettiness blows my mind.”

“I can be even worse, and I’m proud of it.”

Rimmer giggled while calling himself petty.

“Ugh, you are seriously the worst…”

The Gambling Monster groaned and stared at Rimmer with a pitying gaze.

“But it’s not going to be fun at this rate.”

Rimmer’s voice cheerfully echoed through the wind. A sly smile appeared on his face as he watched the intensifying madness of Raon and the Light Wind squad.

“It’s time for me to work as the one who preserves the balance of forces.”


* * *


The screams resounding throughout the square training ground were loud enough to shatter the heavens.

It was the Warring Steel division’s shout of concentration as they focused on training until their gray uniforms turned brown from being soaked in their sweat.

The swordsmen of the Warring Steel division were swinging their swords while maintaining the Great Black Steel sword formation, and their pressure was oppressive enough to send a chill down the spine.


The blond-haired middle-aged man standing on the platform raised his hand, and the Warring Steel’s swordsmen lowered their swords in a disciplined manner.

The man who just moved the entire Warring Steel division with a single movement of his hand was the division leader, Trevin Zieghart.

“Stop practicing the Great Black Steel sword formation. Gather with your team now and operate the Small Black Steel sword formation.”


The Warring Steel swordsmen immediately bowed to him before separating into three different teams and scattering around the training ground.

Their Small Black Steel sword formation didn’t have the majestic heaviness from before—it looked so sharp that it felt like a person’s skin was being pierced just from watching.

“First team, your aura at the center is being scattered. Make sure to precisely allocate your energy. Second team, your formation lost the balance. Raise your swords a bit higher. Third team…”

Trevin Zieghart pointed out the parts that required improvement through detailed observation and even told them how to make up for it.

Upon hearing his teachings, the sharpness of the Warring Steel swordsmen’s swings became even more intense.


The first vice division leader, Caman, sighed while looking at Trevin’s back.

“The training never ends.”

“I know, right? It should be fine to be more lenient.”

The second vice division leader, Ores, shook his head.

“I respect our division leader, but I don’t understand his cautiousness.”

“He’s a bit too careful indeed.”

“It’s because of his cautious personality that our promotion into a division was delayed so much.”

They should’ve become a division a long time ago, but their leader Trevin kept delaying it, saying that he wanted to pass the trial perfectly. In the end, they barely managed to become a division three years previously.

“I should stop him now. The members are dying.”

“Sounds like a good idea.”

The two vice division leaders briefly sighed and walked up to Trevin.

“Division leader.”

Caman stood behind Trevin with a smile.

“Shouldn’t we stop now? The members need some rest since tomorrow is the match.”

“He’s right. We don’t need to train so much when we are just dealing with the Light Wind squad.”

Ores agreed with Caman, and Trevin’s gaze turned to look at them.

“Just the Light Wind squad?”

Trevin’s serious gaze looked almost frightening.


Ores hurriedly covered his mouth, realizing that he’d misspoke.

“Did you forget that the Light Wind squad won the Six Kings Tournament? Do you really believe that they aren’t a big deal when a relatively new squad like them is already taking a promotion trial?”

“Th-that’s not what I meant…”

“Their squad leader, Rimmer, hasn’t completely recovered his abilities yet—however, he is a monster that used to be called Zieghart’s Sword of Light, and Raon Zieghart is an unprecedented genius that even the Six Kings agree about. They aren’t people that we can underestimate.”

Trevin continued, his oppressive voice weighing down upon the two vice squad leaders.

“Moreover, the Light Wind squad has been training for an entire week now without even leaving the training ground. We need to perfectly prepare ourselves to win no matter what they bring, and that’s how the Warring Steel division should be.”

“I-I beg your pardon.”

“I have no excuse.”

Ores and Caman simply admitted their mistake without giving any excuse.

“…However, letting the members rest is correct advice.”

Trevin looked up to the sky. The moon’s location suggested that it was already past midnight.

“Line up, everyone.”

He shook his hand to gather the Warring Steel swordsmen in front of the platform.

“Today’s training is over.”

“Division leader! We can keep going!”

“Since tomorrow is the match, we’d like to practice a bit more!”

“You said that the Light Wind squad hasn’t come out from the training ground for a week now!”

“We can’t lose to them!”

The Warring Steel swordsmen shouted that they wanted to keep training. They must’ve heard the conversation between Trevin and the vice squad leaders.

“It is precisely because the match is tomorrow that you need to rest your bodies and recover to your optimal condition. This isn’t a rest but another preparation for the battle.”

Trevin spoke as he pointed at the small booklets on the platform.

“The information about the Light Wind squad is written inside. You should memorize everything until tomorrow’s match.”


The Warring Steel division responded firmly and bowed to him.

Trevin narrowed his eyes while watching the Warring Steel swordsmen, who were picking up the booklets.

‘The Light Wind squad…’

He expected to win against the Light Wind squad without much difficulty in their current state.

However, the Light Wind squad had the power to overcome difficult situations. He couldn’t underestimate them at all.

‘Countless people have lost in the past because they underestimated Raon and the Light Wind squad. However, I’m not an idiot like them.’

Trevin clenched his fist while looking up to the sky.

‘I’ll thoroughly destroy them and show them the difference between a division and a squad.’


* * *


Reaper Scans

[Translator – Kyangi]

[Proofreader – Harley]

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* * *


On the day of the battle between the Light Wind squad and the Warring Steel division, Glenn and Adis Sephia stood on top of a red spire located east of North Grave Mountain.

“Is that where the match is going to happen?”

Adis pointed at the destroyed urban area under the spire.


Glenn lowered his gaze and nodded.

“That’s rather unexpected. I thought it was going to be a one-on-one match in a training ground because it was called a match.”

“This battle is a trial to promote a squad into a division. We need to examine their power as a group instead of as individuals.”

“Ah, that explains it.”

Adis finally realized Glenn’s intentions and scratched his cheek.

“I didn’t know that because I’m just an ignorant merchant.”

“That’s not true. It was because I didn’t say the details.”

Their voices had become a lot gentler after drinking together.

“Is the Light Wind squad going to become a division if they win?”

“Not exactly. There are two trials total, and they can still become a division even if they lose today’s match.”

“Even if they lose?”

“Indeed. It’s only natural for a division to be stronger than a squad. It would be strange if a squad won against a division.”

Glenn shook his head, saying that there had been almost no squads that had managed to win against a division during their promotion.

“Which means the way they deal with stronger opponents should be the decisive factor.”

“You have a fast understanding. Indeed, that is the goal of this battle. The reason why they fight in the urban area is also because we want to see how they react.”

“The trials of the Six Kings are complex indeed!”

Adis gasped in admiration.

“I believe the company is as frightening as us.”

“We only fight with words and money instead of swords.”

“But those words and money are sometimes even more frightening than swords.”

“It does happen sometimes.”

Glenn smiled faintly, and Adis shrugged his shoulders.

“I’ve made the preparations for the president to watch the battle today easily, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty figuring out the situation.”

“Thank you for your consideration. Hmm?”

Adis bowed, then pointed at the swordsmen who were entering the urban area.

“The Light Wind squad must be making their entrance.”

He put his hand inside his jacket’s inner pocket and took out a portable telescope to bring it to his eyes.


Glenn nodded and turned his gaze to look at the Light Wind squad.

“He looks slightly nervous with how he is biting his lip.”

“He definitely looks confident.”

“I wonder if he can even fight in his state.”

“He is ready to show his skills at any moment.”

“His clothes are wrinkled. He is as disorganized as always.”

“His hair is nicely pushed to the back. I like it even better.”

They probably didn’t realize the incoherence as they kept talking about whatever they had on their minds.

‘They are both interesting.’

The reason for the incoherence was simple. Glenn was only looking at Raon while Adis Sephia was only watching Dorian as they spoke, and that was why no conversation could be held between them.

‘I can understand how they grew intimate so quickly.’

He finally figured out the reason behind the warm atmosphere between them even though they only had a drink together. It was because they had a similar personality where they couldn’t frankly express their love.

‘The young master even brought my lord a friend.’

Roenn bowed slightly at Raon, who was walking towards the center of the urban area.

‘Thank you for creating such interesting scenes every tim—hmm?”

He furrowed his brow upon seeing the Light Wind swordsmen walking behind Raon.

‘Why are they all baring their teeth? They look so scary.’


* * *


Raon kept walking towards the center while observing the ruined city with traces of destruction everywhere.

‘This place was made for the training to begin with.’

The buildings and walls of the city were mobile training facilities. Raon guessed their locations could be changed so that those who trained there wouldn’t get used to the area.

‘In that case, I can just memorize them now.’

He smiled faintly and memorized the entire area that he could see. He reached the center before long as he kept walking while observing the surroundings, and he could see the swordsmen coming towards them from the other side.

‘They must be the Warring Steel division.’

Every single swordsman of the Warring Steel division looked like a sword because of their sharp pressure. There was a good reason why they managed countless achievements before and after their promotion into a division.

‘And the most noticeable one is…’

Raon looked at the blond-haired middle-aged man who was walking at the center of the Warring Steel division. His overwhelming pressure was unrivaled even among them. Raon could guess that he was the Warring Steel division’s leader, Trevin Zieghart.

They are all wimps.

Wrath simply clicked his tongue, saying that they weren’t a big deal.

Your subordinates would be intimidated, but they are just weaklings… Huh?

He turned around to look at the Light Wind squad and his jaw dropped.

They aren’t intimidated.

‘It’s because they are angry.’

Raon turned around with a smile. Every single member of the Light Wind squad was showing extreme resentment toward the Warring Steel division, which was the cause of their hellish training. They looked like they were ready to attack at any moment once the order was given.


“It was because of those guys that we had to suffer so much.”

“I’ll avenge my sleep…”

Burren, Martha, and Runaan’s pressures were especially powerful as they glared at the approaching Warring Steel division.


Wrath gasped upon witnessing the madness of the Light Wind squad.

Why are they even angry at them when you are the one who made them suffer? This is incomprehensible!

‘That’s how you control people.’

You will teach the King of Essence. He’d like to learn!

‘You need to pay the tuition.’

Tuition? You crazy human!

He shouted in anger because of his ridiculous request.

Do you seriously want more from the King of Essence when you are already taking his stats away all the time?

‘That’s a tribute that you are supposed to pay.’


Wrath’s jaw dropped as he fell speechless.

Raon pushed Wrath away and looked at the Warring Steel division instead since they’d reached right in front of them.

“Long time no see.”

The Warring Steel division’s leader, Trevin Zieghart, dipped his chin towards Rimmer.

“Wow, Trevin. You’ve grown so arrogant.”

Rimmer chuckled while looking at Trevin.

“It’s bound to happen because you kept descending over a long period of time while I’ve been ascending.”

He looked down on Rimmer and the Light Wind squad with a cold gaze.

“I didn’t think you had this kind of personality but… well, whatever.”

Rimmer shrugged his shoulders to express his disinterest.

Raon narrowed his eyes while watching Trevin from behind Rimmer’s shoulder.

‘He’s right about that.’

According to Judiel’s information, Trevin had a composed and careful personality. That was why Raon could guess that he was trying to provoke them on purpose.

‘It is the wrong choice though. Provocation won’t work against any of us.’

Rimmer was unaffected by provocation because his personality was as light as a piece of paper fluttering in the wind, and the Light Wind squad had already lost their sanity, so it was meaningless against them.


Raon opened the Perception of the Snow Flower to examine the overall power of the Warring Steel division.

‘They got stronger than when Judiel gave me the information, but there’s not a huge difference.’

He figured that they could win without much difficulty if Rimmer could stop the two vice division leaders while Raon dealt with Trevin Zieghart. It was the case because the Mad Dog version of the Light Wind squad was unstoppable compared to the current Warring Steel division.


The exhaling madness and warm breath coming from the Light Wind squad behind him felt extremely dependable.

While the Light Wind squad and the Warring Steel division glared at each other, a middle-aged man wearing a brown uniform approached them.

“I’m the referee of today’s match, Harrison.”

He lowered his head at Rimmer and Trevin one after the other.

“The method is simple. You win if you either obtain the flag of the enemy camp or incapacitate all of the members of the enemy team.”

Harrison smiled, saying that it was simple.

“However, there is one special part about today’s match. The names of those involved will be announced whenever someone defeats an opponent.”

“Why is that even announced?”

Trevin frowned at Harrison.

“I’m not sure either since I’m just following orders.”

Harrison lowered his head apologetically.

“Are you the one who decides whether they are incapacitated or not?”

“Yes. The assistant referees who are scattered around the surrounding area and I will decide. Additionally, withdrawal will also be announced as being incapacitated.”


Trevin nodded. He looked like he didn’t have any more questions.

“How about the Light Wind squad? Do you have any questions?”

“Not really.”

Rimmer shrugged his shoulders and showed his disinterest.

“The match will start in thirty minutes. Please go to the west for the Light Wind squad and east for the Warring Steel division.”

According to his instruction, the Light Wind squad and the Warring Steel division went past each other in opposite directions.

Raon nodded with a smile.

‘West? That’s perfect.’

Since he’d entered from the east, moving to the west signified that he could analyze the entire battlefield. The same went for the Warring Steel division, but Raon was confident he could make better use of the area.

‘I’m looking forward to the fight against the Warring Steel division leader.’

Raon walked towards the east while looking forward to a fun battle, but his expectations shattered into pieces soon after the battle started.

“The Light Wind squad leader, Rimmer, has been incapacitated!”


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