The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman



The Reincarnated Assassin is a Genius Swordsman

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Chapter 383

Adis Sephia’s jaw dropped as he watched the Light Wind squad push the Warring Steel division into a corner.

“Th-the tide has been reversed completely…”

He thought the fight was already over when the Light Wind squad leader dropped out after defeating only one of the Warring Steel vice division leaders.

Since both camps were confused, the Warring Steel division obviously had the upper hand because they were stronger overall.

However, the Light Wind squad was the first to regain their composure and managed to overcome the disadvantage.

While the Warring Steel division locked themselves up to figure out the situation, the Light Wind squad quickly devised a plan before attacking and managed to break the Warring Steel division’s balance.

He’d been watching, but he still couldn’t believe that such a bold strategy had just happened.

‘And it was all thanks to…’

Adis swallowed nervously and looked at Raon, who was standing in front of the Warring Steel division leader.

‘That man.’

The one who brought the Light Wind squad to their feet in their confused state, the one who devised the plan to defeat the Warring Steel division, and the one who’d been keeping their leader—Trevin—in check was Raon alone.

If it weren’t for him, the Warring Steel division would’ve already won the battle.

‘However…I still have a bad feeling about this.’

He’d heard that Trevin, the Warring Steel division leader was at the highest level Master. Even if Raon had become stronger, there still must’ve been a huge difference between them in terms of might and experience, and he couldn’t stop worrying about it.

Adis sighed and looked at Glenn, who was standing next to him.

He was clenching his fist while glaring at the spectators instead of the battlefield. Red sparks flashed from his fingers, expressing his anger.

“He-head of house, can the Light Wind vice squad leader win against the Warring Steel division leader?”

Glenn’s eyes were finally directed at the battlefield after hearing that question.

“Since the Warring Steel division leader is a highest-level Master, shouldn’t it be impossible for the Light Wind vice squad leader to win against him as long as he stops panicking?”

“That would’ve been the case if he were an intermediate Master.”

Glenn slowly nodded while looking at Raon. His pressure turned gentle, and the sparking lightning subsided from his fist.

“That boy has already reached the advanced Master level.”

“Ad-advanced Master?”

Adis’s eyes widened.

‘He’s already in the advanced realm despite his age. He might really become the strongest in the continent at this rate, but…that’s a matter for the future.’

Even though he’d reached the advanced realm, his opponent was a highest-level Master and had more experience than him.

Since Trevin was better in every aspect, Raon’s victory looked unlikely.

“But the Warring Steel division leader is at the highest level of Master.”

“Indeed. It’s normally impossible to overcome the drastic change between realms. However…”

Glenn continued while looking at Raon warmly.

“That boy has the power to overcome that drastic change. It’s a quality rarer than any talent in the world.”


Just as Adis was attracted to how Raon could change people, Glenn looked like he was in love with Raon’s unyielding spirit.

“Keep watching.”

A gentle smile appeared on Glenn’s cold face.

“That boy will splendidly betray the president’s expectations.”


* * *


Raon briefly clicked his tongue while looking at the Warring Steel division leader, Trevin Zieghart.

‘Did the extreme panic make him regain his composure?’

Trevin’s pupils had been trembling before, but they started radiating a deadly light instead. He looked like he had managed to forcefully pull himself together despite the way he was losing his mind from the endless news of the Warring Steel’s eliminations.


Trevin sighed and narrowed his eyes. He had a look of deep admiration on his face while looking at Raon.

“Amazing. I was aware that you possessed excellent might and strategy, but I didn’t know about your boldness. I’ve been thoroughly defeated in terms of strategy and group battle.”

He honestly admitted his defeat, unlike the other members of the direct lines.

“However, I’m still a division leader of Zieghart. I cannot remain defeated when my subordinates are falling because of me.”

Trevin raised his sword, and his energy soared endlessly like a sharp spearhead. He almost looked like he had turned into a sword himself.

“I’ll defeat you with my sword and bring victory to those who followed this foolish leader.”

“It’s a nice plan, but I have no intention of losing.”

Raon smiled coldly and moved the Flame Spirit’s pieces from all around the battlefield.


When the huge firestorm was about to destroy the battlefield itself, Trevin thrust his sword.

The tip of his sword multiplied into hundreds and pierced through all the flame petals of fire. It was the Steel Penetrations Sword.

Bang! Bang!

As the astral energies bared their fangs at each other, magnificent light burst from the space.

As the white light subsided, Trevin’s eyes were sparkling coldly. He seemed to have regained his usual composure.

‘He’s destroyed every single Flame Spirit. He is indeed powerful, but… He seemed to know my technique.’

Speed wasn’t everything in Trevin’s swordsmanship, since his movement felt like he was reading the Flame Spirit’s trajectory.

Raon’s eyes turned serious as he fixed his grip on Heavenly Drive.

‘Let’s test it out.’

He kicked the ground to advance and unleashed the Revolving Sky. The sphere of fire concentrated around the tip of his sword spread a powerful energy with its rotation.


Trevin swiftly dashed forward. He thrust his sword while lowering his posture, and the white light surging from his sword severed the center of the Revolving Sky.


The Revolving Sky’s fire exploded before it was completed and scattered like a fountain to cover Raon’s vision.

‘Did he erase the Revolving Sky before it could gain momentum?’

Raon didn’t panic, engulfing Heavenly Drive with Glacier’s energy as it was bounced back from the previous clash.

He found Trevin’s presence and slashed the fire covering his vision diagonally.


The moment the frozen strike fell alongside Heavenly Drive’s trajectory toward Trevin’s collarbone, his eyes sparked with white.


Trevin unleashed the Steel Penetration Sword’s principles one after the other to deflect Raon’s blade and frozen blade at the same time.


Raon furrowed his brow while putting force into his trembling arm.

‘So he really…knows my techniques.’

He wasn’t simply aware of the fact that the Frost Pond consisted of two strikes. He even knew where he was about to attack, and how fast the second strike followed up.

Strength wasn’t all Trevin had. He seemed to have analyzed everything about Raon Zieghart’s swordsmanship.

“Have you studied me?”


Trevin nodded calmly.

“Being famous isn’t entirely advantageous for a swordsman, because your technique, movements, and aura will be analyzed by the enemy.”

He simply nodded with his chin and raised his sword.

“Raon Zieghart. I’ll be fighting while considering you an equal opponent.”

“Should I be honored?”

Raon’s eyes looked rather entertained.

“I’ll be hoping that you won’t change your mind.”


* * *


Reaper Scans

[Translator – Kyangi]

[Proofreader – Harley]

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* * *


Trevin narrowed his eyes while looking at Raon’s charge.

‘His footwork allows him to leap through space.’

Raon’s footwork was a mysterious one that allowed him to disappear and reappear like Blink.

However, the distance was limited and he couldn’t use it consecutively because it was still incomplete, which was bound to reveal his movements at some point.

‘Behind me!’

He managed to notice Raon’s approach from behind thanks to the aura perception that he’d previously spread around. He could feel ferocity from Raon’s strike.

‘He must be using the Fangs of Insanity.’

The ferocious strike was from the intuition sword called Fangs of Insanity, which was capable of forcing an opening into the opponent.

‘It’s an amazing technique, but…it’s not unstoppable.’

Intuition swords consisted of piercing into the opponent’s openings. He just needed to purposefully create multiple openings to bait the trajectory.

Trevin unleashed the Steel Penetration Sword’s Steel Whip Slash.


The twisting sound of steel resounded throughout the place from the clash between the swords.


Raon briefly clicked his tongue and slashed downwards. He wasn’t using the Fangs of Insanity. It consisted of an extreme sharpness that was capable of severing the weapon alongside the opponent by creating a line of fire in front of his sword.

‘I also know this one.’

Trevin gritted his back teeth and unleashed the Golden Upper Slash. The strike surrounded by the white light parried Raon’s sword right before it was completed.


Raon was pushed back along with his sword and kicked to the ground to charge once again. He unsheathed his sword, which had been returned to the scabbard at some point.

‘The blade of sound!’

On top of blocking his hearing, Trevin blocked all of his senses throughout his body and unleashed the Steel Flower of War.


The silver blade stopped Raon’s sword draw and the sound ceased to create chaos.


Raon couldn’t withstand the colossal power of the Steel Flower of War and ended up leaving deep footsteps on the ground as he stepped back.

Trevin straightened his back and smiled.

‘It worked.’

Precision, speed, and penetration were the Steel Penetration Sword’s strong points.

Since it could reach faster despite being activated slower than the opponent’s technique, Trevin was confident in dealing with an opponent that he already had information on.

“As I said before, I don’t underestimate you.”

Even though he was winning, Trevin remained unexcited. He couldn’t be careless, as Raon was a savage beast capable of reversing the situation.

“I’ll defeat you to the best of my abilities.”


Raon rushed in without any response and unleashed the techniques that created his legend in the continent.

The fire soared to reach the sky and the coldness froze up the entire battlefield, but Trevin didn’t step back.


He consecutively unleashed the Steel Penetration Sword’s special techniques to destroy Raon’s special techniques one after the other.


Blood was flowing from Raon’s mouth as he stepped back. He seemed to have gotten an internal injury from the Steel Penetration Sword’s high aura penetration.


Trevin gasped while grasping his trembling wrist.


He’d endlessly studied Raon’s swordsmanship and he was at a higher realm than him, it was still difficult to counter his techniques. He could ascertain that the monster called Raon was bound to reach even higher after the fight.

‘But I’ll be the winner this time.’

It was getting more and more advantageous for him thanks to his higher realm and his study on Raon.

The fight was pretty much decided at that point.


Trevin examined Raon while biting his lip.

‘Why does he look like he’s having fun?’

Even though Trevin was blocking all of Raon’s techniques, his eyes were not defeated. It was actually the opposite, as his pressure felt like it was getting more and more intense.

“So you have really studied me, Sir.”

Raon’s voice was jumping in joy. The usage of the honorific felt as natural as flowing water.

“Why are you suddenly adding an honorific?”

“Because you deserve one.”


“Division leader, I thought at first that you were the same as the idiots who are counting on their blood and position, but I realized it wasn’t the case from this fight.”

Raon smiled faintly. Trevin couldn’t understand why he was smiling despite losing in all aspects.

“You didn’t simply investigate my martial arts but also predicted that my aura would increase.”

“Indeed. Since you have an unpredictable rate of growth, I took into consideration that your aura’s quality and quantity might increase.”

Trevin nodded. Raon had always become stronger than before whenever he returned from a mission in the past.

Based on that fact, Trevin assumed that Raon’s might would have reached advanced Master and prepared himself.

“I can only describe your preparation as rigorous. However, I believe you considered my swordsmanship from the Six Kings Tournament, am I right?”


“Then you should be careful now, Sir. Because starting from now…’

Raon fixed the grip on his sword while smiling in excitement.

He didn’t look like there was any special change in him, but a chill ran down Trevin’s spine.

“I’ll be a bit different.”

Raon dashed at the same time and thrust with the Fangs of Insanity. He was faster than before, probably because he was going all out with his aura.


Trevin pierced the Steel Penetration Sword into the ferocious strike bending towards him.


Even though he reacted with the same timing as in the previous clash, the Steel Penetration Sword’s principles didn’t work. He was bounced back instead.

‘What’s going on?’

He was using more aura, but it couldn’t possibly make such a huge difference.

However, he had no time to think about it because Raon’s strikes were still coming.


Trevin smashed the Steel Penetration Sword’s Hundred Steels Slash into Raon’s sharpened attack.


A powerful shockwave burst from the engagement between the swords to engulf the surrounding area.


Trevin groaned while shaking his wrist. A frown appeared on his face because he could feel the impact in his bones, unlike in the previous clash.


Raon also seemed injured by the penetration ability of the Steel Penetrating Sword, as he was bleeding harder than before. However, what was important was the fact that Trevin didn’t manage to counter his technique.


“We are only getting started.”

Raon lowered his body like a swallow and approached. It only took an instant before the sword—covered in coldness—was already in front of Trevin’s face.

‘Double strike!’

It was an extremely fast technique that consisted of slashing with the real blade followed by the blade of ice.

Trevin bit his lip and engulfed his blade with the principles of Lion’s Assault, the Steel Penetration Sword’s special technique.

Clang! Claang!

There were two clashes just like the last time. However, Raon’s first blade was fast, while the second blade was slow. That small difference created a gap in the Lion’s Assault.


Trevin got pushed to the right and bit his lip. The nausea he felt implied that he was injured internally.

‘He can control the speed of his technique…’

Raon’s sword skill was a double strike that used its extreme quickness to defeat his opponent. Trevin didn’t expect that he would change that speed to break his balance.


Raon’s sword was swung into a soft curve. A raging fire bloomed into flowers on top of that line.

‘Is he using the Flame Spirit?’

It was Raon’s specialty, which he’d previously managed to counter.


Countless pieces of fire rushed at him as the flowers finished blooming. The entire world was engulfed in the red flower petals.

“I’ll destroy it once again!”

Trevin’s breath caught as he pulled his sword back. White light surrounded his sword as he thrust it. He was using the Steel Penetration Sword’s special technique, the White Destruction’s Overflow.


Explosions occurred one after the other from the endless clashes between the red and white astral energies over the aloof sky of the battlefield.

Trevin swallowed nervously as he defended against the Flame Spirit.

‘This has also changed.’

He could previously analyze the exact trajectory, but the hundreds of flower petals were randomly moving around unlike before, and even his bones were hurting from the tremendous power behind them. Every single one of them felt like a real blade.


The flower petals that passed through his defense cut through his uniform and caused a burn and had him bleeding at the same time. He gritted his teeth from the intense pain.


Trevin forcibly pushed Raon back and exhaled roughly. His blue eyes reflected Raon’s shape, wavering once again.

“H-how did you…?”


* * *


Raon smiled faintly while watching Trevin’s surprise.

“The Warring Steel division leader’s prediction of my growth must’ve been limited to my aura.”

The Warring Steel division leader did understand the techniques he was using and had prepared countermeasures. Raon could tell that the efforts he’d made were worthy of admiration.

“However, aura wasn’t the only area where I improved.”

He didn’t skip swinging his sword for a single day after he left the Owen Kingdom. Whenever he was unable to practice, he thought about the parts that needed improvement and trained by fixing them in his mental image.

Since he’d been continuously fixing the drawbacks and improving the strong points, the drastic change in his swordsmanship was nothing but a natural outcome.

Raon softly stepped on the land and thrust Heavenly Drive.


The raging sphere appeared from the tip of his sword and rotated fiercely to unleash a huge amount of energy toward Trevin.

‘As for the Revolving Sky, the activation time has been reduced.’

Revolving Sky’s activation was previously slowed down in exchange for increased power, but the speed had gone back up through endless training.


Trevin thrust his sword one step faster, but the Revolving Sky was already complete. The clash between the two special techniques created a huge explosion.


Trevin created a barrier of astral energy and stepped back. The left side of his upper body had turned red from the Revolving Sky’s damage.


Raon clicked his tongue. His right arm was hurting like a spear had stabbed through it. Trevin’s sword had stabbed his opening despite his confusion, and it was a performance befitting a highest-level Master.


However, Trevin’s wavering eyes were showing that he was losing his spirit. Raon could tell that he couldn’t be affected by the pain, since he had to take another step forward.


Raon used the Supreme Harmony Steps. He leaped through the space and slashed down from Trevin’s right side.


A line of fire appeared on Heavenly Drive’s blade to attack Trevin’s chest.

“Damn it!”

Trevin bit his lip and thrust the Steel Penetration Sword. It was rushing with a frightening amount of sharpness and speed.


The head-on clash between the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’s Crimson Slash and the Steel Penetration Sword’s special technique created an orange storm of astral energy.


Trevin almost got washed away by the storm and was pushed far back while he exhaled roughly. A clear scar was left on his chest from a diagonal slash.

“Were you hiding your strength in the Owen Kingdom…?”

His hand holding the sword was trembling in disbelief.


Raon spat the blood that was flowing up his throat and shook his head.

“No, I’ve gotten stronger because I kept training.”

“…That’s even more difficult to believe.”

Trevin laughed bitterly and raised his sword.

“Since my information ended up being useless, I should finish this fight quickly.”

Clear light gathered around his blade. The light soaring on the blade almost looked like a huge spear wielded by a god.

“I accept.”

Since Trevin had acknowledged him, he also wanted to respond accordingly to his all-out attack.


Raon pulled Heavenly Drive back. The fire burst from the tip of his sword and engulfed the entire blade. The fire burst out like the head of a dragon and revealed its crimson jaws.


Trevin stomped the ground, and the Steel Penetration Sword’s last special technique, the White Army’s Pinnacle was unleashed toward him. The tremendous wave of power created by a highest-level Master was crushing his bones and tearing his skin.


Raon caught his breath while the white light covered his entire vision.

There was no reason to be afraid.

Like an inextinguishable flame…

Like the everlasting glacier…

All he needed to do was to believe in the sword that he’d been practicing all along and take another step forward.

The moment the astral energy of the White Army’s Pinnacle reached under his nose, Raon pushed Heavenly Drive forward. The crimson dragon descended on his blade and roared like a raging fire.



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