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There’s a saying that the scariest antis in the world are the fans.

The manhwa that Lee Hee-ro had been faithfully reading since he was a child, 〈Adventure King〉, had come to an unsatisfying conclusion.
However, it seemed like the author was one step ahead of the reader in this case.
To the rage-fuelled message that Hee-ro had sent in response to the ridiculous ending, the author replied, ‘Would you like to try?’
Then, Hee-ro woke up as a character in 〈Adventure King〉.

Not all character possessions end up being fortunate, however.
The character that Hee-ro’s soul had occupied was an extra in Volume 1, Chapter 1 whose sole purpose was to be used as a benchmark for the strength of the main character, ‘Leo’, then tossed aside.
The message that appeared before this Hee-ro now said:
[Take up space on the pages, secure yourself story time, and survive till the end of the story.]

Chances to reappear at 0%, and no abilites or skills!
All he has is the knowledge of the whole plot of 〈Adventure King〉…


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