The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman



The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman

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Chapter 376

Raon smiled while looking at the box that Chad had placed down.

What is that?

‘It’s a gift from the Beast Union.’

The box contained the Four Clouds Elixirs from Ogram, the Beast Union’s leader. He’d promised to send the elixirs after he lost the bet against Glenn, and they had finally arrived.

“I’ll open it.”

Chad used a brown key that looked like it was made from wood to open the padlock attached to the thick box. He stepped back afterward to let Raon open the lid by himself.

“Thank you.”

Raon bowed at Chad before opening the lid of the heavy box. The first thing he could see was a letter with rough handwriting.

[I kept my promise.]

The contents were so simple that he could tell at a glance that Ogram was the sender. He wasn’t even boasting when he sent over thirty Four Cloud Elixirs, which was a testament to his magnanimous personality.

He put away the letter and looked inside the box. Dozens of wooden boxes the size of a fist filled the inside, and Lepping vines that were even softer than cotton protected the interior.

Unlike the simplicity of the letter, Raon could see how careful Ogram was with the contents.

“It is the Four Cloud Elixirs.”

Chad smiled while looking at the wooden boxes inside the box.

“Yes. The Beast Union’s leader must’ve sent them to us because of the bet.”

“The Beast Union’s people are simple, both in a good way and a bad way. They keep their promises no matter what.”

Just as Chad said, the Beast Union’s warriors despised lies and cowardice. Raon believed that he was going to send them.

‘Thirty-five in total.’

He counted the number of Four Cloud Elixirs inside the box, and there were thirty-five total, which was the same number as the Light Wind members.

‘He made sure to send it even though he said no.’

It should’ve been thirty-four in total because Raon had gotten one when he was at Owen, but he’d requested thirty-five from Ogram because there was one more person in the Light Wind squad.

“There are so many four cloud elixirs. This is a priceless occasion.”


Raon nodded. Aura wasn’t the only thing that the Four Cloud Elixir improved, since it could even create the perfect physique to use the martial arts the user learned.

There was a good reason that it was the Beast Union’s pride and joy.

“Thank you for bringing this all the way here. It must’ve been heavy.”

“Ah, it’s nothing.”

Chad shook his hand, saying that it wasn’t a big deal.

“I just wanted to deliver the good news as quickly as possible.”

He smiled, saying that he was glad Raon liked the present.

“I’ll be looking forward to hearing good news from you soon enough.”

Chad bowed politely and turned away before going down the North Grave Mountain without hesitation.

Once he reached the midpoint of the mountain, he clenched his fist.

“I did it.”

He managed to leave a favorable impression on Raon once again. It was worth climbing all the way to the summit while personally carrying the heavy box instead of bringing other agents.

‘I knew my judgment was accurate.’

On top of defeating all of the Twelve Stars of the Continent during the Six Kings tournament in Owen, Raon even managed to get the Sephia company’s cooperation.

He was still young, but he was bound to climb higher than anyone else on the continent.

‘And most importantly…Those three love him.’

Raon was supported by Glenn, Sheryl, and Roenn, who were the most influential people in Zieghart, and there was also Rimmer, even though he was a bit lacking compared to the others.

Zieghart’s future was clearly focused on Raon.

‘I’m glad I managed to get on his good side in advance.’

Chad was relieved because he’d been leaving a favorable impression even before Raon had first done anything too special. He believed that the relationship he managed to build was going to be extremely helpful for his future.

‘This is how you live the social life and how to pick a line.’

Chad’s footsteps were as light as a feather as he went down the North Grave Mountain with a grin on his face.


* * *


Raon narrowed his eyes while looking at the forest where Chad had left.

“What kind of news is he looking forward to?”

He couldn’t understand whether he was looking forward to the Light Wind squad getting stronger after taking the elixirs or something else.

However, that line wasn’t the only problem, as Chad’s behavior was suspicious overall.

‘He’s strange, isn’t he?’


Wrath lowered his eyebrows and nodded.

It already doesn’t make any sense that the leader of an information agency brought the box here alone.


Chad had trustworthy subordinates working for him. He could’ve simply sent them or asked them to carry the box for him, yet he had personally brought it by himself, which was too suspicious.

‘Leaving a good impression couldn’t be the only reason. He must be plotting something.’

He would’ve believed Chad was just being kind to him if it were his first life, but he could tell that he had an ulterior motive because his previous life was too harsh.

‘I need to continue remaining cautious about him.’

He raised Chad’s rank in his list of people he needed to watch out for before he examined the Four Cloud Elixirs inside the wooden box. All thirty-five of them were genuine elixirs without any flaws.


Raon closed the lid and went to the edge of the cliff.

The Light Wind squad had already arrived near the summit while he was talking to Chad and examining the Four Cloud Elixirs.

“We have to kill that devil right now! He’s not even treating me as a squad leader!”

Rimmer was climbing at the top of the line even though he’d fallen all the way to the bottom.

“I’ll hang him on a cross!”

Martha’s eyes were frightening as a sharpened blade as she leaped.

“Go ahead! I’ll deliver the finishing blow!”

They were discussing in harmony about how to eliminate Raon.

“They are all crazy…”

Burren shook his head but was still crawling as fast as Martha.


Runaan didn’t seem to care as she slowly climbed the cliff while dozing off like a sloth.

“I kill you!”

“Only death awaits you!”

“Let’s goooo!”

“Recover our life of happiness!”

The bloodlust of the Light Wind members even managed to take shape and pierce his skin. They looked like they were going to immediately swing their swords at Raon as soon as they reached the summit.

‘There are so many of them.’

Raon figured he wouldn’t be able to drop all of them with wooden daggers alone because he’d wasted too much time.

Even for you, it’s impossible to drop them all with wooden daggers.

Wrath sneered while watching the climbing swordsmen.

This must be how this training ends.

He wagged his finger, asking how Raon felt about it.

You aren’t about to swing your sword once again just like when you sent Shitty Ears flying, right? That would be cheating.

‘Of course I won’t.’

Raon shook his head. He only used his sword because Rimmer was playing against the rules. He had no intention of using his sword again.

Then it’s ove—

‘But I still have another way.’

You have another way? But they are already up here!

‘Of course.’

Raon picked up the elixir box and went to the edge of the cliff. He smiled at the bloodthirsty eyes of the Light Wind members.

‘If the situation is unfavorable for you, you just need to destroy the situation.’

He jumped down the cliff while holding the box.

“The rock climbing is over. Come down already.”

He nodded at the Light Wind members with his chin while falling towards the ground.


‘Since I’m in charge of the training, I’m the one who decides when it ends.’

Since he held the highest authority over the Light Wind squad’s training, there was no problem with his actions.


“J-just like that?”

“What are you talking about? We finally managed to climb!”

“You damn bastard! Where are you going?”


Rimmer and the Light Wind members screamed as they saw the falling Raon.


Raon kicked the cliff before reaching the ground, landing smoothly.

Seriously, you are the worst….

Wrath’s jaw dropped as he said that even the demons didn’t do such a thing. He looked like he had fallen speechless in disbelief.

The Gambling Monster walked up to him and lowered his eyebrows.

“Why are you already down here? I thought you were going to make them do this all day long.”

“An urgent matter came up.”

“What is even in that box for you to give up on the training despite how much you love it?”

“Ah, this is…”

When he was about to explain about the box, the Light Wind members jumped down from the cliff to land violently on the ground.

“This isn’t fair! I was almost there!”

Rimmer walked up to him and grabbed him by his collar before shaking him.

“We need to kill him today! We need to work together to beat him up!”

Even Burren was grinding his teeth in anger despite how calm he usually was.

“Brace yourself.”

Rimmer’s fist was already clenched, ready to hit him.


Runaan was still clinging to the cliff. She must not have noticed the situation because she was sleeping.

“You are so self-centered…”

“Do you think you are a tyrant or something?”

“Why did you suddenly stop the training?!”

Dorian sniffled, saying that it was getting more and more difficult to bear with him. The other Light Wind members were also complaining with frowns on their faces.

“Alright, alright.”

Raon listened to their complaints while sitting on the box.

“It can’t be helped since you want my training so much. You can keep going with it, however…”

He opened the box with an extremely entertained smile.

“I’ll take all of these Four Cloud Elixirs for myself.”


“Fo-Four Cloud Elixirs?”

“Are they the ones that the Beast Union’s leader wagered on the bet in Owen Kingdom?”

“They’ve finally arrived!”

The Light Wind members charged at him with crimson flames in their eyes.


Raon shouted as if he were scolding a puppy and closed the box.

“You said you wanted to keep climbing the cliff.”



Every single Light Wind member shut their mouth despite the way they’d been screaming.

“You shameless bastard…”

“How the hell is he getting crazier every day?”

Burren and Martha’s expressions hardened, saying that he was getting more and more evil.


“Moreover, it’s the Four Cloud Elixir…”

“But our pride…”

The Light Wind members couldn’t bring themselves to ask for the elixir because of how angry they’d been up to a moment ago.

Moreover, the elixir was there thanks to Raon’s victory in the Six Kings Tournament’s Master division, and they couldn’t argue because of that.

“Hmph! None of them are mine anyway.”

Rimmer furrowed his brow and clenched the sword hanging around his waist.

“I’m just going to kill him right here and…”

“There’s one for you.”

When Rimmer was about to unsheathe his sword, Raon pointed at the Four Cloud Elixir box that he was sitting on.

“I asked the Union’s leader, Ogram, to make sure to give our squad leader’s share since you are also part of the squad.”


“Have I ever lied about something like this?”

There were thirty-five Four Cloud Elixirs total inside the box, and one of them was obviously for Rimmer.

“Vice squad leader Raoooon!”

As soon as Rimmer heard that there was one for him, he came running towards him and started rubbing his hands like a fly. His voice was even sounding coquettish because of how soft it had become.

“I’ve always held the vice squad leader with great esteem! That outrageous boldness of making a request from the Beast Union’s leader and thoughtfulness of caring about this foolish squad leader! I swear my loyalty to the last!”

He leaned forward at ninety degrees—as if he were the subordinate instead.

“How dare you?! Kneel in front of our vice squad leader who worked so hard for us! What are you waiting for?”

While bowing at Raon, Rimmer glared sharply at the Light Wind members who were watching the scene with widened mouths.

“Our vice squad leader has been working hard for the sake of you weaklings! Come over here right now and apologize to him!”

He had completely turned into Raon’s spokesman and started to scold the Light Wind squad.

“V-vice squad leader!”

Krein was the first one to read the mood and stepped forward to kneel in front of him.

“I will do anything my vice squad leader asks me to do! I’ll obey even if you ask me to die!”

Even though Krein was beaten and made to fall the most among the Light Wind members, he bowed faster than anyone else. He really was quick at reading the situation.

Since Rimmer was the one the Light Wind members had been counting on, and Krein was the biggest victim, everyone else hurriedly moved forward and went on their knees upon seeing their surrender.

“Vice squad leader! I love you!”

“I’ll follow you for the rest of my life!”

“Raon! Raon! Raon!”

“You are the light and salt of the Light Wind squad!”

Even though they’d been insulting him until a moment ago, they kept praising him endlessly.


Runaan finally came down from the cliff and looked around her blankly.

“Damn handsome, damn handsome.”

She didn’t know what was happening, but she went next to the Light Wind squad and started shouting damn handsome. Burren and Martha were the only ones left.

“He must’ve been either a loan shark or a real demon in his previous life.”

Martha ground her teeth violently as Raon enjoyed the Light Wind squad’s praise like a religious leader.

“Even if he’s a loan shark, we have to borrow his money for now.”

Burren bit his lip tightly and walked up to Raon.

“You are selling your pride by going there!”

“Can’t you see our squad leader crawling on the ground? That’s how adults adapt! We have to submit when we have to!”


“We need to get stronger, even if we have to sell our pride, so that this won’t happen ever again.”

Martha tried to stop him but he pushed her away before going in front of Raon and bowing.

“I’m honored to receive our vice squad leader’s unlimited grace!”

“Welcome, third team leader.”

Raon smiled pleasantly as he responded. His gaze was finally directed at Martha, who was the only one left.


The Light Wind members also turned their heads to follow his gaze. Bloodshot eyes pressured Martha.


She couldn’t stand their gazes since she’d recently started feeling companionship towards them, walking up to him while staggering like a zombie.

“Raon is da-damn handsome…”

She went next to Runaan and murmured the same thing as her.

In the end, the cliff training came to an end with the entire Light Wind squad surrendering to him.

Raon was sitting on the box with his legs crossed and smiled at the Light Wind squad.

‘See? This is how you destroy the situation and create a new one.’


Wrath’s pale lips were trembling in astonishment.

This is the advent of a demon king…


* * *


Reaper Scans

[Translator – Kyangi]

[Proofreader – Harley]

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* * *


Raon returned to the fifth training ground and distributed the Four Cloud Elixirs to the Light Wind swordsmen. With Rimmer as the last one, everyone managed to get a Four Cloud Elixir, and the Light Wind members’ eyes were sparkling like puppies with food right in front of them.

“So this is the Four Cloud Elixir.”

Rimmer’s body trembled, as he opened the lid and sniffed the Four Cloud Elixir.

“Let’s take them right away. You will need to cultivate for two days at least after taking an excellent elixir like this.”

Burren swallowed nervously while hugging his wooden box.

“Yes. There’s no reason to waste our time.”

Martha agreed and opened the door to a cultivation room.

“Impatience will come back to bite you when it comes to taking an elixir and cultivating.”

The Gambling Monster furrowed his brow while blocking the way to the cultivation room.

“Since the Four Cloud Elixir is a powerful elixir, it’s even more important to maintain your composure.”

He must’ve taken a liking to the Light Wind squad since he was giving sincere advice.

“I’ll be on guard duty along with that fiend, so you should calmly finish your cultivation and…”

“That won’t be necessary.”

Raon interrupted the Gambling Monster and walked up to him. He gave him the last wooden box that he was holding with a smile.

“Because the general administer also needs to cultivate.”

“What? But this is yours…”

“No, it’s for you, general administrator.”

“Wh-what madness are you spouting?!”

The Gambling Monster’s lips parted, asking why he was saying such nonsense.

“I already took one in the Owen Kingdom. Since taking the same elixir multiple times decreases the efficiency, the Four Cloud Elixir would be even worse than a mid-grade elixir if I took it. That’s why you should take this one. I requested thirty-five of them for this purpose.”

Raon revealed the truth and gave the Four Cloud Elixir to the Gambling Monster.


The Gambling Monster accepted the wooden box with an awkward expression on his face.

“I really can’t tell which is your real face.”

He tilted his head, saying that he was confused about whether the fiendish behavior until a moment ago or the thoughtfulness he was showing at the moment was the real one.

“They are both part of me.”

Raon smiled faintly and pushed the Gambling Monster’s back.

“It will be a good opportunity to invigorate your body once in a while.”


“You’ve been working hard for us.”

The Gambling Monster was forced to work for them, and he’d been doing his best to help the Light Wind squad’s training even though his age and position were way higher than theirs. Since Raon was aware of how much he cared for them, he didn’t regret giving him a Four Cloud Elixir at all.

“It’s better for a young one to take two of them instead of an old man like me…”

The Gambling Monster clenched the wooden box despite what he said.

“Wow, you are being so annoying when you are going to take it anyway. Give it to me, geezer. I’ll take two of them—Ack!”

“Stay out of this!”

Rimmer came up to him and started wagging his finger, and the Gambling Monster kicked his stomach.


Raon clapped his hands to gather everyone’s attention.

“I’ll be protecting you from here along with Sir Mark, so you should calmly finish the cultivation and come out afterward.”

He ordered, and the Light Wind members went in front of the cultivation rooms. They turned around and bowed at Raon before entering the rooms.

“Thank you!”

They sincerely expressed their gratitude before entering the cultivation rooms.


Rimmer was smiling in front of a cultivation room’s door.

“Good job.”


“I’m talking about how you even got one for that geezer.”

He pointed at the Gambling Monster inside a cultivation room.

“It’s difficult to care for people who work in the background. You will become a great leader in the future. I guarantee it.”

“I can’t really trust a gambling addict’s guarantee.”

“I’ve stopped gambling!”

“I believe you were there again yesterday…”

“I’m leaving!”

Rimmer hurriedly waved his hand and entered the cultivation room.

Raon confirmed a huge flow of mana from all the rooms before he turned around. Mark Goetten was standing straight at the center of the training ground.

“I’m sorry I don’t have an elixir for you. It’s because Sir Mark wasn’t with us when it happened.”

“It’s fine.”

Mark Goetten shook his head, saying that it was only natural.

“Instead, I have another gift for you.”

He opened the subspace pocket he’d borrowed from Dorian and took out the Black Hermit Saber that Glenn had given him previously.

“I can’t let my vassal use a shabby saber like that. Please use this one in the future.”

“Th-this doesn’t look like an ordinary saber…”

Mark Goetten’s lips trembled, as he stared at Black Hermit Saber’s blade.

“I can’t accept such a precious weapon when I haven’t achieved anything yet!”

As expected of a Master, he noticed the Black Hermit Saber’s value and shook his head.

“I’m not giving it to you for no reason.”

He took out the two books of martial arts that he’d previously obtained from the pocket.

“Don’t feel pressured, because it’s a price I’m paying for helping my training.”

“Which training would that be…?”

“Since they are going to be stronger by the time they come back out…”

Raon smiled while looking at the rooms where the Light Wind members were cultivating inside.

“…we also need to get stronger.”


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