Lab Mice Game
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Mature (18+)
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South Korea
'Hannibal', an organization trying to take over the world. The extreme retaliation against the organization that caused the severe abuse and exploitation of Beckham and his comrades! Beckham, who lived in a poor village in Mumbai, India, and needed to make money for his family, happened to stumble upon a flyer that said that they were looking for children who had special abilities. The organization that spread those flyers was an organization known as a nursery, 'Hannibal'. Beckham showed them his ability to control fire and in return for receiving money for his family, left for England with them. When Beckham arrived at the facility, he met children from all over the world who had special abilities just like him. However, contrary to what Beckham thought would be a way to earn lots of money if he helped with the experiment, he saw children who were filled with fatigue, fear, as well as a sense of resignation. And not long after, Beckham learned the reason why.