Regressor Instruction Manual

Regressor Instruction Manual



One day, Lee Kiyoung was summoned to this world and confined in an unidentifiable place with other people. In that confusing moment, he heard an unsettling warning.

“Please make use of your talents and attributes in order to survive.”

Talents? Attributes? He opened his talent window to check his abilities, but…

[Player’s talent values are the lowest.]

As he despaired, he noticed the one attribute granted to him. It was the ability to see the talents and status windows of other people.

In order to survive, Kiyoung decided to mooch off the people who had skills. And then he found a treasure: the regressor, Kim Hyunsung.

He was living this life a second time, a man at the pinnacle who had seen the end of the world.

We’ll do this together, until the very end.


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