No Place for the Fake Princess

No Place for the Fake Princess



Philomel—the fake princess—conspires with her mother to impersonate the imperial princess and cause a war between the Mage Tower and the Empire.
Once her crimes were exposed, she was sentenced to execution.
A death truly befitting of a wicked—

“Even if the Philomel within the book had done some wrong, it wasn’t enough to warrant death!”

Philomel yelled and threw the book she'd been reading.
She had simply been curious about a book she'd picked up in the garden, but the contents of the book stated that she would die!
Although she wanted to believe it was nothing but fiction, everything that happened from that moment onwards went just like in the book.

“Since it has come to this… my goal is to survive!”

Will Philomel be able to discover the origins of the suspicious book and live on?


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