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Our New Website

Thank you everyone for being patient during our downtime.

We've had to scrap our old site and launch this new site while in beta due to how unusable the site was becoming, especially for logged in users. Due it being in beta, there are lacking features that we will be adding in as fast as we can over the upcoming weeks.

We understand your frustration, so please let us give a few explanation regarding the new site:

Your accounts will not carry over

Unfortunately, we were unable to make account carry over as that would have taken too long due to how poorly coded our old site was.

Coin Balance Transfer

Your coins are safe and will transfer over to the new site. After you make a new account, go to the coin tab located as shown on desktop or mobile, where you can enter in the email linked to your previous account, where you will be tranfered your previous coin balance + any coins you had spent in the last 3 weeks.

Click on the coins icon to access your coins management.
If you're on mobile you can access them using the burger menu.
Enter your old account email address to begin the coins transfer.

If you have any issues, please use our website support feature in our Discord.

New Account Reward

Until October 15th, all new users will be given 200 coins after email verification. The coins can be used to read advanced chapters of our novels. This is our way of thanking everyone for being patient and showing us suport.

Site Feature Requests

We will be taking community feedback on our reddit for feature requests on Reddit.


Lastly, starting October 10th, we will be holding prize giveaways on Discord for Nitro, Amazon gift cards (US only), Steam game keys, and Coins to celebrate the new site and to thank everyone.

Once again, I understand the frustration, but we at Reaper Scans guarantee that this new site will be miles better than the previous site once it's fully completed in the upcoming weeks. So please stick with us and let us step up to you support and expectations.

Reaper Scans Team